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As you know there are many different types of wood out there and choosing the correct wood can be difficult. There is a different way to build a log cabin – buying a kit. Below is an incredible photo gallery of 39 log homes. Country log mansion rising up 4 stories with huge sloping cedar shake roof shingles.

Grand log home mansion with huge deck and skylights throughout with incredible views of valley. Magnificent log home mansion with huge beams on deck supporting upper floors on top of a mountain. Gingerbread house like fairy tale log home with round veranda perched on top of rock outcropping. Intricate 3-story log home house on hill with incredible view. Side view of log home with double car garage, crow’s nest balcony and large log beams supporting deck. Interesting off-white log home with long wing and ends supported with massive log beams.

Rambling mega log home mansion with light wood logs and dark shingle roof for contrast effect. Ski chalet log mansion with stone exterior set up high in mountains on snowy slope. Rambling long log home villa high up on mountain with large rural property. Stylish custom log home with full width sun deck and natural colored logs set on grass property. Grand log home set among towering evergreen trees. Large custom log home built on lake front set against mountains. Suburban style log home with front porch set among trees with walkway to front door. Swiss style log home chalet with upper balcony and wide porch set among trees with snow on the ground. Contemporary log home mansion on sloping property built with dark logs (and stained). Ski community log chalet with tall stone chimney. Cozy log home with upper deck and plenty of firewood storage on side and front. Wood exterior and stone exterior ski chalet on steep slope with huge picture windows. Stone and hewn wood ski chalet with garage below and large stone chimney rising up three storeis. Cabin style log home with small deck on large sloping lot. Swiss style log mansion with huge covered deck. Massive log home with many supporting beams on perimeter of wrap-around deck. Suburb log home with dormers and covered porch. Dark log home (small) in forest setting with piles of snow on the ground. Wide log home with full width covered porch elevated on large grassy lot. Beautiful light wood log home with steeply pitched roof on large property. Fabulous living room with 3-story towering ceilings and huge rock fireplace rising up 30 feet. Fabulous small single wall rustic kitchen in log home. Large country style dining area in open kitchen and dining room in log home. Bedroom in log home with exposed log beams and plenty of wood paneling.

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Another photo of log home great room with towering cathedral ceiling. Panoramic photo of massive great room in log home with upper landing where bedrooms are at the back. Elegant log home living room with huge river rock fireplace, antler chandelier and exposed log beams throughout. Dining room in log home with super high ceilings and large windows looking out onto elevated deck. Great room of log home with upper log style landing railing. Huge master bedroom with stone fireplace and ceiling beams inside log mansion. Rustic family room with stone fireplace inside large log home. Rustic dining area and kitchen inside log home. Great room in log cabin chalet in contemporary style with huge windows looking out over incredible view of the ocean. Living room with vaulted ceiling and beams in log home. Large fireplace forms the center of the home’s living space. View of main living space of spacious log home with exposed beams and towering windows. Kitchen in log home with custom pendant lighting, granite counter tops and extensive use of wood cabinetry. Large exposed beamed kitchen with island and mixture of wood and stone materials. Cathedral-style living area in large log home with 2-story stone fireplace and loft. Rambling log home situated on the edge of a forest. Towering 4 story log home with rock pillars and multiple decks with green roof. But a little attention to the area around the home in the early planning stages can make for a truly dramatic finish to your home. Depending on the rise to run ratio, terraces can add level areas to accommodate patios, gardens, decks and other amenities.

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Terraces can either be seeded for turf surfaces, or paved with stones. If rainfall is minimal, opt for stonework or gravel finishes instead of turf. The deeper the retaining wall the more important the engineering surrounding it is. Ensuring proper drainage with the right composition of gravel and sand, perforated drain piping and careful tamping of the material behind the retaining wall will ensure that the wall stays sound through all seasons. If not set in properly, accumulating water could build up behind the wall causing it to bulge and ultimately fail. Other options might include pavers, bricks and treated wood. Steps should be set into sand and leveled for long lasting beauty. Use pavers or irregularly shaped native stones, spaced with a hardy turf grass or moss. Adding curves and naturalized railing details can make this type of deck seem like a grown-up tree house. A waterfall might descend between one or two terraces, or cascade alongside steps. A series of pools and falls can make the setting all the more natural-looking.

Add complementary lighting and seating for evening retreats and you’ll enjoy a relaxing setting in your back yard. Once these are in place, the rest of your landscaping can fill in around them. Use trees to frame a house, not conceal it or overwhelm it. Shrubs and flowers should form a welcoming approach to your home’s entrance. Take pictures to help you remember what it looks like. Learn where the sunlight falls, where the shade pockets are, where the rain pools.

Here, hostas thrive in the shade of big trees. That sunny wildflower patch you envision by the fence won’t work if you plant trees there now.

You can move some plants later, but your basic layout should incorporate changing shade patterns. Do some comparison-shopping at local garden centers, and check prices at online nurseries, too. Create a budget and a priority list if you’re not able to afford everything at once. Will you really prune that rose or aggressive vine?

It’s not only beautiful; it’s important for safety, and it will allow you to use your yard past sundown. There are so many types of lighting available, you can find lots of options that meld with your garden’s style. Here, roses and honeysuckle drape a backyard gate. It also creates a convenient route for plant maintenance. Allow extra space for plants to spill over the sides, or for a bench. Consider ultimate sizes before you buy plants. This is especially important with trees and shrubs, which may overgrow windows, power lines or views.

A vegetable garden mingling with flowers or disguised as one more flowing border garden can be just as fruitful and more aesthetic than a rectangular plot plunked in the middle of a lawn. A hand-painted birdhouse finds a home among coneflowers and other bright plantings. A small fountain might be just the tonic for a bland patio. Drop some garden art in the middle of a flowerbed. If nearby plants will bloom at the same time, check plant tags or references to make sure the colors will complement or contrast, rather than clash. The many layers of this garden include lilies, feather reedgrass and conifers. A burgundy-tinted leaf doesn’t fade like a flower blossom; it lingers all season. At left , hostas, ferns and other shade-loving plants lend lush foliage. Texture, color and shape can all provide contrast in a garden. Avoid overwatering and overfertilizing plants. If you’re unsure of the problem, contact your county extension office or visit a local gardening center for help. Quick identification can save your landscaping. Your soil, site, conditions and taste will differ. A landscape should be personal, and you’ll enjoy it more if you do it just for you.

I use snail bait that is animal/child safe. We’d suggest taking a leaf into your local garden center to confirm that is the problem and to ask them for other animal/child-safe ways to control the pest. The number of bedrooms and baths, the kitchen layout, and the amount of storage are certainly the first things on your mind. After that comes décor strategizing, which is not surprising considering how much time one spends inside their home. Today’s log and country styles are warm, inviting, and just as varied as any other home plan.

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And you can choose between small log home plans or larger ones. Not only do log home resources take less energy to produce, they save energy for the homeowner. Since logs “breathe”, moisture never builds up considerably, keeping away mold and insect damage. For many homeowners, the lower maintenance the plant, the better it is. The perfect option is using native plants in your landscaping areas; however, this does not mean wild plants!

Our aim is to provide a complete compendium of ideas and best practices for everyone intrigued by log home living. Are you concerned how you can finance a log home ?

We provide you with cabin floor plans as well as options and resources for online cabin plans.

We discuss log home building tools and log home building schools. If you’re interested in cabins, you’re probably already interested in green living. Every home requires on-going maintenance and log homes are no exception. Our section on cabin rentals covers what to keep in mind when renting a cabin, some great areas of the country to visit while renting and some of the best honeymoon rentals available. Advance your log home education and learn something new through our virtual library , with recommended books and magazines, cabin book reviews to help you decide (submit your own review and we’ll post it for everyone to share) and assorted cabin articles related to log home living. Wherever your personal journey may take you, feel free to step in along the way and join us as we explore all things related to log cabins. Make your choice based on how it will complement the rustic décor of your log home. Watering without getting dirty looks from your drought-conscious neighbors.

You can keep pouring money into your outdoor space, or give up and go with a scorched-earth approach. If you’re fed up with taking care of your yard, it’s time to consider a different tack: low-maintenance landscaping ideas that still look stunning. But have you thought about how much work, water, and money these landscapes require?

Instead, consider xeriscaping —the practice of using drought-resistant plants, such as succulents and ornamental grasses. Xeriscaping, which literally means “dry landscape,” can reduce water use by 50% or more. Flowers can be tricky—growing or not growing depending on the sun’s position, the percentage of clay in your dirt, the long-term horoscope of each individual leaf. Instead of trying—and maybe failing—with a trunk-load of costly, exotic flowers, consider looking to your local native landscapes for easy-maintenance ideas. Not sure how to track down the right plants?

This doesn’t require a ton of work—it will probably only take a couple of hours of labor. Consider surrounding the walkway leading to your backyard seating area with colored mulch that contrasts with the grass.

Or use light decorative rock to outline the dark dirt in your garden bed. And there’s no shame in cheating—artificial turf has come a long way in recent years, looking and feeling like the real thing. Picture it: uninterrupted green—and no watering required!

Would you like to put in a pool at some point?

Just keep your plans simple, if maintenance is a concern. Instead of grass, use decorative pebbles, and instead of rose bushes, try boulders. Making rocks look bad is a challenge indeed—just place them wherever you think they look good, and you’ll have a nice year-round view. Here are 16 amazing cabins you must see to believe. This cabin is nestled in the woods and uses a rock retaining wall to help add to the rustic look. Or just sit back and relax on its sprawling deck. Check out information about the area and rentals. It’s mountainside location offers plenty of scenery.

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Inside you’ll find a pool table in a game room and a hot tub on the large deck. In 2015, the original cabin was transformed into a five-bedroom home with plenty of high-end finishes including a bar area and a spiral staircase. Built in the 1940s, it was a place where many gathered for square dances, live music and card games. Check out photos and to read about the cabin’s history. With plenty of options, you’ll enjoy less space to clean and more time outside relaxing near your backyard pond or gathering around the firepit. The cabin features a large family area with a fireplace for kicking back and relaxing. The large deck offers a place to relax , and there’s even a treehouse with plenty of mountain views. Log cabin homes offer not only visual appeal but maximum ecological compatibility. This is one of the best options for building small homes. On the first place, wood is environmentally friendly material that allows oxygen to pass through, so it is easy to breathe and sleep soundly in wooden buildings. Due to low thermal conductivity, you can save on heating, and even in the harshest winters you do not face the danger of freezing in a wooden house. A good landscape requires careful planning with attention to buildings, plants, ponds, even garden furniture. Think of your lifestyle, do you have children and pets, do you often invite guests for a barbecue or evening gatherings outdoors?

A large backyard provides many opportunities but when you have a small outdoor area, you need to set your priorities. One of the easiest ways to plan the layout of the backyard is to draw a sketch and divide the area into squares. This will help you to visualize the place of the elements and features that you want in the garden area and create a balanced appearance. They allow you to separate the area into different functional zones and have a great visual appeal. The goal is to have a harmonious and balanced exterior which will give you pleasure and joy. Plants and flowers will add bright colors throughout the warm season and additional charm to the outdoor area. A concrete decking is not very suitable for a log home.

It will be better if you opt for natural stone, slate, solid wood, which should be treated to withstand elements. Consider an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit – a place that will gather the family in the evenings. The color concept of the exterior should work with the external environment in a harmonious way. Having in mind that log homes are usually situated in the country, neutral colors will be a good option. The most popular styles are rustic and country which feature natural materials and simplicity of forms, as close as possible to rural life. Scandinavian style is calm and functional and is characterized by light colors and practical solutions. Despite the stylistic differences, there are many common features which create a harmonious interior.

All these elements of the interior make a log cabin home comfortable, cozy and warm. The size of the home will determine the number of rooms and the layout yet the materials and finished will give the overall look of the home. The main advantage of log cabins is, obviously, the logs. Leaving them exposed as they are a powerful element of the interior which does not require extra “decorations”. Timber offers a unique look and provides a very relaxing and calming environment. It is a durable material, environmentally friendly and works with any other material in a very harmonious way.

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Stone is another typical material for wall finish. It works with timber creating a visual contrast and at the same time both materials compliment each other. Being resistant to moisture, stone is a good material for bathrooms. Of course, people are different and those who prefer a more modern appearance can opt for plasterboard or other materials. The choice of wall finish will depend on the particular function of each room. For example, in wet areas like bathroom or kitchen the wall finish should be water proof. Painting the interior log walls is also an option, but it is not a popular one as most people do not want to cover the beauty of wood and the specific and unique character that it adds to the home. Choosing the type of flooring will depend on the function of each area. For example, in wet areas and areas with high traffic it will be a good idea to choose stone or tile flooring and combine it with wood. Stone and tile flooring are very practical and easy to keep clean and when combined with wood, the materials create a great visual contrast. Of course, you need to keep in mind that stone and tile floors can be quite cold which is a disadvantage, so it is better to use these materials sparingly. Carpets and rugs give you the chance to add warmth and color and without any doubt, they make any room cozier and quieter.

You can use them to define the different functional areas in an open plan living space and break the monotonous and uniform look of a large floor. The ceilings in log cabin homes are usually exposing solid wood beams and often are finished with wood planks.

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These ceilings look amazingly beautiful and add to the overall visual appeal and unique character of the home. Due to the fact that timber is not fire resistant, many people opt for plasterboard which has much higher resistance to fire than timber. In addition, it is a good choice for small rooms or rooms where natural light is limited as this type of ceiling creates an impression of more height. Windows and doors are another major element of both exterior and interior of the log cabin homes. Windows and doors are as important as the house itself as they provide security, insulation and have a huge effect on the appearance of the log cabin. Energy efficient windows and doors will add to the comfort and will reduce energy consumption and heating costs. However, choosing high quality is always a good decision. Log home interior doors are typically made of solid wood as it naturally complements the overall decor concept. Barn doors are also an option as they work great with rustic style. When choosing doors you need to consider the thickness, the quality of the material, how they will work with your exterior and interior, etc. Interior staircases in two storey log cabin homes combine practical and decorative function. Solid wood, wrought iron, carved wood – those are the most popular choices of homeowners to make the staircase an original element of the home decor.