Heavy solid wood construction to prevent the from being moved easily. Screw locking feature to prevent guest, children or "would-be" thieves from lifting on lid and feeling any movement and suspecting anything is being stored inside.

Rustic Furniture Hidden Gun Furniture

Aged and distressed and finish color can be custom selected. Whether you're taking steps to be more environmentally conscious or want products that minimize bacterial growth, the items on our list can do both while elevating your bathroom with a spa-like aesthetic. Use up the last bits of those gift-wrapping ribbons or buy the cheap spools at the end of the season. Your beautifully decorated fall front door is worth it!

Stock up on these items that are friendly for both the summer and fall seasons -- your closet will thank you. When opened, the light will illuminate onto the center of the interior cushion, giving off a spot light effect to your ring, enhancing the center stone and giving an instant glow to the diamond. The plush pillow padding hugs tightly around the ring to give it a secure and upright hold. Our ring box will arrive to you unmarked with no annoying logo. This box adds a unique touch of class to even the most dynamic wedding proposal presentation, no matter the time of day or your surroundings. It is the perfect ring box for evening hours and low-lit environments.

It stays locked until a key (in this case the flag) is put in the proper location.

You can customize this for what your storage needs may be. This shelf is available in a variety of stain colors and paints. If you dont see what you would like, convo me and we can match what you are looking for. Each piece of wood is different and accepts stain slightly differently. Stain colors vary slightly and may not match the photo exactly. While safes are the safest place to store firearms, this may be the next best option. Because the shelf has a locking mechanism, it is safer than storing your firearms in a nightstand. Want more ideas about concealment decor, mancave furniture, decorating with antiques, or know when we have sales?

Pewter look dragon statue does double-duty as it is also has a secret storage compartment within the books that can be used as a jewelry or trinket box. It also has a secret compartment hidden in its base. The biometric fingerprint sensor allows you to gain immediate access to a means of protection while responsibly storing it away. Simply touch your key to the secret access point and your safe will immediately pop open. Our award winning products remain hidden in plain sight while conveniently accessible. The batteries need to be changed once a year or after 3, 000 openings.

You can watch this video to learn more about using the backup battery pack. All safes will also come with a backup battery pack. Depending on how you mount it, the mounting surface, and the weight inside the compartment, the shelf may not "pop" open. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by these terms. Pictures really do not do justice to our flags but we take time to make sure each flag we build and ship will be loved by each and every customer that chooses us. Each item ordered will be completed with our current production times and we will make every effort to accommodate special requests. Usually an order will ship sooner than those times but we want to make sure to allow enough time to create each unique piece. Unit has six drawers and two doors for plenty of storage space plus a hidden gun compartment on top which is lockable with keys. Solid wood construction and no assembly required!

Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

The question arises of how to store these items, so they are concealed and safe, yet at the same time, easily accessible. Our family-owned business acknowledges the need for people to have a safe place to store guns and valuables. With our line of handmade furniture, you have lots of options for concealed firearm storage. Our furniture hides your valuables in plain sight while making sure you can get to them quickly and easily.

You may request for custom furniture based on your preferred color or style. Sure, you could keep those firearms in a traditional safe or gun cabinet, but that’s the first place a thief would look for them. And you don’t want a child to find any of these items. Instead of doing the obvious, we recommend hiding weapons and valuables away in our concealment furniture. For more than 20 years, our family has been making this specialty furniture.

We use our experience and craftsmanship to craft custom pieces that meet your needs for storage and concealment. What better way to hide those hunting rifles than in corner hutches or blanket chests?

We start with high-quality hardwood and turn this into stunning pieces that complement your home décor. With our products, you can own custom furniture that serves multiple purposes. Our furniture is exceptionally sturdy because it has mortise and tenon, biscuit, dado, and miter lock joints. Get in touch with us today for more information on our concealment furniture. Perhaps, you prefer a certain style or species of wood.

We make use of the latest technology to ensure security and accessibility. It also serves the same purpose as any other furniture you would buy -- offering beauty and functional to your house. In fact, our furniture is so appealing and well-made that we recommend it as items you want to pass on to the next generation.

Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

Reach out to us to talk about what you want and need in a beautiful piece of custom-made concealment furniture. today to get an estimate on a custom furniture piece that you can use to store your guns. All of our products are handcrafted using hardwood of the finest quality.

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing these products, and we have mastered crafting customized pieces. Our pieces of furniture hide your valuables in plain sight while keeping them easy to access.

You may customize locks, color, and style of the furniture. Now you can own stunning furniture that serves an even greater purpose. In the world there are many things that have been shrouded in mystery for several centuries. Apart from the historical mysteries, each of us has our secrets.

We offer you an overview of the ten best pieces of furniture with little secrets inside. Even if you have a small apartment or a small , we have something to offer you.

Below is an overview of the top ten of the ideal, in our opinion, pieces of furniture that have hidden compartments and places for saving. The table is multifunctional if you use it as a safe. It is very multifunctional, it has electrical compartments for cup and also you can put your alarm clock there. Behind the table there is has a hidden place where you can keep papers, weapons, jewelry etc. Made of veneers, wood and manmade wood; hand-finished. The color of the table is pleasant, so it will fit your bedroom.

Felt-lined concealment area protects against scratches. But inside, you’ve stored a little something for your protection. Medium-density fiberboard and wood veneer. Magnetic side panel pushes in and drops down for access to locking slide-out drawer. It has a big box inside to hide your valuables, weapons, keys etc. Uses our patented locking system to ensure your valuables are safe. Doubles as a night stand or hallway shelf for easy and quick access. Easily installed, comes with easy to read instructions, plus a step-by-step video installation guide on our website. Made from solid oak, has a magnetic screwdriver, a simple set of instructions, and batteries for it. Hidden behind the tempered glass curio display area is a sliding cabinet that accommodates your collection of rifles or shotguns. It unlocks by using two keys which make the cabinet more protective for your guns. Lighted curio display area with glass shelves. The gun concealment bench provides a clever way to store your firearms with room for up to five long guns.

A removable wood tray is also provided for handguns or other accessories. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rustic concealment ?

The most common rustic concealment material is wood. Great for rustic homes, lodges and cabins. Our wide selection of rustic furniture is second to none.

Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table