Okay, you know in general if you should stick to a light shade or if a pop of color would work. In the nursery, we painted a small section of the wall with both samples next to each other.

It’s a chameleon color, changing tones throughout the day, but intimate and cozy at night, without going drab. Nature has given us one last chance to pull out our shorts and sandals with some amazing summer-like weather these last few days. For instance, an oversize dough bowl would be fabulous on a huge island, but it would overwhelm a small galley kitchen. Linen napkins, tea towels and runners are economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention beautiful. You can’t go wrong with white in the kitchen, especially when you’re going for a country look. Light blues are a wonderful choice in kitchens because of their calming effect, but they work especially well in country kitchens. Choose reds that resemble brick or have a more washed-out appearance so they’re not too overpowering, and think beyond your walls. If you prefer a neutral with a bit more depth, consider using an oatmeal or wheat brown shade. Amanda removed the drywall from the living room ceiling, then refinished the wood and cut off exposed nails to create a finished, open look.

It’s like after you smell so many perfume samples that you can’t tell them apart – your eyes go blind to the different shades. If you’re painting a large room with tons of natural light, you can choose a darker color if you wish. That color your see in the darkest color on the swatch will be present even in the lightest shade.

Kitchen shade wall

How To Choose The Perfect Farmhouse Paint Colors

Take any color (let’s say gray) and add a green or blue undertone and you get a cool neutral gray.

Truth is, it would take me all day to list the many things in our life we have to be thankful for – the many blessings we take for granted far too often. When shopping for , bring a tape measure so you’ll be sure that it will fit in your space.

Use a small wooden card catalog to organize recipe cards, large silver trays and platters can be hung over counters to act as a backsplash, and file baskets can store plates, napkins and flatware.

Make sure to research what is safe to use and what’s best enjoyed for its decorative value.

Try these lighter yellows on your cabinets or walls and pair them with light blues to really enhance the country theme.

Medium and dark blues could also work, but make sure to keep the room as light and fresh as possible.

Avocado or moss green also work in country kitchens and can create a shabby chic look when paired with distressed wood and a tiled backsplash. You will likely see larger number of ‘softer’ or ‘lighter’ colored boards with some darker character boards accenting your wall.

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