Eight years ago, we thought to ourselves, why not have the same factories that produce their products produce some of ours. They use the strongest woods for our frames and only high-gauge steel for our foundations. Light soiling, dry stains and marks can sometimes be removed by using a pencil eraser or a dry cleaning pad to gently rub the affected area.

If the spot does not dissipate in several days, try sprinkling the area with baby powder or baking flour, then cover it with a damp towel. Sanding the ink or marker stain with 400-grit sandpaper will also help lighten the mark, but caution should be taken because this can also lighten the color of the area being sanded. Do not apply water to try to wash these types of stains because it may push the stain in deeper or smear it.

Leather grain hide

This leather has been dyed with a small amount of pigment for color consistency, allowing the hide’s unique characteristics to shine through.

The signatures of healed scars, hair follicles, insect bites, wrinkles and range marks will be highlighted because of the tanning process but only add to the look. Grain is the underside of the hide that has been separated from the surface or ”top” of the hide. Aniline dying describes one of the two processes in which color is applied to the leather with the dye penetrating the leather and extending beyond the surface, into the leather itself. Italy and upholstered in full grain leather, for a luxurious touch to a contemporary living area.

We believe it is our responsibility to sell in an environmentally friendly manner. They use the strongest woods for our frames and only high-gauge steel for our foundations.

This is how we differ from other sellers, we truly know the products that we sell. If necessary, use clear lukewarm water and a clean, white cloth that is well wrung and gently wipe the spill dry using a blow dryer. Do not apply water to these types of stains because it usually pushes the stain in deeper or smears it. Remove the damp cloth, dry with a blow dryer, vacuum up the flour and brush the nap back up using a soft nylon brush. If spills occur, blot excess liquid immediately with a clean white absorbent cloth or sponge.

This easy-to-clean leather features a smooth, shiny, protective polyurethane finish that will give your room affordable luxury.

No pigments are applied to the surface to provide a barrier to sunlight, giving fade properties like that of any full aniline leather. Stallone hides are then hand sanded, giving each one a an individual look, accented by natural markings that mother nature has already provided. Australia split grain can no longer be sold as 100% leather as the surface area is not the natural grain but insoluble pigment. Provide your living room with ample space for your friends and family to gather by adding this stationary sofa to the decor.

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