A plate rack — either the shelf type shown here or the sort where plates are stored in vertical slots — is both decorative and handy. Drawing upon a varied and dynamic circle of friends in all areas of art and design, she places a premium on creative collaboration and cooperation to bring ideas to life. Although a splurge, it was worth the added expense to provide a convenient spot for kids to do homework or grab a quick bite. Recent design reflects a trend towards midcentury modern , which features bold angles and curves. To achieve the characteristic modern look, you can use wood veneer with an exaggerated horizontal grain pattern. Regardless of the color or material used in your modern design, the most important thing to consider is the shape and form of your cabinet doors. The simplicity of a modern kitchen design allows for a more spacious and airy feel in your kitchen. They may feature scenes of nature or historical farming techniques or tools, or pastoral scenes rich with flora and fauna.

Large porcelain storage jars may also be available, once again connecting an antique kitchen design to agricultural traditions. Custom white kitchen cabinets with inset doors and white marble countertop and marble backsplash.

What we found was that they didn’t have near the selection (and no one even offered to help us). Contemporary and modern kitchens often emphasize monochromatic color schemes (black, white, and gray), and adding an off-white hue serves to “warm up” the room as you’ll see in some of the kitchens below.

Modern kitchen design

How To Create A Charming Vintage Kitchen

Painted crisp white, buttercream or mint green, beadboard can bring some soul to even the plainest white box of a kitchen. This onetime fixture in kitchens is a wooden cabinet fitted with screen or punched-tin fronts to let the air flow in but keep the bugs out. These ideas are being accepted by the people because of the inclination we have with history, these things not only remind us of the past we all had, but it also brings us back there, even just a little bit. Reevaluate your kitchen budget to spend less on the generic and more on what will give your kitchen the personality it needs.

Anissa pairs this unique sink with marble countertops for a kitchen with a sophisticated yet laid-back coastal .

Replacing old cabinet doors with frosted glass ones is a simple and cost-effective way to make your kitchen more modern. Deep reds and blues and fluorescent yellows, oranges and greens can be been seen in more daring modern kitchen designs.

No crown molding, raised panels or decorative carvings are seen, emphasizing flat, sleek surfaces instead. Homeowners who are working with small angular spaces may favor the look and function of modern kitchen cabinets as they favor function over ornamentation. Another way to add interest to an antique kitchen design is with carefully chosen storage options.

Apothecary drawers, beaded panels, open display areas and turned posts add a visual intrigue and zesty flavor. She provided a very reasonable quote, but we chose to go on our way to our original destination. This sharp contemporary kitchen features cream colored cabinets, graphite gray tile floors, and a wide open view of the outdoors.

Everyone always gathers in the kitchen anyway, so it makes sense for people to have a place to sit.

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