15 Homey Rustic Living Room Designs Home Design Lover

Ever considered using burlap in your interior decoration plans for your homes? Burlap maybe a simple and ordinary fabric, but it sure seems a great find to be used as a decorating material – especially for designing a rustic living room! Rustic style is becoming more and more popular – why not? Rustic is a simple look anyone can actually create for their own personal spaces! Today, we will be showing you guys 15 Homey Rustic Living Room Designs that will engage you in their designs and remind you how homey one space can be.
If you ever wonder how this design started, we’re guessing it came about when people considered incorporating their old home furniture or decors into the new homes that they’ve had – basically, some places become more homey if we add something with history in them, maybe something from our parents or grandparents that gives each one in the house a sense of belongingness and comfort – all that we can see and feel in the next photos of 15 Homey Rustic Living Room Designs.

Hybrid Log
The fireplace surround of this home is really unique, even the texture variety is amazing too – wood and bricks made to match each other.