Some chairs are all wood, while others have cast iron inlay or large nail head studs and metal straps or trim for a more rustic look. Plan on spending a long time at our warehouse as you will want to explore all the treasures from around the world. The diverse color and shades allows each piece of furniture to exhibit colour variations unlike any other wood form a multitude of browns to shades of yellow. Just let us know the sizes and design you are looking for we can manufacture piece for you.

Furniture Furnishings

Indian Furniture From India Timeless Furnishings California

These old, intricately carved doors make beautiful dining tables when inlaid with a glass top. Rescuing lost classics of hand carved artistry is an eco-friendly way to decorate and helps us to appreciate almost lost treasures from the past. Furnishings is full of interesting decorator ideas as well as furniture from new to retro!

This furniture will last you for life and as it is hardwood it will survive all the knocks and bumps from the family.

Wood is a fast-growing hardwoods, sourced from sustainable, administration managed plantations.