We can build any piece of furniture to your own specifications, the only limit being your imagination!

Some of the projects are basic ones you might expect to find: square and rectangular planters, a tool rack & caddy, hanging shelves. Boggs built his own jigs to bend laminated boards to just the right shape, providing ample lumbar support (something usually lacking in many outdoor chairs). Their talent of feathering in the new kitchen hardwood to the dining room is unbelievable. The scope of the project included the removal of: all existing grass and greenery, a patio, a retaining wall, our front walk and additonal hardscaping.

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Handmade Teak Home & Garden Furniture

For a dining area, the rug should be large enough to fit beneath the chairs when they are pulled out slightly.

One minor part of the headboard carving is broken off, that part can be provided (see pictures). Evoke an earthy, natural vibe with this side table crafted from a salvaged teak root stump.

A knowledge of woodworking is undoubtedly helpful, but not absolutely necessary, for anyone with access to the tools and a place to work. Sonus is even made from the same hearty tonewoods used by master luthiers, reflecting the same beauty found in a prized instrument. Appalachian design is married to a quiet reverence for the wood’s natural beauty, shaped and sculpted by leading carpenters in their field. His attention to detail is phenomenal, his diligence to protect our floors when the appliances arrived surely saved us from catastrophe.

For a polished look, choose one main accent color and one brighter hue to use in a small dose, and repeat these in all of the outdoor accessories, from pillows to flower pots.

If you’re short on outdoor furniture, haul a few pieces out from your living room temporarily — sitting on real furniture outside feels luxurious.

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