I can’t imagine what it was like in the good old days when you would most certainly sink to the axles in crummy conditions. Americans, removed and ambivalent from their situation by his wealth and position of power.

Hazeltop isn’t steep, just constant, and then it’s very easy downhill the rest of the way. We survived (blessed with no allergies because who can afford an epi pen these days?

Hoover’s trips to camp were sometimes leisurely enough that he stopped for a roadside picnic. The story of the backwoods mountain schoolhouse was publicized nationally, resulting in donations including schoolbooks, furniture, and a piano. Visitors must reach the camp on foot, as bicycles are prohibited on unpaved roads within the park. On cold days, large stone fireplaces provide some warmth, but were not intended to keep the camp warm in winter.

Camp Hoover hike

From the 1960s through 1980s, they hardly seemed necessary, for the hemlock trees formed a thick canopy and kept the shaded grounds cool. Hoover, however, hated the media and dictated that they be kept at least seven miles from the camp.

Camp lay 2,550 feet above sea level, and its fresh air drifting through elm, beech and oak trees provided a refreshing difference from the humidity-laden nation’s capital. Hoover used his engineer’s training to contentedly carry small rocks of flint and larger stones into the stream to build pools for the trout. The scenery is no less beautiful going in this direction, with large rock outcroppings and lush vegetation. For optimal performance, this must be embedded directly into the template, not referenced // as an external file.

Easy hike minus a fellow hiker stepping into a yellow jacket hive as we passed on the trail. It’s a nice hike/ride (had to push the bike for about 3 miles, it was really rocky at the top). President arranged for a new schoolhouse in the area, which had been so remote that no school existed previously.

During much of the spring, summer, and fall, an interpretive guide stays at camp and provides tours.

Hoover’s administration, cabin porches were decorated with boxes filled with geraniums, and interior floors were covered with grass rugs.

On hot days, hinged wooden panels fold down to expose large copper screens to provide a great deal of ventilation. The cabins are equipped with electricity and plumbing, with visible wiring snaking along the walls and rafters.

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