She Not Only Thinks Pink — She Lives It The Seattle Times

She Not Only
Well, it’s not just hot pink — baby pink, magenta and rose all sparkle inside, too. As do canisters of candy, metallic candleholders, mirrored furnishings and silky drapes.

Ikeas Ektorp Sofa And Chair Anchor The Living Room Thats Packed With Pink Secondhand Finds And

After the walls were candied with the sweet color, Grumbles scored essentials at Ikea: an overstuffed white sofa, matching side chair and pedestal dining . Since the slick white table was a little too perfect, her mother, Fran, distressed it with sandpaper and .

Her champagne taste on a beer budget also steered her to vintage and garage sales, which delivered deals including a $5 distressed silver side table. Her mom found a mirrored coffee table at a junk shop and painted the base magenta to match faux-velvet floor cushions from Urban Outfitters and a throw from TJ Maxx.
Grumbles lovingly calls the table a “Frantique,” along with the cherry-blossom painting her mother made to avoid purchasing an expensive original to display above the sofa. “I couldn’t make my own; that would have just been weird,” she says. “I asked her to paint a cherry blossom because I’m really into them right now.”
Obviously. A vintage tin tray and a small painting with cherry blossoms are hanging in the living room. Faux blossoming branches are tucked into nooks and crannies throughout the condo.