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They sell beanbags too for abound 600rs/couch, give them a visit. Shop keepers love their female customers as they’re the ones who come there again and again. Try not to be soft, as much as you can when you are bargining. So, covering these places should’nt be such a challenge.

And, as you go around these places, you’ll find the best/famous eataries too!.

I call a fulfilling shopping experience, the one with good food and affordable prices. Never bought something from there but looks like we can haggle to some extent.

I know this isn’t much but this is all that crossed my mind. It has the best collection of decorative items, handicrafts and artifacts. On top of that one can always go for bargaining if they dont find the cost not so compelling, unlike in branded stores.

Hyderabad Ka Khazana (Unique Antiques)

Hi. viewers watch and enjoy Hyderabadi rare antique master pieces.

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We commit to deliver your gifts on time, at all times and serve you with a range of the best and exclusive gifts and products. The main attraction is clearly the gramophone on display that is at least 70 years old. Baig admits that at present, while his gramophone has gone for servicing, the shop draws few customers. Customers, by the way, include foreigners as well. Baig’s shop is curiously quaint yet attractive. For one, there is a mind-boggling number of items on display that could send the best memory into a tizzy. For another, everything is an antique piece, yet new to the eye. It’s almost as if history comes alive when you visit the store. When business dwindles, the shop gets some of its goods from people who are clearing out unwanted items from their houses. Baig claims his family was the first to enter the business, more than over 25 years back. More importantly, all of these items can be used and are in perfect condition. The shop also caters to repair work if a customer has any problem with any item he/she purchases. Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production!

The back with a well-carved central cartouche. The front row with foliage and scrollwork.

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The chairs are made of solid oak and feature intricate carvings on all sides. They feature an upholstered seat and back with double carved. These chairs have been masterfully crafted in beautiful. They have barley twist pillars to each side, the bergere work is original. In excellent and original form and of a very sturdy construction. With buttoned hide cushions and seat height of 19″. The top rail having a central floral carved motif. Having embossed gilded decoration to the leather, carved. Mughal piece has a door in the center with banarsi silk upholstery on both the sides. Japanese bench in rose wood, made from a single 30” plank in combination with juvenile teak to give a contrasting effect. Visit our store and also get a chance to see what goes behind in making furniture at our workshop. Loading depends on your connection speed!

Whether your taste leans towards low platforms or lofty canopies, our eclectic selection of modern beds is on hand for a lifetime of sweet dreams. From softly contoured to smartly tailored, our seating selections provide stylish focal points.

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