We pride ourselves in fine craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service.

We specialize in building affordable, but handcrafted, custom tables and furniture.

I really enjoyed the process of picking out the details for it as well. It’s nice to see somebody do quality work that they take great pride in. Each piece is made to order and customized to accent the warmth of your home.

We welcome you to become part of our growing family and hope you find our furniture to be the center of fond memories for generations to come.

The woods and finishes are gorgeous, the inlays are meticulous, the assembly is flawless and it was easy to hang. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, finish, and selection of wood was superb. Nathan’s communication was prompt, comprehensive, and clear. The chairs were completed on time and shipped so that they arrived in perfect condition. Nathan provided exceptional value for my money. It was easy to put together and came very carefully packaged.

He responded promptly to any question and made modification to the bed to accommodate my requests. Assembled easily, with crafted, reinforced connections that are likely to last forever.

I expect this table to be in the family for generations. Includes chess pieces with bag and and durable chess board. Generations will enjoy this wonderful gift. Lots of different sizes and styles available. This dining room table is built to last for a lifetime!

Our products are far superior to “big-box” stores because they will give you peace of mind that the furniture you purchase will be beautiful, durable and of the highest quality. As a result, you will spend far less over time in addition to enjoying real hometown service. He even drove out of his way to come to our home and make sure the wood and stain we chose would compliment our current wood floors.

I am beyond excited to see the finished product and highly recommend if you are considering new furniture, custom or not, to make the trip to see them.

I called to schedule delivery, and he brought it right out !

It was so much fun working with them and we couldn’t be happier with my new living room!

Next comes measuring, drilling and sizing. The frames are doweled, and then joined, using a mortise-and-tenon process. The pieces then are hand-caned by specially trained workers. After lacquer or tint is applied, each piece gets a tag or medallion with the date and the company’s logo. The company started using this process with woven backs and seats. In the early 2000s, the company started making inroads into private residences when lodge-style rustic furnishings became popular. After his parents split up, he “fell into the ways of the world,” he says, smoking pot and moving on to other drugs before eventually becoming addicted to opiates. That’s when the construction worker decided he needed to make a change. The youths will have access to legal services, life-skills training and assistance with education and job training. From the highest quality hardwoods to barn wood furniture and rustic pine and bedroom furniture we can give your home a one of a kind personal touch today!

We create all of our furniture from scratch and offer you the best in home decor.

Amish Shop Custom Hardwood Furniture and Cabinets Evansville IN

Please have a look at our video to help you get ideas and inspiration on your home furnishings!

Industry experts are scouring homes and stores for the trend in the fashion. Rustic furniture involves using logs or reclaimed wood to achieve a natural look. Keep in mind that rustic furniture has increased in popularity recently. However, make sure that you consider your needs, dreams and wants. If you are thinking about performing a home improvement project, you should consider giving your home a fresh image boost by incorporating some retro elements. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is by adding some mid mod furniture and related elements into your home. Here are some of the best ideas for mid-century style interior space. The type of furniture that is unique, the pieces our parents, and their parents grew up with. Looking to build a custom furniture set piece or just have questions about ordering from us?

It started as part time and then in 1982 our dad started full time building custom kitchens and cabinets. In 2004 we started building bedroom furniture for the wholesale market. In 2011, two of us bought the business and we now have our children also helping in the shop. Our ultimate goal is to build products with a good grade of lumber, to build it as if it were our own.

We like building furniture, therefore we seldom buy any wood products or parts from other shops.

We build our products from scratch, not just buying and assembling.

We are not a big shop, but we hope to be your friend and business partner in our trade.

We also would like your opinions and ideas on makes and styles of furniture.

We don’t have a big store front and keep all of our labor in house rather than contracting it out.

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We also produce many more tables and pieces than all of the other “garage shop” start ups by keeping a decent sized staff employed. Amish furniture is hand-made by expert artisans who draw from skills handed down from their ancestors, along with modern-day innovations. So you won’t find particle board, laminates or nails. Also, the wood is kiln-dried to prevent splitting, cracking and warping. Families have been known to pass their pieces down from generation to generation.

I expected, the workmanship is truly amazing.

I ordered it in walnut and raised the headboard by 6″. It is stunning and the quality meets my high expectations. Let’s set up a time to talk about your idea. Each piece is solid cherry and is finished with a hand rubbed china wood oil. Customers may choose a natural or stained finish.

Browse our online catalog or contact us for further information and pricing details. Offering standard hardwoods such as oak, walnut, maple and cherry as well as less common woods like knotty alder and mahogany. Featuring mortise-and-tenon joinery, dovetails and high quality furniture finishing. Amish craftsmanship is also associated with the use of high-quality materials. Amish furniture appreciate being able to support a traditional way of life. Small shops, and in particular woodworking businesses have offered a means of supporting a family on the home land in a manner reminiscent to the farm.

Amish father is able to remain at home as a positive influence in his family and children’s development. Amish, who place high value on family, community, and maintaining plain values in the face of worldly influences. And you know what–it would be helpful if you could indicate which business is no longer open, if you don’t mind?

With any list of businesses that is going to occur. Greg’s work is quickly made from fresh willow that is most easily worked when fresh. Now retired, years ago he wanted to start a hobby he could enjoy when he left his practice.

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