We work with individuals as well as business owners to create based on their needs.

We have been at the same location from the day of our opening and have undertaken large and small tasks and have enjoyed excellent customer satisfaction.

Antique Furniture Gta Furniture

One of the most obvious trends is the move towards lower standards in order to reduce costs. Despite these changes in the industry, there are still many people who care about quality.

I am told that they do not buy based on looks alone. They want durability and beauty in one; a piece that enhances the aesthetic of their space.

We look at scale and proportion to find exactly what works.

I remember a client who sent me some blurry photos of a armoire she had seen in an antique store window. She loved the armoire but was unable to purchase it.

We receive antique and unique pieces on a daily basis.

We have thousands of items for sale, and new things arriving every day. Once you’ve discovered our brand name bargains, you won’t want to pay full retail again!

If you’re on the move or wanting to declutter, how about earning some well-deserved cash by allowing us to sell your great items for you?

Why not re-home your valued possessions within your community instead of letting them go to landfill?

You’ll discover that responsible recycling is tons of fun!

We only bring in pieces which we love ourselves.

We pride ourselves on being a reasonably priced, family friendly market where customers have the opportunity to interact with vendors.

We offer unique and quality food services – all fresh and locally sourced. To me, older pieces are much more exciting than contemporary ones - they are well-made and emit the unmatched character that comes with age and wear. If you're looking for lighting, this is especially the place to go, since every foot of wall and ceiling space is draped with fixtures from feeble to funky. Though the majority of their stock is contemporary, they have a sizeable collection of mid-century items that fit right in.

You could spend hours browsing their stock; if you're looking for a chair (or a whole set of chairs) specifically,
you don't want to skim past this location. Plus, they pride themselves on their eco-friendly refinishing. They also have a small section of vintage kitchen accessories. Three leaves, seats 8, four foot wide and approx 8 feet long, or closed as a 4 foot diameter circular . One of the most comfortable arm chair in our collection. This desk has charm, character and amazing craftsmanship. For discriminating buyers and collectors. Has been in our family for a long time, as it was my grandmothers. Features three glass shelves, mirrored back and a light at the. Best of all, once restyled, this furniture is a fraction of the cost of. It is a very old piece the furniture company was around from 1896 to 1938.

I t's a great piece it's about 75 in long, 15 1/2 inches deep, 13. Hardware to attach to back of dresser included; or could hang on wall.