Printed one-sided on 100lb, perforated paper. Most helpful in understanding the local artists and how they were influenced by outsiders.

It is interesting to learn about the tradition and the history of some of these pieces!

Two large pieces; a separate smaller "bridge" drawer. The draw of having unique pieces that reflect personal style is enough to draw out most buyers, and for many, curating the perfect sofa or table is addicting. Pulling from hundreds of years of style experience, antique is a powerful and beautiful way to make a statement without saying a word.

We believe that homes should be collected, not decorated—each piece should connect to you or your life in some way—and we hope our thoughtfully curated, exquisite speaks to you. Keep in mind that every piece you add to your home will either complement or clash with your style—yin and yang is a delicate balance, especially in something as permanent as your home. Another great way to use antique furniture pieces is to think outside of the (room) box. Moving a beautiful dresser into an oversized hallway brings some unexpected art and class. Pull a vintage fainting couch into the bathroom for some lush seating. Choosing something like eggplant or deep blue is a surprising twist from the traditional neutrals of a home.

Painting your antique furniture in the same hue ensures that guests know the placement and the piece are intentional, without being overwhelming. Another great way to use color is in your textiles—match the heavy patterns of brocade with a complementary striped throw or patterned throw pillows. If you’re looking for something that looks good with everything?

If you’ve fallen in love with a particularly bright or colorful piece, a powerful way to display it is by downplaying the rest of the room—opt for surrounding furniture in all-white and minimalistic lines. Keeping the focus on one antique piece allows the eye to find a focus point without being glaring—an especially good technique for the minimalist in all of us. Utilizing authentic antique furniture goes a long way in making your space feel personal and put together. A vintage secretary desk with new glass doors makes an impressive statement when used as a home bar. Pair it with modern stemless glassware and glass decanters for a polished look. In a similar vein, mix an antique furniture piece like a dining table with modern chairs—think a heavy and ornate hardwood table with thin, brushed metal chairs—the contrast is clean and keeps the room from looking either too heavy or too light. Keep the combination the focus by not covering the table with a tablecloth or placemats—let the antique finish be the main focal point of the room. If you’re set on a modern table and chairs, offset their austere lines with an exquisite antique rug. If you’re looking to expand upon your current storage space, a set of vintage cabinets secured above your countertop is both beautiful and functional. Keeping the cabinets in the same color family ensures that the two play well together even in smaller spaces. If adding cabinets isn’t an option, consider using a polished antique wardrobe in a contrasting color to your current furniture. Contact our dealers today and see what other pieces they can find for you. Grunge surface with wood texture background. According to its definition an antique item is a collectable item, at least 100 years old. People want to collect these items because of their age, beauty, rarity, some personal emotional connections or the relation o that particular item with a specific person. There is a huge market for the selling and buying of the antique items all over the world both offline and online. In offline business there is no such problem as in this case we see original products but in online business there is a huge problem that an image of an object decides whether it is beautiful or not. Images of heart winning antique items are impossible without using this technique. Better than any royalty free or stock photos. The appeal of antiques are as varied as the antiques themselves. Some people choose to have antiques in their home because they are family heirlooms.

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Others simply like the craftsmanship, style, or durability of these pieces. Antique furniture is one of the most popular categories of antiques, simply because they serve such a practical function. While newly purchased furniture tends to immediately depreciate in value or fall apart after several years, antiques tend to increase in value when they are well-cared, particularly as their age increases. The fact that these pieces have survived this long is proof enough for most antique lovers that they’re a great investment. Antiques are often in a rich, dark patina, which only gets darker as the years go by. Homeowners looking to purchase antiques should check out local antique , but for the best deals, large flea markets or antique shows are the place to be. The competition means you’ll get a better price, and there will be so much more to choose from, whereas at an antique store you might find only one or two nice pieces. Antiques can be easily mistaken for vintage or “antiqued” pieces, meaning they’re not as old, or have subpar craftsmanship, but have been made to look like an antique. Collectors should be sure that piece they’re buying is a true antique (over 100 years old), as vintage or “antiqued” pieces do not hold their value, and may be more expensive than actual antiques.

We hope you’ll enjoy this gallery and be inspired to add a few antiques to your home. A traditional living room featuring incredible ornate woodwork, tapestries, and heavy drapes complete with tassels. Each piece of furniture is covered in an antique fabric, and are accompanied by a pair of antique tables. The bay windows are in beautiful stained glass. A beautiful, modestly sized living room with a small window nook and white furniture with pink cushions and gilded highlights. Covering the natural hardwood floor is a blue rug with accents of the same pale pink. A lovely living room and study with soaring ceilings and gilded wainscoting. Antique stand globe maps and busts fill the room, along with a gilded fireplace topped by an enormously tall mirror and flanked by two candelabras. An elegant living room with a few contemporary details, including a glass sculpture on the coffee table and the dusky teal paint color. Gilded mirrors hang above the fireplace mantle and above the contemporary sofa in gray.

Javanese Antique Furniture and Folk Art

A lovely formal living room an an antique fireplace with a cast-iron cover, a built-in mirror mantle, and a wealth of beautiful original woodwork. Tiffany lamps and a stained glass transom round out the room with color. The furniture includes a massive china cabinet, a dining table that seats six, and a large, cushy sofa. A lovely living room with an armchair, two armless chairs, and a deep sofa with a few throw pillows. The rug covering the hardwood floor has an intricate pattern in yellows, oranges, and blues. An enormous library with a brick fireplace, built-in bookcases, and a variety of cozy chairs in addition to a large table that houses a puzzle. The patterns of the chairs appear to layer together to give the space the feeling of an old library. Antiques have a space in more contemporary homes as well; this lovely coastal contemporary living room features a few antique side tables and shelves in addition to the contemporary sofas and chairs. A smaller living room featuring a built-in bench and a wingback chair in leather and plaid. The brick fireplace is topped by antique silver apothecary jars, along with a gilded mirror. This light, airy living room is dominated by the antique player piano in the center of the back wall, the dark wood of which contrasts with the light pattern of the sofa.

Note that a few of the antiques have been painted white to help brighten up the somewhat dark space. A living room with soaring ceilings and a large fireplace. Tall potted plants, like palms, are added to take up some of the space, due to the height of the room. Other furniture includes a marble-topped coffee table, a large sofa, and two antique armchairs in a floral pattern. A lengthy living room with a brick fireplace and beautiful parquet flooring. Two china cabinets rest against the back wall of the room, with a tall table, and several mismatched seating options.

The left wall is entirely made up of windows, and is covered by white sheer curtains. A small living room nook with beautiful warm-toned wood flooring, matching sofas with gold panels on the side, a tall console table, and a unique coffee table. On either side of the room are matching mirrors with gold frames. An elegant living room in a pale blue with beautiful wood flooring and woodwork, along with soaring ceilings. The floor-to-ceiling windows are covered with white sheers beneath pale blue drapes, and the room is filled with lovely antiques in various finishes. A long living room with an antique bookshelf serving as the entertainment center, along with two mismatched couches and a large glass-topped coffee table with ornate legs. The walls are wallpapered and are lit with candelabra sconces. This beautiful living room has lovely parquet flooring, built-in features, and a wealth of windows that are covered with ballooned curtains. The antique furniture is in white with hand-painted details and panels. The size of the above living room means that the space has more than enough room for a secondary seating area. From this angle, we can see the second one, which has the matching white sofa and two deep blue armchairs. Are you sure you wish to cancel your appointment?

Bright contrast red room with antique furniture and hardwood floor.

Bright living room with fireplace and antique furniture. Interior detail outline collection: bed, sofa,