We spend nearly a third of our lives in our beds. Why not enjoy your time in a solid, handcrafted quality log bed made just for you?

Also shown are 3' bed bench and a 2 drawer nightstand. Some of the log materials used in our bed construction are 100-125 years or more in age!

Corner posts are a standard 7 1/2-8 1/2" dia. The siderail logs are prenotched to fit into the precut notches in the corner posts that are matched during the construction of the bed.

This makes for an extremely strong connection. Photo shows post and siderail intersection. Tightly fit spindles, rails and posts are a common detail with every handcrafted bed. The high standards in our quality control result in a solidly built, beautifully crafted bed that will last for generations. Based on the existing side rail hardware and the structural support needed, pricing is based on the hardware and the attachment options. Post heights and diameters, rail/spindle details are all available choices.

If you are interested in visiting our home office, please for appointment times and directions. The cedar family trees are known throughout the housing industry for their excellent stability and other naturally occurring, beneficial properties. The white cedar logs possess a honey gold/neutral color tone, with the heartwood offering some of the most beautiful colors. Plus, cedar is a very lightweight wood compared to the pine family logs. Due to the rustic nature of log , some natural occurrences may be left in the log bed material by the handcrafters. Bed prices shown exclude box spring, mattress material, and shipping/crating costs. All beds are priced as hand peeled natural wood, with clear pretreatment/sanding sealer applied. Our log beds include log corner posts of an average 7-8" dia. This includes details such as travel area space around the bed unit and existing room issues such as window and door locations, etc. Headboard and footboard pricing is based on unit size and features. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to see a pretty spectacular array of inspiration that will put you in a cozy winter mood.

We hope you enjoy the visual tour and please don’t forget to leave us some feedback for which one is your favorite and why. This cozy bedroom displays log cabin chic with wood panelling on the walls and ceilings. There is also a door that leads out to a terrace, offering stunning mountain vistas. A children’s bedroom offers a cozy, rustic atmosphere. Expansive windows captures the rugged beauty of trees and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Offering a variety of beautiful wood species, textures and patterns, as can be seen in this guest bedroom. Exposed wood beams and plenty of natural light, you could almost live in this room!

Have it painted in a great color or just nice and clean in white. Gorgeous neo-classical carvings and turnings!

Can use for two twin beds or together for a single king bed. If you want to avoid mattress issues, then it would be easier to use just the headboard. Headboard is wide enough for a 60" queen-sized mattress but was used for a full-sized mattress. It's very sturdy, with supports under the mattress base.

They have a great neutral color and boho look. Handcrafted in a peacock shape, this vintage bohemian headboard is a beautiful example of of mid-century . It's perfect for someone who's looking for a unique, one-of-. Complete with classic button-tufting and sleek piping to accent the curved headboard. Loved this glamours bed frame but doesn't fit in my. Fabric is great condition with the exception of a small tear on the top of one corner. Upholstered/padded headboard it very comfortable to sit up against. With its sleek vertical ribbed headboard, upholstered in your choice of bright, engaging fabrics and room-coordinating colors. Original owners took very good care of this bed. Acquired from the original owner who purchased it in 1976. Forty-one years later and this piece is still as amazing as the day it was made!

Enhance your bedroom instantly with this inviting centerpiece. All three in one piece that is absolutely stunning!

With the lacquering it honestly looks brand new even though it's a vintage item!

Use a bed as the base for a room and let it guide all of your stylistic choices, from rugs to art. For some of our best tips on choosing the best secondhand bedframes to fit your personal style, read on below. To help, some of the most common bedframe styles and their dimensions are outlined below. To start, consider all your options to make the best decision for you and your space. Canopy bedframes are often wood bed frames or iron bed frames.

Log bed log cedar log bed log beds rustic log

Canopy bed frames may be fully curtained or draped with fabric scarf for dramatic appeal. Upholstered bed frames are usually battered with foam or cotton and covered in fabric. Because upholstered beds are feature fabric headboards and footboards, they offer a unique opportunity to personalize them. Some styles of storage beds also feature headboards with built-in bookshelves. These types of beds with storage can be ideal for rooms that might be too small to accommodate normal nightstands. Since platform beds are lower to the ground, many sleepers enjoy the cooling benefits of resting closer to the floor. Certain styles nix both a headboard and footboard for an uber-basic approach. Netflix-ing in bed, so be sure to have a few extra pillows on hand. Sleigh beds are generally wood bed frames, although it is possible to find them upholstered. Worth calling out is the twin bed frames rendered in the sleigh bed style will read more dramatic than sleigh beds in a queen or king bed size. At first glance, a trundle bed looks like a high platform bed with storage tucked underneath.

However, rather than drawers, a trundle bed’s platform actually conceals a second pull-out bed. Because of the mechanics required for the pull-out bed, most trundle bed frames are twin beds. Upholstered headboard, tufted headboard, no headboard, footboard or sans footboard—there are so many varieties of bedframes to choose from. Traditional, modern-day, rustic, or elegant—the choice is yours.

I would kick off the new year by sharing my collection of rustic bedrooms.

I hope they inspire you in creating your own rustic sanctuary.

From plaids, wildlife and nature motifs, southwest geometric patterns and rugged leathers that help to define rustic style in your bedroom. The low foot board was created as a solution to make it easier for you to change your sheets and make the bed. Extra spindles make it even more beautiful!!

Never been used so it's in great condition!!

All of our log beds are constructed using mortise and tenon joints for strength andeasy assembly. They are similar to the beds our great-grandfather made for the.

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