Saw 2 4-foot (1. You can do this with a drawknife, but it’s easier to do with a tenon maker, which attaches to a drill and operates like a giant pencil sharpener.

Place the eye hooks so you can stretch a cable between the right headpost and left footpost and the left headpost and right footpost.

Log footpost

How To Build A Log Bed: Steps (with Pictures)

If you turn the logs so as to avoid drilling mortises into the cracks, the logs will be just as strong as those without cracks.

Modern log beds hold a box spring as well as a mattress, and so have no need for crossrails. However, you may find after you start working that these are rotten or have other problems that make them unsuitable.

When you cut the tenons to fit the rails into the posts, they will be the width of the mattress.

Mortises for the headboard should be cut at 9 inches (23 cm) and 44 inches (1. Consider using logs that have knots, aren’t quite straight of have other unique characteristics.