Blog Integrity Woodworks Turning Trees Into Heirloom Quality Furnishing Etc. Page 5Now mortising chisel “deep” angle on cutting edge is used to remove most of the waste until the socket is at its desired depth on “Both” boards. now back to Sharp flat chisels and carefully work to the lay out lines keeping chisel as true to 90degrees  again to boards happy with there get another piece of lumber a little thicker then dovetail sockets depth approximately 1/8″ works for me. Stock should be of a harder species then boards being joined if “flat sawed -or quarter sawen stock it the same species! copy the lay out of both dove tail and use hand saw to cut out the desired shape leaving it a tad big ,then clean it up and check fit as you go until dovetail key taps in lightly with a mallet to “both” dove tail sockets locking the two together and MOST important- allowing for seasonal movement in the wood so this joint will survive Many years No glUe, No clamp NO MECHANICAL  FASTENERS: )
Often ,very often in the last  5 months or more (because I sold off & gift away Tons!of tools and machines) so had many Carpenters, woody’s of all sorts from Handyman/women- to general Contractor to Fine furniture makers and Cabinet makers to the shop.A few really stand out -because they came by while I was in different stages (this stands out the most) of building an “huge” was the census-slab table that had 42 dove-tail keys many “functional”
I hate putting judgement on any person yes “hate”: ) mainly because I dislike being judged positive or otherwise (one of my flaws).Any way not the point;) the point is this Several people asked what I build/what do I do? I say -I am an Traditionaly trained Joiner of over 20 years learning more with every build! I build custom “one-offs” as much as possible ,using Traditional materials (Wood) and traditional methods but not sticking to any “one” building/design style. They say “That is what I do too!! I am Joiner Too just like you! I think Cool like minded person -some times rare to meet those in person in Vancouver BC.
Then I slide up the door to the shop and they instantly say “wow”-nice oh you used bow ties!!! I love those! Now this may make me sound like an arse? and I know we Woody’s are not to expect the “general” populous to understand our silly terms and such. BUT this person just said -“That is what I do too!! I am Joiner Too just like you! So my brain say’s ???