I think this sort of furnishings mix is probably what a lot of us end up with, over time.

I mean, we’re talking ten volumes of coffee table books.

Contemporary is largely the bloated stuff they make today. Or, if it’s well-done, classic contemporary. A lot of what makes a room feel more traditional or more modern is how the furniture is treated. Added to that is just the right of contemporary and modern accent pieces.

The first sofa is more stylized and to my eye doesn’t work as well with a traditional style. The second one does have some more traditional elements with the tapered wood legs and classic shape.

I think it’s good to know the elements that can work in any decor, be it modern or traditional. But here’s the most important rule to know when mixing modern and traditional furniture. And then the other consideration is if the room is formal or casual?

The room is either going to be predominantly modern or predominantly traditional– with only accents of the other style.

This is one instance where being equitable is most likely going to result in a sucktastic room. Well, first, we need to look at the architecture of the room. Say we are fortunate to have a 19th century brownstone with 14 foot ceilings and 10 foot high windows. Leaving the architecture of the room off the table, let’s discuss what making the room predominantly one way or the other would look. It is decided that we are going mostly modern. And that is because they have already curated their collection with an eclectic combo of modern, contemporary and traditional styles. And they have tons of beautiful inspiration photos as well as great articles. Oh, and also a wonderful collection of vintage and antique furnishings and art. And that is because they took away one of my favorite coffee tables and didn’t replace it with anything nearly as cool. True, the faux alligator is a bit much sometimes, but the lines and scale of this piece are perfect. However, they do have this way cool cocktail table which fulfills a necessary requirement of having some black in a room. For some rooms, it might be too much black, however. It also comes in white, orange, peacock blue and navy. Many of us want rooms that are both fresh and timeless.

I think that the most successful rooms usually have some elements of both. And below is the promised gathering of universal furnishings– and some iconic classics. While a crystal chandelier can look fabulous in a modern setting, it takes time to find just the right one sometimes.

I love to have a bit of fancy in a modern/contemporary room.

I think it’s important to have at least one unexpected thing.

I could’ve written about 50 more posts like this. Below is a graphic to pin for reference if you like. Since there are so many sales on this weekend, this is an excellent time to get gifts , if you enjoy shopping online. Please note however, that the blog is meant as general advice. It’s the acrylic anthropologie coffee table.

Repurposed Furniture Ideas


What a wealth of information and advice. and I love your sense of humour and writing style too!

Your topic for this post was very helpful.

I am interested to know your perspective on changing the style emphasis in different areas of the house. For example, having a predominately traditional living room and dining room that have modern accents, and in the same house having primarily modern with traditional accents in the kitchen, breakfast room and family room. Do you think it would make the house more interesting or schizophrenic?

I would also be interested in the topic another reader suggested – how to decorate your house if you like everything. Seriously, this is something that paralyzes me. Thanks again for a great post and a great blog.

I think that the best rooms always have a mix of styles. How that mix comes about is not something one can create a formula for.

I can understand, try to put it to use, can afford to try out, etc. They are so disappointing after finding you.

I love that you are truly trying to educate and support the general public, or lay population, whatever you want to call us.

I so appreciate your kind words and support.

I appreciate how difficult it was to write. It’s so hard to explain how things do not have to ‘match’ but can still go together. People have often asked me what style it is. My grandmother always told me to get what you love.

Repurposed Furniture Old Dresser Ideas and Makeovers

It’s so much fun to spend time with her in a place that is full of her personality.

I really enjoy how you encourage your readers to also buy what they love and provide guidance to create the flow to make their homes beautiful.

I come up with a mix that works for me, more intuitive than anything. That first sofa in the room you did and is discontinued. It’s such a great frame with the small rolled arm and legs. They’re not terribly comfortable to many men.

I must’ve sold at least a dozen of that frame over the years. The one pictured is a dining chair, but it does look a little petite. Much thanks to your blog for refining my decorating eye. They have a great website and quite a few things interesting pieces for those who like a nice tension between traditional and cool. But done wrong a room can look accidental.

Among many gems in here is your point that it’s best to weight a room toward traditional or modern rather than 50/50. Clearly true – not commonly pointed out!

I hope you revisit this topic as others have said. The mix is a good way to personalize a room.

I am skipping most interior blogs and magazines, but will keep reading yours. A friend wrote me about a post idea and it’s a great one.

So it’s a bit of composition of a story to me in it, and that what makes it so worth it too, the process itself and not just a result.

You can imagine them being anybody in any century-and they’ll be gorgeous in whatever costume and setting you put them, in your mind.

I hope you will continue talking about “the mix”.

I am very grateful to the many people who’ve bought my products.

I prefer to work with the items and see whether it works or not. Sometimes things work together beautifully although one did not expect it to work. It’s like a lot of different strong dialects for the same language, but much can be lost in the translation. And then there’s the furniture that defies category. The ones you have in the post get great reviews.

You could write a dozen more on this subject and it would never get old.

I could never imagine my 6′ husband sitting in one at our table. Are they all that small or does it depend on the vendor?

The knockoffs of the original are certainly affordable.

There is an armchair version of the tulip chair that looks bigger. These licensed pieces are very expensive.

I don’t know how you can do this twice a week!

The amount of work you put in to each of your posts is impressive.

I find the clean lines of modern pieces allow my eyes a bit of relief from the more ornate embellishments of many traditional styles. Most of the decorating sites and magazines here are so heavily into modern scandinavian, that it often feels like looking at black and white pictures!

I actually planned to ask you to do a blog post on how to furnish your house if you like ‘everything’ – hey presto, here it is!

Such as having young children or pets around.

We have both and, as said, live on a working horse farm. Luckily we will get a master bedroom where things can be a little less robust. Sometimes it’s hard to not get overwhelmed in this whole building process. Be from the second one, and use your imagination to create a perfect home decor. Spice up your your style with some vintage pieces of furniture. Amazing pallet shelf with herb jars. Interesting wine cabinet from old dresser. Check out this tutorial for the details. Learn how to touch up wood and repaint it here. This blogger recounts how she transformed an outdated piece into something fab.

You could also buy cushions if sewing isn’t your thing.

The Trick To Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture

This tutorial also includes details on how to make the fabric rosettes. Just carefully lay out painters tape to achieve evenly spaced stripes. Check out this post for the details on how it was done.

You can do the same with your imagery of choice- photographs, magazines, etc. But if you’re comfortable building a wooden frame and skinning an old couch (yes, you read that right), you can make a truly unique leather sling sofa like this blogger did. Get the simple instructions for making your own here. Simple stitching in bold colors looks modern and striking. This tutorial shows how to paint your own with stencils. Not exactly spill-proof, but you could cover the final result with a layer of glass or clear plastic, or just keep covering the table with different patterns over time. Just painting the tips of chair legs like this blogger does wonders.

You could do the same for a stool or table. Finishing it off with a layer of grout keeps the surface level. All it takes to spruce up an outdated piece (or a fortuitous find) is a little sanding, painting, sealing, and planting. That classic-cool idea inspired this kitschy project. But the aesthetics of the finished product are well worth the effort. With a customized countertop and some new paint—whether a simple, solid coat or a carefully detailed application—this modified dresser solves a bushel of pesky kitchen storage dilemmas. The concept behind this amusing addition to any backyard is simple—just use a chair as your swing’s seat instead of a plank of wood. And, of course, a sturdy tree branch to support your swing. Given such a long list of must-haves, the ample storage afforded by an old bookcase makes it ripe for repurposing into a nightstand. But even after the cushions have given out, the leather is often still in great condition. First, remove the leather from the old couch in sections that are as large as possible. Build a frame and attach the leather pieces to it for a comfortable, hammock -like result. To construct this clever piece from repurposed furniture, remove one of the side rails, insert it inside the crib to form a shelf , and top the structure with a piece of glass or butcher block. The mottled, oxidized effect is created by dabbing sticky tape on the wet paint. A perfect combination of old and new, this bench comprises a sturdy wooden frame backed by a metal headboard. A few coats of paint provide a charming finish that can complement any space, indoors or out.

This custom dog bed is made from an old dresser drawer that’s been painted in vibrant, contrasting colors and updated with short furniture legs secured at each corner. Repurposed furniture like an old kitchen or end table with a large, flat surface can be just as handy as a storebought version for a fraction of the cost. If the doors are in good condition, they may not even require so much as a coat of paint!

Attach the cabinets to the wood, then mount the assemblage above your bed to complete your rustic statement. Not only are mattress bedsprings incredibly strong, their coils are the perfect shape for holding—and displaying—wine bottles. For this rustic piece of functional art, you can customize the size of the wood panel and the number of bedsprings to suit your wine storage needs. and adding one is not so difficult if you’re hoping to include the charm of repurposed furniture in your bathroom redo. Purchase a self-rimming sink, cut a hole in the dresser top to accommodate it, and cut holes as necessary in the back for the plumbing. The crates were attached to an old table base, then a piece of tempered glass is laid over top. Retro metal legs were attached to an old library card catalog cabinet, then a mirror was placed on top for a little glamorous flair. To make the transformation, ornate legs were simply fastened to the bottom of the game. With a new coat of paint or finish, an old relic like this can become an indispensible piece of furniture.

26 Breathtaking DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

Floral patterns were blocked out over the original wood finish while the whole table was painted white. The results are earthy-looking flowers on a crisp white palette. Look for a flea-market special and use a high-gloss, exterior paint that will stand up to the outdoors. and the best part: they’re great for additional storage. The rustic finish is perfect for a family room — you can put your feet up, spill soda on it, not use your coaster – it doesn’t matter – it’ll all add to the natural, rich patina. These sturdy structures are a perfect height for a bedside table. A salvaged-lumber table is made to multi-task when simple red squares are painted on top to make a checkerboard. The easy construction requires no miter cuts, no trim pieces, no dovetails, just a few rustic timbers fastened together. The hinged openings make it easy to hide away clutter. But when it comes to adding antiques into the mix, it takes some skill. In your home, concentrate your collections in a few areas so they feel like a special focal point. Robertson suggests putting your favorite collection on display on your coffee table.

I love teaching my boys that you can always turn trash into treasure. Lots of these ideas are very easy to make and such a great way to repurpose old furniture!

I will definitely look at everything in a different way. From a ladder display shelf to cabinet mantel decor, you will find a way to repurpose many forgotten household items. Simple clothes pins hold up messages, and hangers keep other everyday items at hand. The weathered finish on the ladder paired with crisp white frames on the adjacent wall gives the room a classic cottage look. The dresser allows kids to use their imaginations by drawing or writing anything they want on it, keeping the walls safe from any unexpected drawings. Sawhorses make up the legs of the desk, a wood pallet works as the desktop and an old ladder provides the framework.

Donna used a garage storage unit and wood pallets as back support to create an industrial-style shelving unit to maximize storage space. Fill the shelves with vintage-inspired objects to finish the rustic look. Painting the door to match the room’s color scheme and leaning it against the mantel gave it an entirely new purpose and look. Top off the look with a decorative plate and candles. The crisp white cupboard against the black walls makes it the focal point of the room. The cupboard drawers allow for an abundance of storage space, and the size of the cupboard provides plenty of room for office equipment. Hang framed memorabilia to add to the timeworn look.

She used aged sheets of music to hide imperfections on this neglected dresser, while also giving the all-white bedroom a shabby chic look. Other items great for decoupaging furniture are maps, book pages, letters and postcards. Decoupaging furniture will also add dimension and distinct style to a room. Donna painted the headboard white and attached a rack with hooks, transforming the headboard into a towel or coat rack for guests. The rack is also a great place to hang keys and other everyday items. The bold color makes the table the focal point in this mostly neutral living room.

35 Awesome Ways To Give New Life To Old Furniture

The gold finish gives the framed chalkboard a contemporary, stylish look that works great resting on a dresser or hanging on the wall. The different patterns and colors make the table a versatile piece of furniture that fits any room and style. And, we bet, you want it to look both pulled together and comfortable.

We are here to tell you it’s possible to create a well-decorated living room that will impress company and will be enjoyed by your family. Here are our best easy decorating ideas ranging in all different styles for those that love a more formal living room or a cozy den or a relaxed family room. What ever your style–we’ve got the decorating tips and ideas for your beautiful living room, beautiful family room, or your beautiful den. Sisal hints at the marsh grasses in an elegant way and is also durable, easy to clean, and ideal for layering. Layering a vintage kilim over a natural sisal rug acts as an attractive barrier against water, sand, and other elements. The bench-style seat cushions look cleaner and don’t shift around like multiple seat cushions do. Fabrics don’t have to be matchy-matchy to communicate with each other. If they share a similar vibrancy and color temperature, they’ll look good together. Utilize benches, ottomans, and odd side chairs to accommodate more people. A neutral-toned sofa and armchair introduce contemporary lines while custom draperies add a touch of tradition. This chocolate-brown piece coordinates with the neutral color scheme of the room, and the nail-head trim is mirrored in the decorative sofa hardware.

2017 Furniture Restoration Ideas


Use antiques to anchor your room and then mix in modern touches with bold fabrics, mid-century lighting, and sculptural accessories. Pair silk curtains and mirrored tables with clean-lined upholstery and lots of colorful pillows. The natural horizontal wood paneling around this fireplace ties it together with the built-ins flanking the hearth. A floral rug and coordinating pillows add color to the space, while an animal-print chair heightens the drama. The herringbone fireplace tile is a nice geometric touch. This fireplace was set on a rectangular piece of slate as the hearth. Two large double-hung windows punctuate these built-ins, along with cozy window seats below. They complement the space and guide your eye around the room. The honeycomb mirror over the fireplace was an inexpensive piece bought at a chain store. The plate rack that once showcased antique plates in her parents’ home holds cherished photos. She’d also been acquiring updated yet traditional pieces for just the kind of collected look she liked. This homeowner’s great-grandfather owned a bungalow, and he fondly remembers childhood visits to the family home.