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As an independent family-owned store, we have an advantage in that we can choose from thousands of suppliers to find the best furniture for your home.

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You will also find a variety of non-food items from furniture to electronics. They provide homemade items such as pies, jams and jellies, and more. Amish homemade goods and fresh produce are also available.

You will also find bulk foods, jams and spices, and much more.

A restuarant is also on the premises and open the same days as the market. Amish-style restaurant, catering and delivery available. Market has three different locations; see above for details on all three. Cheeses are locally made using milk from hormone-free cows. They also have homemade canned goods such as jams, and pickles, as well as homemade lemonade and root beer in season. Crafts and furniture available as well, from many various vendors.

Home preserved goods, root beer, horseradish available as well. Has been selling fresh produce and specialty items for over 150 years. Amish homemade fresh baked goods also available. In the fall season they sell pumpkins, mums, and gourds. Some communities are more open to the public, setting up bake shops, and larger markets as a draw for their wood working. They have fresh, good quality items, but not always for bargain prices you might think. The “discount’ grocery stores are a good source of savings on a lot of packaged and canned goods. Just watch for too on sharply dented cans and dates on the boxes or packet mixes, ck the edges for damages to containers. Their roots are my roots and where they live house prices are still reasonable. With obvious climate change happening the northern areas might be much more livable for the future. Does anyone really keep gloves in the glove compartment?

I don’t think it is even called the glove compartment any more.

I don’t know what marketing decided was the more upscale name for the box in the dashboard. They don’t seem to be competing with the huge factory farms, because they’re doing other kinds of things. America is going to just roll with it and carry on as before, it’s them. If you are observant, the level of attention to customer needs and desires will impress you.

You will find quality merchandise at quality prices. They are very selective who they support. If it benefits them then they are all for it. If it does not benefit them they want nothing to do with us. Does one need to live in that life-style to do this?

It is the evil of the world they despise, not a person or persons. The quilts on display are absolutely gorgeous and for sale as well. Even if you don't buy, it's worth stopping in and looking around.

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From hardwood furniture including dining tables and chairs, beds and , desks and bookcases to outdoor poly furniture, we provide the quality you prefer. Made from sustainably harvested real wood and steel, your investment promises years of unmatched beauty and utility. Hardwood production including cherry and maple. Cabinets including wine cabinets, pie and jelly cabinets, curio cabinets. Amish and furniture making are in some ways a natural match. Amish finish school at the 8th grade, they tend to be oriented towards manual trades, picked up on the farm or learned from relatives and neighbors in an apprenticeship format. Amish children go to work at age 14 or 15, often first at home, but eventually in outside businesses in the community as well. Amish male may have a decade of experience, well before the age of 30. Amish furniture craftsman takes deep satisfaction in work well done. Amish furniture manufacturers enjoy trust and a good reputation as a whole. When it comes to customizing a furniture piece, woods and stains offer a lot of flexibility. Amish furniture online through numerous web sellers. If so where and what would be the best way to contact them?

They are available in solid oak, cherry or quartersawn oak in over 20 stain choices.

I would like to find preferably old wagon wheels to decorate with in front of my house.

I am looking for large ones, maybe 44 to 48 inches across. Our huge, on-site warehouse means a wide selection of in-stock furniture that’s ready for you to take home today. Browse our site or stop in and see for yourself. Over the years, we’ve expanded many times into a complex that now spans 100, 000 sq. Our showroom floor is bigger than a football field!

We are a local, family-owned company that takes tremendous pride in our customer service and our ability to provide the absolute lowest prices you’ll find anywhere!

Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. The owner and an employee delivered to our home since no delivery people were available.

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