If you are one of those people who love to relax in the bathtub after a long day, then you will definitely enjoy a good-looking bathroom. On the other hand, we have the bathroom vanities.

Rustic Bathroom Idea Furniture

These are the corners you are most likely to see yourself in the morning, apply finishes to your makeup, adjust your hair or wait while your face enjoys a soothing mask. Also, the vanity is where you get to organize the bathroom.

You put away your favorite toiletries and store the fresh towels. So yes, the bathroom vanity needs to be personalized.

In today’s post, we list a few ideas related to rustic bathroom vanities. If you want to feel comfortable and homely every time you are in your bathroom, then opt for a rustic theme. The antique-looking mirror is perfectly compatible with the rough-textured wooden vanity. The two sleek lamps on each side bring out the entire setup in a warm and cozy manner. The vanity itself is made from a lighter shade of wood that fits in with the slightly polished frame of the mirror. The mint green wall simply brings out the warmth of the rustic vibe.

It is also about using the elegance of wood for creating the perfect aesthetic. In this rustic vanity, we see the abundant use of off-white topped with a matching tile countertop. The rough wood texture brings out the aura of the rustic while the subtle blue outline creates the freshness of the atmosphere. The light fixture on the top is also rustic and easily rounds off the entire vanity setup. If you are looking for clean-cut rustic bathroom vanities , then this idea is quite effective. The three mirrors easily reflect the warm light and infuse the vibe of the off-white. The darker countertop easily accentuates the rest of the look.

You can easily add a pop of color in there just to balance the warmth of the wood. No matter what wooden texture or shade you use, you can be creative with these ideas. When it comes to decorating, these all define a particular country style. But even though characterizing country can be a subjective exercise, there are common threads that run throughout. Country decorating is about comfort and a simpler way of life. Sometimes it's expressed with vintage or distressed accents, other times feminine florals are used to create a more romantic country feel. And sometimes, country comfort comes in a modern, elegant dress. Here are ten ideas to inspire your countryside "art de vivre”. A weathered chair for toweling off; a distressed side to house a pitcher of wildflowers. To tie it all together, use neutral shades for the walls, floors and towels. Matching pristine white sinks and stately framed mirrors add to the luxury of this country bathroom. And since the walls make such a statement, you can keep the rest of the decor more streamlined. An especially nice touch is the matching beadboard around the tub. A rich, warm stain and antique bronze pulls help make this highly functional piece undeniably inviting. Get this high-style country look with saturated paint hues, shiny decorative accents and luxurious fabrics. Natural wood is the star of the show, creating a relaxed space and lots of visual interest. If you want to adorn the walls, consider traditional farming or ranching elements—or even a vintage rodeo poster.

Rustic Bathroom Decor

Idea Ideas Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Marrying different textures and materials—like painted beadboard and whitewashed floors —will help you achieve a look of layered luxury. Throw rugs and other accents with subtle splashes of color keep the room as a whole in balance. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rustic bathroom ?

The most common rustic bathroom material is wood.

I really want that rustic farmhouse look throughout my house and the bathroom is no exception.

I wondered though, how in the world do you add farmhouse charm to such a small room?

Have you seen these 25 shiplap décor and furniture ideas ?

These bathroom décor ideas are super easy, too and you can do most of these in under an hour. They are definitely going to increase the rustic factor in your bathroom. Whether you want something simple for the wall or you want to go all out rustic with all of your bathroom décor, you will find a project in here that you love. And if you are trying to turn your entire home into a farmhouse, you must take a look at these 55 farmhouse furniture and décor ideas.

You can sit this right on the back of the toilet or on a shelf.

You just need an old sewing drawer – or any old wooden box if you don’t have a sewing drawer on hand – and then you just fill it with mason jar vases.

You just need a piece of wood, some white paint for distressing, and some rope for hanging.

You can add a burlap flower to give it an even more gorgeous rustic look.

You build this right onto the wall so you don’t need any additional space for it and it holds so many magazines and books!

Some old boards or planks are perfect for the backdrop and you can distress them beforehand it give them an even more rustic look.

You can make this upcycled bed frame towel bar in about an hour or so and it is a great shelf to hang above the bathtub. And, it hangs right on the wall so you don’t have to worry about needing extra space.

35 Ideas for Rustic Bathroom Vanities

What a great way to upcycle an old bed frame !

Just build a shelf from reclaimed wood and then add a thick rope to the top for hanging.

I love this for storing extra rolls of toilet paper or even makeup and other essentials. If you love the look of vintage braided rugs, you can make your own by repurposing a few old t-shirts. Who knew that there were so many wonderful upcycling projects for old t-shirts?

You need a strip of plywood, some burlap and some white paint to make this one.

You just paint them white, or a light blue or gray, and then use sandpaper to distress them. These are perfect for holding any number of bathroom essentials and really do have a gorgeous rustic look.

You can do these with reclaimed wood, barnwood or even distressed wood to give them a great farmhouse look and they are super easy to make and to hang on the walls. Then, use them to display your farmhouse décor or any number of bathroom essentials.

You can hang this on the wall or just stand it up in the corner or behind your bathroom door.

The ladder itself only takes about an hour or so to make and you could even decorate it with burlap or raffia to give it even more of a rustic look.

You could do this over a traditional bathtub as well as a clawfoot tub and it’s a pretty easy valance to make. Once you have the valance complete, add some lace curtains to really get a farmhouse look.

You can even use reclaimed wood for this one so it won’t cost you anything. This is a really simple project and you can even build the mirror yourself from reclaimed wood or old barnwood and then whitewash it. The entire thing is nestled in a rustic looking wooden box that you can keep on a shelf or right there on the back of the toilet.

I really love rustic mason jar decorating projects !

This is a great project to try if you have some old metal pipes laying around or if you are planning on a replumbing job. Or, check with local contractors who may have some old pipes from houses that they are remodeling.

You just have to attach some sort of hangers to the board so that you can hang your towels. Old drawer knobs or doorknobs would work wonderfully, too.

You can just use whatever you have on hand and the older and rustier the better for getting that rustic farmhouse look.

You can use metal clamps to hold the jars or think outside the box and use leather strips or even heavy twine to keep your sconces in place. If you happen to have some old metal pipe on hand, you won’t spend that much on it and you can have it done completely in about five minutes or so.

You could even distress these just a bit to make them look even more rustic. They’re super quick and easy to make and work really well even in smaller bathrooms. Another reason is that it has such a lovely rustic look and it is super easy to build.

You can do this with reclaimed wood if you have any on hand and it will look even more rustic. When you’re finished, you have multiple shelves for storing bathroom essentials and the front of the cabinet gives you a full length mirror!

You could do this with a plain jar or paint it white and distress it a bit for a really nice farmhouse look. Just a small piece of wired chicken net keeps your toothbrushes perfectly organized and separated. This one really is quick and easy to make.

You just need a decorative door knob and a piece of decorative wood to make this one. Check out your local thrift to see if they have some of this lovely décor on hand. Then you just distress it and turn it into a fabulous farmhouse towel hanger. They’re also super easy to hang on the walls in your bathroom and they give you additional storage without taking up too much space so they are perfect for smaller bathrooms.

You can find these baskets at most department stores or repurpose a few outdoor planting baskets.

You can use any box of any size, depending on how much space you have available, and they fit perfectly on shelves or on the back of the toilet. Or, you could even mount them on the wall. A bathroom with rustic interior can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and lets you feel closer to nature. Create a rustic bathroom decor is easy, you just need to focus on using natural stone and wood, wooden beams, rough wood furniture and infusing some industrial elements. Just take this hourglass for example: more than just for counting down or keeping time, it adds style to your space with a rustic metal frame and sand falling between its glass center. Perfect for the nautical decor theme of a room with existing rustic decor, bedroom shelf or desk, the graceful lines of these high quality model sail boats impress with their simple, natural elegance. Wind and waves will take you away with this beautiful model yacht. The product will add the rustic look to any décor. It is made of metal and is built to stand. It is perfect for a mantle, centerpiece or just worked into a bookshelf. Perfect for nautical home decor, gifts and centerpieces, this hand painted lighthouse emits the peaceful ambiance of the sea.

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Perfect for nautical home decor, gifts, and centerpieces, this hand painted lighthouse emits the peaceful ambiance of the sea. There is a needle lift thumb screw to secure the compass needle while in transport. This product is a great beach decor item for your home. Perfect for nautical home decor, gifts, and centerpieces, this hand painted lighthouse emits the peaceful ambience of the sea. Let this lighthouse greet your friends, family, and guests with a warm welcome and show your affinity for the nautical seafaring lifestyle. This bird figurine is a unique everyday accent that will compliment any room. It is finished with a distressed brown hue, which lends it its antique elegance. With an open frame, it won’t overwhelm your look no matter where you put it. This piece has some definite weight to it and could also be used as a paperweight. The ampersand is crafted in a rusty metal color and will be perfect for many spaces in the home or office. The large rustic wood cloche has a glass bell shaped cover which is perfect for displaying decorative items or for small plants. The cloche can be used as a centerpiece or paired with the smaller cloche to complete the look. Ramírez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish and therefore smudges and scratches may be present. Perfect for a witty office or marine-themed guest space. Pair it with an antique steam trunk and a bright orange coral lamp. Textured knobs of an old tree branch are the inspiration for this delightful large candleholder. In a weathered stone finish that imparts authenticity, the branches of the candleholder are perfectly augmented with charming birdies perched among them. Museum-inspired details include a sturdy brass base and a sculptural aluminum bull’s head finished in brown and antique brass for an element of antiquity. The assertive shape of the bull's horns forms a powerful silhouette as a single statue on an office shelf or desktop. The result is a unique sculpture depicting a racehorse and rider. The artisan does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish and therefore smudges and scratches may be present. Crafted from wood, its 12'' square frame features nine compartments for placing the included metal pieces. Keep it on the living room coffee table or kitchen island to engage in friendly competition any time. Fashioned with coastal and novelty accents, the decorative anchor is sure to bedeck any room with an urban-chic style. Crafted entirely out of wood, the decorative anchor is the symbol of nautical adventures. Its silver color makes it easy to combine with any backround, setting or theme.

A slightly distressed appearance rounds out the look, making this a perfect pick for the kitchen or home office. No assembly is required, so you can display it without losing a minute. Not only does it add an element of artful appeal to the space, but it gives your home character and sparks conversation among guests. Just take this classic canoe, for example: crafted from mango wood, it offers an unfinished appearance with the words "vintage river canoe" and three stars printed on the side. Plus, it's staged atop a metal holder for gallery-worthy charm. Most individuals choose a dusty blue or burgundy in order to truly get the rustic theme, together with tan and browns in order to get this to look absolutely perfect. Once the individual has the walls finished, it’s all about the other accessories they’re including in the rest room. Hand towels and towels that are monogrammed with stars are something that are just going to add that tiny extra something to the whole mix. Plus, they’ll find that putting tiny cabinets in the room that’s not precisely perfect, such as those that have the natural wood painted look is going to actually help to give them that country look that they are attempting to find. Putting old time photos on the wall that are of certain rustic scenes can also help to get the country theme in the bathroom. One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to want to paint coordinate and make sure that everything is going to go together in a way that’s about to make the most sense for you. You’ll find that there are tons of tiny knick knacks that are out there you can use so as to make sure that you are getting the best look that you can possibly get.

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If you do need inspiration, there are tons of internet sites out there that are welcoming this look and be something that can offer you some great pointers. And you will also find that when you get into the project that your own natural creativeness is going to take off and allow you to do many things that you could have never ever thought of. It is possible, but in limited quantity to source additional material…always one of a kind, though.

I would love to buy a piece of wood similar to that for my powder bath. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are all part of rustic bathroom decor ideas. This is especially true in a bathroom, where you can make a big impact with just a few subtle elements. Just be sure to consider your bathroom’s lighting. Keep things light and bright by using a light whitewash on reclaimed wood and scaling up your vanity mirror to reflect more light. The walls are painted a warm, creamy color that prevents the room from feeling like a dungeon. It complements the dark colors of the stained wood plank floors, wood cabinets, and wood on the ceiling. A beautiful sliding barn door with a fabric panel, stone sinks, and farmhouse-style fixtures give this bathroom a warm and cozy feeling that is natural, yet luxurious. Black iron sconces provide the perfect lighting for this lovely bathroom. It will add additional easily accessible storage as well. Recycled and weathered pallet or crate wood can be used to build this charming little shelf which is perfect for storing toiletries or towels. To give the wood more character, stain that accents your existing decor can be applied to the wood and sanded around the edges and distressed. The stain will pick up color based on the unique character of each wood plank. Plumbing hardware and pipes are assembled and installed as the brackets for these simple wood shelves. More plumbing hardware and piping is used to create a towel holder on the bottom shelf. These shelves can be built in any size and installed near a sink or above the toilet, where items stored on the shelves are convenient for guest. The plumbing pipe can be painted with spray paint for metal or installed as is for different looks.

The wood shelves can also be stained and distressed to enhance the overall effect. A wood table is repurposed into the base of a sink and keeps the feel of the room very open and inviting. Horizontal wood paneled walls are painted a light, powdery blue for a fresh look and feel. The contrast of these accessories is truly breathtaking. Weathered wood planks are used on the lower two-thirds of the walls, while beautiful stonework in shades of brown and gray are used in the walk-in shower and the tiled floors. A warm, rich wood ceiling with exposed beams and cream colored paint keep the room warm and fresh. The modern bronze and copper plumbing fixtures and rustic natural wood lighting add contrasting elements that bring the whole room together.

This towel holder manages to keep things simple and stand out on the white, textured wall. Two different sizes of wood planks are attached to one another and a simple antique iron door handle is added to make a unique towel holder with character. If your bathroom is small or a major remodel is not in the budget, small ideas like this will make a big difference in small spaces. If your bathroom is small, this box will provide a little extra storage, which can go a long way in a small space. These natural elements are what make this room work so well. In this bathroom, wood plank walls are painted a glossy white and accented with gray wood and accents.

25 DIY Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas To Give Bathroom Farmhouse

This gives the bathroom an almost wintery beach look and feel. The wood mirror frame adds a lot of character to this room with its stamps and color. Repurposed shipping crates can be stained and used for a similar effect. Rich red cherry wood and stained plank walls work well with a marble countertop and a rich stone accent wall. A stone sink basin adds some contrast while the long, soft lights on either side of the mirror keep things warm and cozy. A tasteful rustic spout is a nice touch for a faucet at the sink. Rich dusty rose red walls create a relaxing atmosphere where you would enjoy taking a warm bath in style and comfort. If you are intending to include rustic bathroom decor in your home, this case is very true. For this lighting, planks are cut to the desired width and stained. Holes are drilled for wiring and plumbing fixtures cover the hole. This is a great example of repurposing a non-traditional item and making it work in your rustic bathroom. A whiskey barrel makes a perfect base for a sink. A copper basin is fitted into one end of the barrel and a door has been cut out of the barrel to allow easy access to plumbing and makes it possible to utilize the inside of the barrel as storage space. The shelf is a simple stained wooden shelf that can be purchased at any hardware store.

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Idea Ideas Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The shelf is installed in a corner that may otherwise remain unused. Two hooks hang beneath the shelf and are a great place to hang your towels. The bead board and molding are painted a crisp white, whereas the corbels are painted the same creamy color as the wall. This adds more interest to the room and draws your attention to the architecture. This rough piece of weathered lumber acts as a box cornice for white lace curtains. Traditional subway tile and rich wood floors and crown moldings work well in this tiny bathroom.

You can employ beadboard paneling, stained to your liking, along with decorative wainscoting. Tones like greens and golden browns are great for a rustic feel, so explore these colors if you're thinking of painting or staining. Lastly, add fabrics with a hint of heft and durability. Are you looking for a new look in your bathroom?

A trendy way to do so is with rustic décor. Often, these items are budget-friendly and can give any area of your home just the charm you’re looking for.