A slight two-tone effect creating depth and life in the article is achieved by using pigments in the initial coat, with later coats containing a contrasting dye. Aniline is a leather with natural pebbled grain and structure and may have minor color variations and some natural marks. Out of respect for you and the environment, the best thing that we can do is to make that is long lasting.

Creating sustainable products by using eco-friendly wood and raw materials, reducing waste factor and the energy consumption in our production processes as well as extending the useful lifetime of our products and recyclability are other focal points. Please note that this does not cover any type of minor sound or noise in the mechanism or unevenness in swivel mechanisms. Excluded from the warranty are non-material defects or deviations in the properties and condition of the product, which are negligible for the value and intended use of the equipment.

Leather variations hide

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Exposure of leather and fabric to sunlight or extreme light sources will cause fading and damage and is not covered by the warranty. Due to the nature of the article and the two-tone application some color variations is likely to occur within one hide and between hides.

As a natural material, leather has the ability to breathe, be it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Due to the nature of this leather, and the twotone application, some color variations is likely to occur within one hide and between hides.

This technology includes our unique mechanisms, cold-cured molded foam, lamination and welded frames.

To protect our environment we regularly assess the whole life-cycle of our production with focus on the type of raw material used, production processes, waste, use and disposal. Loss of foam resiliency should not be confused with softening of foam or stretched cover, which are results from normal use.

Please note that this does not cover any form for minor sound or noise in the laminated wood or unevenness caused by temperature or moisture.

The warranty does not include claims for veins, wrinkling, natural markings from healed scars or variations in grain or color. Wall curio cabinets can be hung over the fireplace or featured as part of a group setting which utilizes pictures, candle holders or .

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