Just the seats are torn and we would like to have them reupholster.

I had a dog and he threw up one of the legs for my ottom and the middle of my couch is torn and one of the arms.

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A tree stump into a clock with a picture glazed into it. Taxidermy and rustic / home decor studio. Since first established in 1937, we have been providing top quality workmanship for sports enthusiasts, art collectors and home decorators all over the country. From the very beginning, we use only the finest natural materials available for our crafts and artworks.

Our taxidermy service uses only the premier tanners in the country, our work is second to none. The best quality leather tan we can possibly give you in a mount, combined with our skillful expertise assures you that your trophy will last generations. Our stock of wildlife is unsurpassed by many. Actively buying tons of antlers a year allows us to provide our customers with high quality antlers at a great price. These naturally shed antlers are collected from farms and woods by a variety of antler collectors which are sold to dealers. When brought to the market place antlers are graded 1 through 4.

This quality means more nutritional value and no splintering.

We give our customers more bone for the buck in quality and in size. Deer, elk, and moose's diet consists of all natural vegetation ensuring healthy, organic antler growth. This facility is a popular venue for management training events, and banquets.

We are locally owned and operated, which means our customers are our friends and neighbors. Our business depends on each and every shopper having a great experience, not to mention leaving with an amazing piece of that didn't break the bank!

All items are sold on a first come first serve basis.

We offer 2 types of high end mattresses in our warehouse. These mattresses are first come first serve and can not be ordered. No problem, we can special order for you. Stop in and shop through our many catalogs. Having a large network of furniture manufacturers, big box retailers, and department stores, we buy directly from sellers to keep our overhead low. Additionally, we have no pushy sales staff working for a commission. Our promise is that you will never pay retail at our store!

We have a low-overhead operating structure. Your standard furniture store spares no expense when it comes to retail real estate, advertising, and in-store showrooms. All of these high expenses are built into the cost of their product at the retail level. Conversely, we do most of our advertising on social media and good old word of mouth.

We believe our customers would much rather have the savings we pass along to them this way.

We don't carry any high-overhead associated with a typical delivery service. But for those who find this option difficult, we offer a local delivery service for you.

We store and sell out the items in our 6000 sq.

We buy in large quantities to keep our prices at rock bottom for our customers. What you’re getting is pressed board with solid wood accent,” he says.

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We also use barn siding to make doors for cabinets. Every year, the male deer sheds his antlers and grows back another set. Check set-up charges for . Look for leather rather than vinyl in chairs. Can furniture be custom crafted with a quick turn-around?

I was very happy with the outcome and i am chilling on my new sofa that i got 5% less then all the other stores in the area. If you ask, they will let you go back there and check out how a stuffed cougar is made or if you're lucky you may see something fresh getting skinned (no luck for us this time though).

We had a custom barn table and steamed hickory chair set made and couldn't be more pleased.

We took plenty of pictures, so take a look. Everyone was extremely friendly, everything was uber clean, and they even let us in back to watch them in action!

Even if you aren't looking to buy anything stop in and check it out.

I as amazed at the craftsmanship and how personable the family was to work with. Please feel free to stop in and say hi and see what works of nature we are recreating today!

Not only are the prices great, but the service can't be beat. They are really in tune with what people need. Promotion lasts for 1 year from date of purchase. After that period, your voucher is redeemable for the amount you paid, less any value you may have received.

Griffith Furniture Gary Marville Hammond Indiana