This place is great, no pressure shopping for furniture was fun and easy. Thank you for reading 13 free articles on our site.

You can come back at the end of your 30-day period for another 13 free articles, or you can purchase a subscription and continue to enjoy valuable local news and information. Farmers would hold cattle sales some afternoons near campus, and in addition to the livestock, they’d sell other goods from the back of their trucks. Wells recalled recently buying a piece of pottery at one of those sales that she says is the prize of her varied home collection. That was the beginning of her more than 40-year career buying and selling antiques.

Wells is well known for her antique hardware for furniture and houses. She even has what she calls a men’s shop inside the store where she sells tools. Wells’ habit of collecting things pretty much demanded she open a business. She had bought many antiques attending sometimes as many as four auctions a day, with two daughters who were 18 months apart on her hips. Her store fit right in with the other antique and used furniture shops that were open then. She said some still come to visit her even if they don’t need anything.

Then there are those she calls the “pickers,” people who bring items for her to sell that they’ve picked up at auctions. Wells said she would not have wanted to be anywhere other than south of the railroad tracks, an area that has seen much redevelopment in recent years. Wells explained that business has been slower over the last four years because there are fewer people walking the downtown streets. She said she’s supplied him with some architectural pieces for his buildings, calling him a good customer and friend. She’s been there for so long she can point people to the places to go to get what they need. Gerber, who grew up in a home built in the early 1900s, said it’s nostalgic to shop in the store. She said she spends at least an hour there when she visits, which is usually about once a month.

I mean, we’ve always been a family downtown. To make an appointment to shop at the warehouse, call the store at (336) 378-8877. Wells, now 75, is ready to retire from the business and get to work on her own personal collections at home. Wells is also well known for her knowledge of the styles and wood used in antique furniture. Many people have come to her shop and filled their homes with well-loved items. Wells says she believes everyone should collect something.

I want people to collect something that makes them happy and that will mean something to them in the future,” she said. She will take customers to her warehouse by appointment. Do you have a sentimental piece that you need repaired, restored, or protected?

Mumford to restore your pieces to their original glory. Our experts repair and refinish antiques so that you can take them out of attic storage and enjoy their beauty every day in your home!

Also some paint was on the metal parts too. Restoration of hardware, doors, iron, chandeliers. Hardware door, hardware and light fixtures.

We are currently working on many wooden furniture refinishing projects, including historical antique masterpieces (from primative pine tables and desks to formal cherry and mahogany dining room sets and secretaries).

We also have a full-service upholstery shop on the premise. If it has sentimental value, we restore and repair it!

Greensboro High Point NC Antique Malls and Stores


The legs need to be replaced, the wood refinished and the chair reupholstered with a much better quality fabric. Free estimate on getting a sterling silver tea set polished up.

We repair and restore all types of antiques and heirlooms.

We also have a full service upholstery shop that can match almost any material, past or present.

We repair and restore many family heirlooms and antiques- mo matter what they are. Estate pieces are not only valuable, they come we irreplaceable memories and we understand !

We even restore and repair museum-quality antiques.

We have a huge selection of antique glassware, furniture and toys from hundreds of different dealers. A trip to our antique mall is an experience in itself.

We are your one stop shop for all of your antiques and collectibles. Our spacious isles and ample parking will make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. Antique furnishings can find a place in almost any home. Anitique furniture looks unique and offers great character. Our selection of antique furnishings can match an older home or they can be used to accent a contemporary style. When looking for antique shops,
remember to come see us!

You will be surprised at our great values and low prices. Our traditional oak furniture dates from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. If you don’t need furniture, we offer hundreds of unique and interesting small items that arrive in our shipments. If you would like to see our various pieces of antiques in our showroom, please stop in and see our wonderful selection.

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We occupy a 45, 000 sq ft facility with over 150 dealers.

We have oriental rugs, antique glassware,
mirrors, lamps and antique toys. More than two hundred pieces are displayed here, and they are a small portion of our current inventory. The only furniture store you’ll ever need.

You could literally spend all day in there and not see everything. This majolica bowl and the platter are cabbage leaves with a porcelain onion and radish added for decoration. It is handmade of very fine quality, hand-spun wool in all natural colors. Great lines, great large chair that you can curl up in!

It is acrylic on stretched canvas a features a rainbow of colors. The fluted body is mounted on a brass base. It can be used as a nightstand, side table, end table or whatever you choose.

This hand painted plate is lovely on an easel for decorating a table or bookcase. Could remove the skirt for a more updated look. Throw on some kilim pillows and you’ll be good to go!

Want to usher the style into your own space?

Everything in the store was nice and for a reasonable price. Prices are right and the selection is truly one of a kind.

I like this cause and donating her over the other big chain thrift stores. Clothing is well-organized for a thrift store. Housewares vary from visit to visit, not good for furniture. It had a variety of items: everything from furniture to soaps to dog pillows is here. They have some neat clothes but plus sizes are lacking. It is consistently closed during posted hours.

I guess the owner doesn’t feel the need to show up.