This book contains several rare and expensive old catalogues. If you want to identify who made your rustic furniture and when and where, then this is the book for you.

However, it was also well-suited for use in folk art furniture. These are not the largest nor the most beautiful furniture illustrations you will ever encounter, but the depth of coverage and enthusiasm for the subject held by the author makes up for this. Complete with wine rack and ample storage. The dining chairs in the main hall are the very same chairs shipped and installed in 1906.

Hickory donated many different furniture settings to the museum. Does this iconic hickory log furniture look familiar?

Yet the process of hand-crafting each piece remains very much the same. Rustic furniture made with attention to detail, the careful matching of parts, the difficult assembly with mortise and tenon, and the meticulous hand weaving process. Feel free to browse our gallery and view all of our beautiful rustic pieces. The quality and workmanship you put into them makes each piece truly unique and gorgeous.

They are a conversation piece for everyone who visits our home. They are family heirlooms we plan to pass down for generations to come. It is unique, beautiful, well-crafted, and is praised by everyone who sees it.

I certainly won’t be moving this bed around, it will be staying right where it was put together (heavy!).

I am wondering if you have specific plugs for the holes where we screwed the posts together?

This bed fits perfectly with our log home. Thanks for taking the time to show us all your neat work.

I would rather you take the time to do it “right” rather than fast and we’ll take delivery whenever you get it done.

We cut a freeform glass top that looks like a cut out of the bottom of a tree. Thanx again and look forward to seeing you both at one of the shows!!!!

I was able to make it home on time for the many cars which showed up for our light display. During the holidays we brought many guests into our house and they were all amazed at how unique the rustic furniture we had in our great room. And the grandfather clock is a showstopper.

We log home owners are a very proud breed. By the way the van had a blown head gasket.

We heard you have 3-4 foot snow drifts today. Wanted to send you a picture of the table. From dining tables to log beds, we have everything you’re looking for to remodel a cabin or just add an interesting piece to your home.

We have a strong background in construction and have experience building log homes, which inspired us to begin creating our beautiful furniture.