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Rustic Furniture Gun Safe Furniture

Outstanding workmanship and quality that just looks cool!

We started building the best safes in the world by hand. Tray in gun area for all your gun items or pistol storage. Great way to store your guns and keep them safe and hidden.

Lockable gun area with five gun capacity. Gun area is lockable, holds 4 shotguns or rifles and there are small shelves for ammo and gun related items. Holds eight (8) rifles and has 4 drawers, comes with glass doors. Plenty of storage area in lockable hinged top tray that hides gun area. Five gun capacity with sliding storage tray for pistols, shells or gun related items. Trunk has optional cocktail or sofa base units.

Three gun capacity with storage area for miscellaneous gun related items or pistols. Locking top with key and caster wheels for rolling. Made to roll under your bed for hidden safe storage. Holds 12 rifles and has 4 drawers inside. Unit functions as a gun chest, armoire and bedroom chest. Has 7 drawers and two doors with either shelves or clothes racks. When my order came in they called immediately for me to pick up. Product was successfully added to your . Temple stained my mantle for me and it turned out beautiful.

I had never stained anything before and they gave me a quick lesson in staining. It was so easy to use and also looks great!

Most issuing banks only allow 180 days from the date of the sale to issue a chargeback. The first step would be to request to cancel your order and get a full refund. At that point, the issuing bank will issue a chargeback for reason code 30 or 4855 depending on which brand association logo is on your card. He's been in contact with them multiple times. At least the yelp reviews might show up when you google the company. Probably not fraud, most likely massive incompetence. Or try a small claims suit where you live and enforce a judgment lien there.

I placed an order with them a few weeks ago. Multi functional as home furnishings and safe and secure weapon concealment but also each peice is a work of art. The concept is genius and the owners are truly the best.

We build with love and a fierce desire to get you your peice of the pie so to speak.

We just haven't seen a plateau yet so far orders keep increasing and we are hiring as quick as possible but they are selective about who builds the that keeps your families defense items safe and secure. Rustic sent me another piece of , no questions asked.

Forget the gun safe

Get your money back while you can, from the looks of it this company wont be around much longer if they keep it up.

I kept being given different shipment dates. So they shipped it anyway (stained brown) and it is damaged in 4 places. Since you are trying to be all high and mighty, would you be okay with a projected wait time of 7-9 weeks and your pushing 10 weeks past that?

If you are having production problems you need to be up front. Not offer another sale on their website that is going to push more business their way when they can't even catch up. Making and failing to deliver on repeated promises is another. January and they are running a 30% off sale as we speak. How the hell are you going to run a sale like that when you can't keep up with normal orders. It's been excuse after excuse and they refuse to give me a phone number. They made the promises and failed to live up to him. At no point is he incorrect for being upset. He waited reasonably and then contacted them for an updated. They then updated the date again and made a promise. How do you rationalize a company failing to deliver three times on a date to him being partially at fault?

It doesn't matter what their website says in regards to lead time. It matters what they told him, the customer. A relationship between the business and each individual customer. There is no excuse for a production time to double when their website says nothing of the sort.

American Hunter

I swear to you it was literally "we are doing the best we can." that 7 word sentence was literally the only thing in the e-mail besides my e-mail attached. Depending on your unique family situation and needs, one way to do this is to hide your home-defense firearm in furniture or decorative objects. The furniture would need to fit in well with your home's existing "look," of course, both for aesthetic reasons and to keep your concealment strategy from standing out or looking odd. The shelves are simple to install and don't require that you do any reinforcement to your wall. It's got concealment options inside the headboard, inside the footboard as well as inside the side walls of each bedside table. The headboard and footboard pieces will hold two full-size long guns as well as handguns, and fastens with a magnetic locking device. Your front-porch motion-sensor light suddenly comes on, and you hear an odd shuffling noise outside. The company also makes flags and wall art, living and dining room furniture. Each piece is reported to be custom made. Ross said he never anticipated that many orders that soon. The business expanding so large so fast caused problems, including problems maintaining employees.

Louis, the manufacturer of hand-crafted gun concealment and rustic furniture fails to deliver goods in a timely fashion and is lax in issuing refunds. They also manufacture concealment lamps, wall art and shelves in addition to non-concealment home furnishings. She discovered a note in a drawer indicating that the gun magnets, needed for the concealment feature to work, were missing and on backorder. The note said the missing items would be shipped upon arrival. The woman said that she and her husband, a police officer, bought the set for the gun concealment features. Without the concealment, they could have made themselves or gotten it elsewhere, she said.

Hidden Compartment Tactical Concealment Stash Lamp By Rough Country Rustic Furniture Review


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The most common gun concealment furniture material is wood. Perfect for secure and concealed storage of your favorite tactical tools. It can also be cut into your wall for a flush-mounted look. This concealment clock is available in all of our standard finishes, as well as custom wood options.

We proudly provide our customers with affordable, high-quality gun concealment furniture, fit for just about every room in the home. If you or a family member are interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, we’ve got you covered. From concealment clocks and lamps, to wall mantles and coffee tables, we can build a product suited to your gun concealment and storage needs. Peruse a few of our favorite hidden compartment furnishings to get started. On this page, you’ll find our current selection of rustic cedar furniture.

We manufacture all products by hand, using carefully chosen materials and heritage construction techniques such as mortise and tenon jointing. Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications and more information.

If you’re in the market for rustic furniture, there are many benefits to choosing cedar. Cedar offers a characteristic reddish-brown color that matures over time, taking on a worn silver patina. Cedar’s distinctive smell has the added benefit of repelling moths and other pests, while its natural oils prevent water- and weather-related damage. Our rustic cedar furniture includes tables, chests, beds, chairs and more. On this page, you’ll find great products for throughout the home. Purchase a matched set to save up to 33% off retail pricing with our large order discount program, or pick individual pieces that will look great on their own. All products are made to order and customizable to suit your requirements. The whole thing looks great in our family room and everything matches.