This thing holds your onion in place for uniform slicing and less crying (in more ways than one!

Butter skin


While weu2019re very confident that youu2019re capable of cooking something with just a sharp knife and a fry pan, sometimes you can use a little extra help. The lovable robot disassembles into a useful set of cups and spoons that make for truly creative kitchen gadgets. Look for islands with wheels that lock, like these do, so they’ll stay put when you’re chopping.

If ever there was a usual suspect, fat had to be it: it was energy dense (all those calories in a single tablespoon!), full of cholesterol (the stuff we see in clogged arteries), and it tasted really good (tasty things have to be bad for you)!< Weleda for creating beautiful, organic skin care products that our family love to use, and that don’t irritate our skin. This smart butter knife uses body heat to instantly warm up your cold butter, making it super spreadable in seconds.

Nessie incarnation will be your adorable sous-chef and will prevent the ladle from toppling over and causing a huge mess in your kitchen. I am constantly reminded of during the discussion on which toppings should be used for pizza.