Objects being sold come from many different sources, supplying buyers with items they would not find in department stores and retail shops. Auction houses offer buyers more safety when placing bids, as they do not have to worry about online fraud or expensive shipping costs which often are involved with online auctions.

Auctions include catering and shop equipment, computers and electrical, general sales and machinery, as well as an auction dedicated entirely to homemakers and renovators. They have been in operation since 1998 and specialise in good quality household . The company specialises in antique furniture and fine art and two large series of auctions are held each year, with one series in autumn and the second occurring in spring. The magazine features some of the most prized items coming up for auction and gives antique furniture collectors vital information and updates.

To buy unique furniture at a bargain price.

We auction single owner collections, eceased estates. Absentee and phone bid forms can be downloaded from the website if you are unable to attend the actual day. Additionally phone and internet bidding is an option. Fridays, viewings begin at 8am and the auction starts at 9am. With more people viewing our page, interest in new stock is always prevalent.

We also have a strong commitment to networking with buyers to ensure that every piece finds a home. Our stock is constantly rotating, bringing in items that are hard to come by at your everyday store. Keeping an eye on our regularly updated site will ensure that you are on top of the new stock and ready to pick up that new piece. Ranging from war memorabilia, numismatics to furniture and fine jewelry, you’ll find it all on our website. Feel free to for all inquiries or drop by to see our regularly changing stock and start a collection of your own. Sydney's history when everything from basic groceries to fine commodities arrived on ships and was sold in public auction. Thus began a more than 120-year history of successful auctioneering.

We conduct auctions based on a traditional code of ethics. Our aim is to achieve to best results for our vendors, by embracing the latest technology in the auction industry to help us expand our reach world wide. Noteworthy items are accompanied by images. Items are selected based on quality, rarity, age and condition. This way, you not only keep abreast of what items are coming up in your fields of interest, but also the latest prices. It's a modernise furniture that use to store and. The entire set is painted with eco-friendly water-based paint to preserve the. Our specialists are available to provide free and confidential auction valuations with a view to selling. The best part is that their auctioneer will not put you to sleep. You’ll get a hot check with the bank teller laughing in your face. These usually comprise of between 1200 and 1800 lots.

You must inspect for condition or call us for a condition report.

House Sydney Auctions Furniture Jewellery Auction Rooms

House Sydney Auctions Furniture Jewellery Auction Rooms