Newly built in 2009, our cape cod style farmhouse features 4 very spacious rooms with very large private baths, 3 of which have heated bathroom floors and champagne bubble tubs, and one which has a 6 foot soaker tub and a separate 2 head shower. Jamesport is also known for antiques and antiquing.

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Whether you want to dine outside with your family or simply have a nice spot for reading, we have the piece of that you need.

You can also decorate your interiors with these products. Our cedar chests are useful for storing personal belongings and heirlooms. This structure allows you to enjoy the view in your garden and socialize with your friends.

We will gladly provide the additional information that you need.

I have also used this pan for escalloped potatoes or smaller beef or pork roasts. This bowl is a perfect size for vegetable or side dishes. Add any fresh, crisp vegetables (we like cucumbers, carrots,. Small size is perfect for children or serving dip!

You can rest in the fact that your solid hardwood looks like no other.


It takes approximately 60 years for a hardwood tree to reach maturity. As it does, each tree has it's own story, it's own unique grain pattern and textures. When you get to know this tree, the individual boards reflect this unique process. The tree's main story is written in it's unique grain pattern. Grain patterns are made by the tree's growth rings, one for each year. A board's knots mark the growth of limbs that extended from the main trunk. Color variations are a standard trademark of hardwoods. The outside of younger wood is lighter than the inside core where the wood is usually darker. Other color variations are created by minerals and other elements affecting the tree's growth. The durability and intergrity of our hardwood furniture is not affected by these naturally occurring variations, in fact, these variations are exactly what most people want, giving them the warmth and charm of individuality.

We handle each piece ourselves, in our own shop, where you can stop by and see us!

It could also help other local businesses gain passionate patrons. Amish pictures are taken from a distance with a telephoto lens (usually in the 300-500mm range). Communities that are more open to tourism generally understand that curiosity — and pictures — are a part of the tourist mentality. But customs vary from one community to the next…, and common courtesy is always in order. But this commemorated the passing of one of the family’s sons/brothers. Often called a “courting buggy” (but used for many other purposes), this one-bench two-wheel buggy is lighter and may be pulled by a “pony” (as is likely the case here). Many will have access to a phone, but not have one in the house because it would be more of a distraction to the more important family interactions. Similarly, they are not opposed to modern medicines or the high-speed ways of getting to it…, but until that is needed, the more simple means of a buggy-ride through the country side will work just fine. Young men often work in construction or other manual labor jobs. Young ladies, until the time that they get married and stay home raising their own family, may work in local businesses or occasionally as a school teacher in the parochial school. Here, again, practices vary from one community to the next, with some communities not observing this tradition at all. But as one person wisely observed, the thrill of being able to stay out to midnight often loses its luster when the teen still has to get up at 4:00 the next morning to milk the cows that didn’t care how late they were up or how little sleep they got. The shed on the right has firewood for the school’s wood stove.

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The white building behind the shed is one of the two outhouses — another common school yard fixture. A small stable beside the school where the teacher’s horse and students’ ponies would be kept during school hours. Returning home with the day’s purchase from the annual school fund raiser auction. Thanks so much for sharing both pictures and knowledge!!

How much actual interaction does one do on a visit?

As a whole, those areas that are accepting to tourism in general are more accepting of “visiting” face-to-face. It is’t like going over and visiting grandma’s house, and as much as we’d like for it to feel that way, well, it’s a bit unrealistic. Say we were going about out daily routine of mowing our yard or doing our job (which happened to be located on the same property as our home). Wouldn’t it feel awkward to have some random person we’ve never met pull off the road roll down the windows and start snapping pictures of our car and house?

Would we be a bit edgy if they started snapping up shots of our kids?

And what about their taking 10-15 minutes just asking us all kinds of questions?

And when that happens a dozen times a day not only is it a bit annoying, but it keeps you from the job that puts food on your family’s table. One question though about the outhouses behind the school. Is there a place that the students use to wash their hands after using the facilities?

Also, there are sinks with hot and cold running water inside the basements of the schoolhouse. The outside pumps of course wouldn’t have hot and cold water just cold, cold well water. But, the students could still wash their hands after using the bathrooms. In most outhouses in our area, a bottle of hand sanitizer is kept in each outhouse and most also have a sink in the entry hall or basement.

I don’t remember whether we were instructed to wash our hands on re-entering the building.

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There may have been a bowl, soap, and shared towel near the drinking water container. Or maybe it was even a towel on a roller.

We got it from a hand operated pump in the yard of a nearby home. There was a running water spigot in the basement, so getting drinking water for the container in the classroom was easier than having to pump water from an outdoor well. There may have been occasional grumbling about our having a school that still used outhouses — there was a faction in our community that thought our country school should be closed and that we should merge with the school in town — but our outhouses were far from the only ones. It seems that one of the times that he had some of the youth boys over to his house they mentioned that they wished there was a hook on the outhouse door so if they had to sit down to use the bathroom nobody could open the door on them. Mark mentioned this at a monthly school meeting. However, now, in all three of the schools’ outhouses, the inside has been reconfigured so that there are separate stalls for the seats with lockable doors on each. Mark figures the same has been done for the girls’ sides but he’s never seen them. When they finally remodeled, they let us kids have the desks. Thanks for the walk down memory lane…or, at least for allowing me to take a little “detour”.

It is a joy to me to take the pictures in the first place — and it doubles the joy to know that others enjoy them along with me.

I have 8 children myself and we know how hard it is to get items like that. Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again. Some involve the typical rub of generations, a parent seeing life from a different range of experience than an offspring. His youngest son has taken over the family business and begun an education in all that entails. Graber sits a moment in a hand-crafted rocker in a showroom that smells of cedar.

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Jake’s buggy sits out in the parking lot. Amish ways, and yet you need to stay up,” he said. The furniture business was meant to supplement the farm income. Graber has an accumulated expertise, knowing what works for his chests and gazebos. He can also quote the range of board-foot prices. Some fishing with grandchildren would be nice. You’ve got to start looking at the other end of the tape measure,” he said. Our large showroom ensures you’ll find something that meets your needs.

We also offer custom orders and delivery.

We also have a nice selection of children’s furniture, and outdoor furniture in stock.

We offer reasonable in-home delivery on all of our furniture. All hardwood has variation in its color and grain. Within short miles of the inn, guests can wet their appetites with aroma coming from the numerous bakeries and local restaurants.

Guests can enjoy a sunset ride in our horse draw through the amish country side. Mornings at the inn consist of a homemade breakfast, served in our unique brick floor country kitchen, or on our garden patio. Let’s discover more through the words of our innkeepers. If someone has never been to your city, what is the #1 reason to come visit?

What’s the best kept secret about the area?

Folks are usually bored after two days and one or two nights. Is there anything within walking distance of your inn?

What is your favorite restaurant/food in the area?

We have three rooms (with private baths).

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