A rustic bench is a natural addition to a woodland or cottage garden. It would look good overlooking a pond, or next to a meadow sown with wildflower seeds.

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As this is an informal bench with a simple construction line up the logs and timber by eye. Dig far enough down to secure the logs so that you get an appropriate height for the bench. Space each log far enough apart to support the timber that will form the seat of the bench. Place the logs in the hole and use the soil you dug out to back fill.

Compact the soil by stamping down with your feet or using a heavy mallet. There is no need to use concrete or a sand-based mix to hold the supporting logs in place. Drill one coach screw into the top of each log and smear the top with mud. Lift the roughly cut timber up onto the logs, position and remove. The mud will mark the timber; this will show you where to drill to slot the timber onto the coach screws. Drill the holes wide and deep enough screw in tightly.

Finally, lift the timber back up onto logs, slotting it onto the coach screws. Once in place plant around the seat to enhance its natural beauty. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about log seat ?

The most common log seat material is cedar. When you're finished you'll have a high-quality bench that cost you way less than the one you would buy at a store. The free bench plans contain everything you need to plan and execute your bench project. There's a wide style of bench plans below that include benches with and without backs. They're built in a variety of wood and some are painted while others are stained. Included are diagrams and step-by-step building instructions so even the most novice of builders can take on this project. The bench requires some 2x4s, screws, and other standard woodworking supplies like glue and a saw. The cutting diagrams and placing illustrations in this plan are color-coded to make it super simple to piece together. Plus, all the measurements are clear and easy to understand. There's also a video that shows how to put the bench together. As you can see in the image, this bench isn't made up of anything too complex, so it should be a perfect project for a beginner. It requires a single 8' long 2x12, one 8' long 2x4, and three 1/2" deck screws. It calls for several 2x4s of various lengths for the legs, trim, and seat. Like the image shows, the bench seat rests on two blocks, which sets it 16" off the ground. All the details and pictures necessary to build this bench are included in the plan. In addition to color-coded illustrations are real-life pictures of the construction process to help guide you through the steps. There are printable diagrams for use as cutting guides as well as a video showing how to build the bench. The bench stands 16" from the ground, is 14" deep, and stretches 36" across. Though you can definitely adjust these measurements, the frame of the seating portion of the bench is 60" long and 18" deep, and the backrest is around 23" tall. The steps in this plan are very detailed and come with illustrations and written instructions for precise explanations. It stands 17" tall, 3' long, and 1' deep.

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Since there isn't a materials or tools list in this plan, you must read through the steps before you start so you know what you need. The steps in this bench plan are very detailed with images, so it shouldn't be difficult to understand the process. A materials and tools list are included before the steps, so be sure to review them to make sure you have what you need to get started. As the picture would indicate, there aren't very many steps required to build this bench. Plus, with the images and details provided, it really should be pretty easy for anyone familiar with even the basics of woodworking. Through building the bench and waiting for things to dry, you should expect to have it completed in around 6 hours. However, the instructions in this plan are much like the others on this list - very detailed and include every single measurement you need to know. The illustrations in these steps are colored and labeled with a letter so you can easily see where every item in the materials list is located on the bench. This bench is 48" long, 34" off the ground, and 18" deep.

You can place it at the foot of the bed or a room facing a window with a good view and spend hours on it seeing the world go by. It's perfect for the foot of the bed or those cold nights when you want to sit a bit closer to the fireplace. This bench has a robust structure, which makes it a great addition for any home. Beautifully constructed from solid wood this bench is sturdy and durable. This bench does not have a finish and blends with most decors, letting you choose the right color for your home and varnish it. Handcrafted in the mountains, this chest is sure to please. Red cedar has a beautiful light tone on the outside and striking bright red cedar coloring on the inside. Constructed by skilled craftsmen, these items are sanded and lacquered for beauty and durability. Sturdy and substantial, these items will last for generations. Each bench is individually handcrafted by skilled craftsman ensuring each piece is truly unique!

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The perfect place to relax and chat, this two person bench will surely be the place to catch up on the day's events or just watch the sun set with someone at your side. This deck bench will last for generations to come. Because it is cedar, these dining groups are ideal for indoor and use. This bench works double-duty as a storage area. Stash away garden hoses and gloves, or keep spare cushions in the roomy storage space. The lid of the ottoman has a built-in tufted cushion. The star on the front is powder-coated to last longer in the elements. Relax while the smooth motion soothes your cares away. Smooth sanded for maximum comfort and long-lasting good looks, this is one picnic table that won’t leave you with splinters. Constructed from fir wood, this wishing well features a fade-resistant burnt-brown finish. If left to age naturally it will turn a weathered silver grey in color or if you choose you may stain or paint the fire pit bench to your desired finish.

Every bench is different as they are each carved by skilled artisans interpreting the wild wood patterns and natural shapes of the root or stump they come from. With an easy to clean food-safe lacquer finished they are a wonderful addition to home and table. Perfect for your home; office; playroom; kids room; cafe; study; studio; club; bar and others. Very durable and environmentally friendly; no dye substance harming the health of you and your family. With plenty of seating for the family, and a varnished finish, it's a great addition to your patio or any outdoor living space!

To preserve your 's looked longer, use under cover.

Each log is individually cut, milled, and then polished. All the logs are pre-checked to prevent further cracking from the natural expansion and contraction that occurs with weather changes. This is a staple piece for your home, and perfect for everyone in the family. Naturally charred finish and each log are individually cut, milled, charred, and then polished. This curing process helps extend the life of the wood by preventing mold and mildew, insect infestation, and rendering them fire resistant. Ball-bearings in the gliding mechanisms allows for smooth, silent movement. This model features a star cut-out on the center back panel. The left and right sides also have panels featuring a star cut-out. This series features a naturally charred finish. Each log is individually cut, milled, charred, and then polished. Compact holders hold calibration and log books. Securely keeps documents where you need them for compliance. Double-wide opening allows increased accessibility to your important documents.

Putting in mind your convenience, tufted leather is featured on the backrest of the 3 seater and on the corner sofa with retractable log-shaped headrests. Tufted leather on the middle part of the bench can bed is also used. Matching throw pillows in tufted leather are also included. The compact and sturdy, long lasting book holder mounts nearly anywhere. This unique double chair is perfect for those who like to relax and have a beverage or snack at the same time. The weather-resistant log process also allows for this beautiful piece to be shown off to the neighbors on your front porch or back patio. Mossy oak log is laser engraved onto top center of the table. A popular item for the front porch, this glider/rocker is enjoyed by many. On the deck, by the water, or in the ski lodge this gorgeous recycled chair is the place to relax after a hard day of thrashing. On the deck, by the water, or in the ski lodge this gorgeous recycled chair is the place to relax after a hard day of thrashin. Skichair products reflect the passion and lifestyle outdoor enthusiasts in their relaxation!

Seating can get pretty costly when you’re planning your own wedding, especially if you’re renting chairs for 100 plus guests!

Be sure to put on proper protective gear before using the chainsaw. After each tree trunk base is cut to size, use the chainsaw to level the top and bottom so the bench doesn’t wobble at all. Jess decided to keep the pieces of pine for the benches 12 feet long, but you could always use a chop saw to cut it shorter for your purposes. Stain or paint them any color you’d like. They went with a medium wood tone to match the double doors that were brought into the back of the ceremony site. For a 12 foot long bench, they used three trunk bases evenly spaced at either end and one in the middle for added stability. Next you’ll want to screw the pine into the tops of the tree trunk bases.

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Those trunks aren’t moving and neither are the planks!

To dress up the aisle but keep to the rustic look, galvanized buckets (they scored a few vintage ones along with new ones mixing old and new is key to keeping a low budget) were placed alongside the rustic log benches and filled with baby’s breath. It really can’t get easier or more cost effective than making these rustic log benches for your wedding seating!

She is committed to making amazing style and experiences attainable and accessible for real life. Either way, this durable bench is heavy-duty. Its rustic look fits in on a patio, garden, recreation room or den. Splitting logs lengthwise is very difficult if not impossible using ordinary tools. Sawmills use gigantic equipment to split logs. Get your hands on one after it's split and add the legs. The supports should be centered 18 inches from each end. The half-circle curve should mirror the curve in the smaller logs as close as possible. The curve should be about 5 inches deep at the highest point. Cut the rough size of the curve with a chainsaw. Make a series of vertical cuts side by side to the curved line. Cut across at a slight angle to remove the pieces. Remove as much of the material as possible without cutting through the line. Test fit the split log by placing it on the shorter logs. Continue chiseling and testing until the logs fit together snugly. Angle a 1/4-inch drill bit at 30 degrees to penetrate through the side of the split log into the 24-inch log below it to a depth of no more than 1 inch. Turn on the drill and push the end of the tenon cutter over the end of the log slowly until it stops. Mark two holes for legs, 8 inches apart, 18 inches from both ends. Drive the legs into the holes with a rubber mallet. Place a 1 1/2-inch wide straightedge on the flat surface, on edge against one of the legs. Trace the line of the straightedge across the leg, transferring the angle of the flat surface to the leg. Cut the legs off at the angle using a reciprocating saw. Trim the leg or legs as needed with the saw to level the bench.

Read on to learn to create a lasting bench that will seat you and others for many years to come.

You will need some basic skills and tools for this project, but the process will be simple. Use your chain saw to cut the log in half lengthwise. With its flat side up measure one of your halves and mark it 9 inches from the flat side. Cut along the marked line the entire length of the log. The result should be a 9 inch thick piece of wood with both the top and bottom flat. Cut length wise, giving you a 6 inch thick piece of wood with a flat top and bottom as well. It’s also very important to make sure your drill head has the same diameter as your lag screws. Set the larger piece of wood down so that the wider side is on the ground. Place the smaller piece atop the larger one, this time with the larger end facing upwards. Align the pieces as perfectly as you can and mark 4 spots about 6 inches to a foot in from the outer edges, length wise. Make sure your holes are evenly spaced and that, if you drilled into them, you’d go into the piece of wood on the bottom.

13 Free Bench Plans for the Beginner and Beyond

If your holes match these criteria then you are ready to drill. Drill down 7 1/2 inches, you should be getting an inch and a half into the lower log. Get your screws and screw them all the way into your holes. The two pieces should now be securely fastened to each other and the screws should be far enough in to be flush with the surface of the wood. Sit down and enjoy your new log cabin furniture. Barnes says, to keep sawn faces smooth and avoid kickback. The seat meets the ends at their midpoints, making an armrest and a coaster big enough for a pitcher. He marks and cuts horizontal and diagonal slots, aka mortises, on the bench's ends, to accept the slabs for the seat and back. He measures the mortises and carves corresponding pegs, or tenons, into the seat and back slabs' ends. If you are in the market for a new bench, consider a homemade version using logs. This economical bench project is rustic and comfortable at a price that can't be beat. Only a few supplies, in addition to logs, are required to construct this unique piece of furniture that looks splendid in any outdoor living space. Use a chainsaw to cut a log to measure 3 feet long. This log will be used to create the legs of the bench. Place the log on one of its ends on a level area. Use a level to check if the top of the log is level. Adjust the height of the log until it is perfectly level. Each half will serve as a leg for the bench. Pick the smoother half for the seat, and set the other half aside. These are the joints of the seat that will attach the seat to the legs.

Draw a straight line across the center of the flat surface of the log. Use the chainsaw to cut a chunk out of the log along that line measuring 4 inches deep, 4 inches wide and 8 inches long along the line. Remove the bark from the legs and seat of the bench using a draw knife. Sand all rough edges on the pieces down with 120-grit sandpaper. Apply wood stain to the tree pieces using a paintbrush. Place the two legs across from each other, with their flat sides facing each other. Adjust them so that they are about six feet apart.

Place the seat board in between them with the flat side up. Slide one end of the seat into the groove cut in one of the legs. If it does not properly fit, use sandpaper to smooth out the joint. If you feel like you want to be one of them, it would be wise to browse through these options and decide if any of them suits your taste. This piece of outdoor furniture is inspired of nature - seat and back are made of halved tree's trunk, other elements are carved in other wood's pieces. Improve your garden with this outdoor set of 1 log bench and 2 log chairs with a hollowed out seat.

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Each piece is crafted of a massive log, thus also very durable and easy to maintain. Simple, natural looking half-log benches suitable for fireplace areas and other outdoor spaces. Each bench of this type is made of natural wooden log and provides good comfort, stability and support of sitting. A sturdy set of four log benches for outdoor areas, suitable, especially to place them around a fire pit. Each bench is constructed of a long seat and two massive legs for maintaining proper stability. If you want a very durable seat for your outdoor area, then this wooden log bench will be a nice choice for you. Crafted of sturdy lumber, the bench rests on a pair of wooden logs, beautifully blending with the blooming landscape of your garden or backyard. A great idea for enhancing a park alley, garden, or backyard. This log bench is constructed of sturdy wood by using a chainsaw. It has two massive legs, and a well-polished seat and back embedded in both log halves. The garden bench is sure to provide a unique and unusual detail in any backyard. If you are unsure of how to buy a log bench, here are a few suggestions to help you out. A curved bench provides an intimate feel to a garden. The same concept applies to a storage log-bench.

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If you don’t have a garden shed, you can store your garden tools in this spacious compartment. Some tables have a hole in the center for an umbrella. A painted finish requires a lot of work; the bench has to be sanded down and smoothed out to give the appearance of hardwood. Would the space look better with several small benches or one long bench?

Will you be storing the bench during the winter months?

Who will use the bench the most; children or adults?

Country log benches on a patio in a mountain cottage - they look beautifully made of raw trunks of wood. The logs of wood in different constellations form the whole set. Outdoor bench for the garden, patio, porch and more. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Created of a durable piece of a wooden log, this bench has a cutout seat inside of the tree log, making it a perfect addition to outdoor areas.

You can place it in your garden, larger backyard, or park alley.