Complete with booth numbers, store and contact information. If you find what you like in the showroom, you can take it home that day.

The floating nightstand in wood also ushers in textural contrast and you can choose between closed drawers and an open shelf depending on how organized you are. From space maximization we move on to doubling the amount of bedside tabletop room and storage area with twin nightstands. The advantages here are obvious and even in a really small bedroom; the bedside table duo offers symmetry and sense of visual continuity. The minute you walk in the door, you will be surprised at the variety of style, and your perceptions will change completely.

Even though it’s not inexpensive, it’s not that much more expensive than other nice furniture that you’re looking at,” he says. Kauffman believes in using high-quality materials. China that would cost us about a quarter of the price of these, but we know that these will last a lifetime.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our furniture,” he says. Whereas the quality may be the same, the style and variety are unlimited. We’re quality, and we have lots of different styles,” he says.

For a lot of our competition, price is the most important thing. The store itself is divided into style categories, and you can see the vast array of choices upon entering. Most of the furniture is made on demand and can be ordered in any type of wood, color, size or fabric with literally 100 different wood choices and 1, 000 fabric choices. If you find something on the floor that you like, you are able to purchase it. Whether it’s a unique piece or a special order, all pieces go through quality control and receive a silver label on the back. Poly furniture is easy to care for, needs no painting, and can withstand harsh weather. Poly is also an environmentally-friendly choice because it is made of 95% recycled material. A stylish variety of colors and models are stocked for delivery to your home. Browse the selections below for your new reason to take life outdoors. A stunning slab of wood in all its glory can help accomplish this by acting as a striking headboard that either complements the theme of the room or gives it a dramatic contrasting focal point. From the space-savvy nesting tables next to the bed to those covered in golden metallic glint the choice is practical endless. Here a corner bed is a smart choice and if you can buy one with dual headboards then you have an even more luxurious space-savvy bedroom. Moving your existing bed to the corner also works just fine and if this is a trundle or loft bed then you have even more space-saving goodness.

We are pleased to present to you a sample of our products. Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, we hope you will find our website helpful. If you simply want to know more about furniture, we invite you to call or to come see us at our showroom.

We can “customize sizes” to adapt to your needs.

We also have many slipcover sofas to choose from.

We only sell top quality, luxury furniture.

We sell furniture that is “made like they used to” with a modern style. All you have to do is browse the selection of updated furniture. When it’s time to get rid of your furniture, find a great replacements here, such as living room furniture. Items like rugs, throw pillows, and vases will provide your home with that much-needed flair, so get to decorating. Sharpen your artistic eye with a little help from this store ?

Looking for Amish handmade furniture Check out Simply Amish in

Greenwood Indiana Furniture

We bought three dining room chairs from here after literally looking around for years, but we almost didn’t give it a chance. I agree with everything the first reviewer said about this place. Besides being exactly what we wanted (since we got to customize everything including dropping the height on the backs of the chairs 4 inches) the quality is ridiculous. This isn’t that hideous press-board crap you get other places and it isn’t so trendy that we’ll want to replace it in 5 years anyway. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t even cost that much more than the other places. That whole “nesting” thing has genetically programmed me to want to buy some furniture for our house. So we’d been looking and looking and looking at area furniture stores for a dark wood, clean lined, non-fussy bedroom set. Apparently nobody makes those and apparently a lot of people like ugly, ornate furniture!

We saw a bunch of beautiful, simple, but modern bedroom sets.

You can buy the pieces individually, and you pick the wood and the finish you want.

We ended up with a cherry bedroom set with a mahogany stain. It only took them 6 weeks to make our order (bed, dresser, and two nightstands).

We even got to pick the drawer upgrades (fully extendable drawers, soft-close drawers) and the type of knobs on all the furniture. When the furniture was delivered everything was delicately placed and gingerly handled. Anyway, the next room we plan to do is our office, and then the dining room. They even gave me “training coasters” to ween myself away from using coasters on the furniture, as it’s protected against water, alcohol, and even nail polish remover!

I can’t say enough good things about this store. Their products are in a class of their own. California looking for a deeply discounted item.

Mattresses and Furniture in Shelbyville Mooresville and Indianapolis IN

Not pushy but not afraid to tell you where the better value is. Give this place a shot, there are affordable (and yet still beautiful) things in here. Just as we were turning to leave, we got caught by the dreaded roaming sales rep. She asked our budget and asked us to give them a chance, that they had a wide range of prices. But for quality wood chairs like these, that we plan to have forever or darn near close to it?

They have a little fenced off area with cool wooden toys that your age 2-10 kids will go nuts for. Turns it from a boring adult trip into a “hey can we go to that place again sometime” trip for the little ones.

We were told at that time it would take 8-10 weeks for it to be built.

We recognize that the break down in communication created a perception of wrongdoing, but as you know we have offered several choices to correct the situation: keep the sofa until a new sofa is built, return the sofa for a full refund, or keep it at a huge discount. These were all offered prior to your public remarks made against our store. There is a reason why everything comes with a lifetime warranty.

Each item is uniquely made from solid hardwood and beautifully finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Across the nation, a new age of convenience had arrived. Our personal goal is to be big enough to serve and small enough to care.

We promise to create a custom interior space that fits your lifestyle. Here, we are committed to developing a close relationship with each customer and they will work with a personal consultant through the entire project from start to finish. Visit our blog to learn more about our brands and what we have in-store for you.

I would continue to purchase from this store. My go-to store for all of my furniture needs!

You can tell that there is an emphasis on the experience in the store, and that they’re not just there sell furniture. They wanted to tell me these “cuts” were not covered in the manufacturer warranty. They will scratch your walls, muddy up your carpet with their shoes then leave you damaged furniture. They direct you to their great customer service department that won’t help you and lies about looking into the issue. By the third time calling, “we don’t see that you called, we will send a third party repair company to come fix the item”. Item was received damaged on 1/11 and they won’t give us a new one. Still no call for repair after 5 business days. It was the wrong color and delivered broken.

I have not had a single returned phone call during this entire process. Calling corporate has been an absolute headache and they just would spin guilt on the store.

I will not be doing business with them in the future if this is their acceptable level of customer service.

And the pick up staff were also very nice and helpful. But to the others that were extremely judgemental and very unprofessional, good luck in the future with your success and happiness!!!

It’s there now and no one called me to tell me it has arrived and it’s been over a week. and if you do go there don’t have Dallas as your sales rep.

We hit a snafu here and there along the way but we finally got our mattress set delivered. Vincent has been professional, polite and courteous the entire time, as well as the delivery guys.

We will definitely recommend you for anyone looking to purchase new furniture or bedding.

I would not trust this company they try to sell you a warranty that is a joke.

We bought a living room set a year ago and the leather is ripping at the seam and all they can say is that we do to cover cracks in the leather. Not to mention, this places a lot of uncertainty about their products.

Greenwood Indiana Furniture