Big returns are possible from antique collecting. They are also illiquid, with few buyers, so you might not be able to sell when you want at the price you want, and transaction costs can be steep.

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However, these assets don’t produce any earnings or income and so price movements are based solely on demand and supply. Just like any market, fashions and tastes change over time. This will be a percentage of the final hammer price. Make sure you keep an up-to-date valuation of the items insured.

It had some damage to the fingertips which they had professionally restored, and the figurine is now worth between £600 and £800. Even if you collect material besides sports and prefer to let someone like your teenager daughter spare you the hassle of listing, packing, and shipping, these tips will help you go long ball. It’s one big thing that makes some outdoor portraits and candids look much nice than others.

You needn’t to dwell on flaws, but be sure to show them in photos and mention them in descriptions. By the time he arrived, the store owner had soaked it in greasy neat’s-foot oil, rendering it worthless. Last year a former sports auction kingpin admitted to once “restoring” the card by trimming the edges, helping make it the world’s most valuable baseball card.

Wrap your sold object carefully in a padded envelope or, for bigger pieces, in a box with plenty of packing material. Sending an item in the mail in a cheap envelope with no padding borders on passive aggressive. Buyers usually expect their merchandise to be shipped within 24 hours. The program is set to begin later this year (2017). If the buyer subsequently determines that the item is not authentic, they can return it and receive a refund of twice the purchase price. Authentication services for many of these items already exist. Will there be enough authenticators for the size of the market?

Will there be shipping delays due to slow processing by authenticators?

Many sellers are themselves experts in the products they sell; how are disagreements between seller and authenticator handled?

What if an item is damaged due to poor packaging by an authenticator?

They have struggled to overcome this issue for the past twenty years. Some of these items were deemed to be dangerous. The essential flaw is, of course, the trustworthiness of the buyers and sellers themselves. These incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Even when objective analysis standards are applied, well-meaning authenticators (and sellers) may disagree. For the most part they think that the opinions of “experts” cannot be disputed, just as they think that an object’s value is inherent and appraisers will always reach the same value conclusion. Crooks are out to make a fast buck, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Reputable sellers want to make money as well, but not at the expense of their reputation. Ultimately, online transactions are between a buyer and a seller. They should communicate with one another, just as they would in an offline transaction. Most transactions go smoothly; but some don’t (just like with offline transactions). We’ve all heard phrase caveat emptor (buyer beware). He specializes in the valuation and liquidation of estate and business assets. The sites’ methods for regulating the provenance of antiquities places the burden of reporting specific listings on the buyer — which critics argue opens consumers up to risk when buying antiquities online.

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Interested in purchasing a collection of ancient treasure online?

Selling stolen or fake goods online is nothing new — illicit items have inundated the digital marketplace since the internet’s inception. But, as more and more brick and mortar antiquities dealers turn to the internet to trade their goods online, the problem has become increasingly severe. When it come to taking responsibility for the illicit materials being sold on their sites, online marketplaces often opt for a largely hands-off, deregulatory approach, placing the burden on buyers to alert the sites of the presence of suspect artifacts. In a market deluged with suspect materials, he says that there’s a very real possibility that a buyer could find themselves saddled with a criminal charge. Given the sheer volume of items offered daily by independent sellers on the online marketplace, finding a way to regulate the validity of goods for sale is difficult at best. But, days later, the coins were back up for sale again — this time at three times the original price. Please take a look at the pictures as they are part of the description and ask any and all questions prior to using the buy-it-now or making a best offer.

You can count on us to be factual and have clear accurate photographs which are not “edited” to deceive. Condition is consistent to age with yellowing of picture and a newer cardboard back that has been sponge decorated, (see picture). Condition is consistent to age with yellowing of picture and paper back. Otherwise, the condition is great with no cracks or repairs. Many times sterling handles are dented, but these have no obvious dents or dings. Each knife is approximately 8-7/8 inches long. Please view the pics and ask any questions.

I love this piece but we just can’t keep everything this house has been in our family for 189 years so you can imagine the accumulation. Silverplated finish could use a light cleaning. If they do not the same they can not sell their product in marketplaces. Quick and easy setup – everything you need to start selling online today.

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The gst rules states​ that any trader involved in selling there goods in marketplaces weather as small part of business or whole. This group has over 72, 000 members and can help you identify things you have to sell. This site is built for selling new merchandise.

You will have to share a catalog page with any other sellers of the same item. Collectibles have a separate set of rules. Some have their own categories which require separate approvals. Some must be listed in categories for new merchandise, without more detail can’t tell you about your collectibles. Approval for some of the categories requires heavy use of third party grading. Collectibles are among the highest fee items. Some categories permit used/vintage, many do not. However, the condition grading, refund policy and many other things are quite different here.

The only way to sell those widgets is to apply and be accepted. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sell that item class. If you show something else you must include it with the item. and if you violate them, it will almost always cost you money or your selling privileges. And it’s not the best place for antiques and/or collectibles. But, get over those speed bumps, and it’s a great venue for your typical retailer.

We have had on average 1 (one) return on the bay per year. On amazon we average about 4-5 % returns across a wide spectrum of items. Lots of customers want to try it first and return it and we really don’t have that on the bay. Also we have never, not once had a “never received” claim on the bay and on amazon it is a common occurrence. Since many bidders wait until the last minute to bid, a practice known as “sniping,” the price on a desirable item can double or even triple during the last few seconds of an auction. If a potential buyer makes you an offer via e-mail to end the auction early and sell the item to them outright, that’s not a good idea either. Some folks avoid auctions that quote very high shipping and handling fees altogether. Whether that means you’re not using clean materials free of odors and stains, or you just didn’t wrap an item securely, packing and shipping inadequately can come back to haunt you. At the very least, the item will arrive unbroken, but the buyer will be less than pleased and shy away from shopping with you again. Worst case, the piece arrives pulverized and your bidder asks for a refund. Always take the time to pack and ship with care to avoid disappointment for both you and your buyers. Once you’ve compiled lists of people interested in your specialties, you can keep in touch with them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to let them know when you’ve listed items they might be interested in viewing. When most people think of the word antique , they think of their grandmother’s huge heavy armoire or carved four-poster bed.

Antiques can be all sorts of things that are small enough to fit in your pocket. Before you can sell your items and classify them as antique, you must understand how an item is determined to be antique and what the word means. Over 162, 000 items with the keyword antique sold in the last 30 days. The last thing you want to happen is to sell something like an antique chandelier or lamp and have it arrive broken. Do not start with the most expensive small items, such as jewelry.

You want to get a feel for selling antiques before jumping into the high dollar stuff. If you are a novice shipper , good items to start with are non-breakables. For example, brass, iron, or metal hardware from furniture old homes. Learning how to ship includes packaging, choosing the right class of mail, printing labels, and figuring out how the whole process works. Most average people are not savvy about what their antique is worth, and it probably isn’t worth what you think it is, which can be good or bad. Of course, and item is only worth what someone will pay for it. But, it is wise to do your due diligence and see what the market price is for your items.

You can always come down on price, but you want to avoid selling your item too cheap and leaving money on the table. It is so nice as you will see in the attached pictures. Be sure to view all twelve pictures to see all the details. Painted on the glass silhouettes d epict a nostalgic scene of a father and sons’ fun camping trip. It is new old stock and comes complete with 4 1/2 oz size baby powder, a bar of baby soap, a sample of baby oil, and a paper pamphlet. The set is bisque and it’s in excellent condition, with the exception of the box. The instruction manual displays aging but is in good condition.

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It still has the original sticker on it which listed the original patent number and date. Very good used condition with minor wear. Vinyl looks used with scratches, was cleaned and played from start to end. See what-sells-best among antiques in your home, community and world. And potentially find a treasure , you never knew you had. See terms under which this service is provided to you. This metal vase holder is in great condition. Measures 20 cm tall and 10 cm at widest point. Unsure of date but reminds me of art nouveau styling. Total projection from wall to front of bracket. Proof of postage kept to aid any delivery problems. Postage combined on multiple purchases where possible. Exact use unknown, could be for slides or ink stamps, as there is ink stampings inside. Please look at the photos provided, these count as part of the description. Victoriana collector, downside they all have holes in them presumably for a necklace. They are in good condition for their age, however one of them has a chip on on of the underside corners. Good overall condition with wear and marks consistent with age and use, but this displays beautifully. Mirror has slight imperfection see photo. The set comprises of 2 porcelain tumblers, 1 porcelain soap dish, 2 white hand towels with little chelsea print border and 2 small shell soaps. Was working but a long time since use, needs to be checked by an electrician. Piece is good worn with a great antique look. Thoroughly remove and clean any grease or oil, including fingerprints. This amazing 12 piece stainless steel pretend to play kitchen set. This amazing 12 piece stainless steel pretend to play kitchen set contains. This basket is featured in simple life magazine. Has a hole in the bottom that is not visible when displayed.

I operate a nonchemical and organic property. She also has bells attached to her dress and to her shoes. Another cutting/chopping/bread board with “raised” handle from my personal collection. See all photos for better view of condition.

I have is a hand made wood doorstop – in the shape of a donkey or mule, and with hand painted details, too!

Just the right size to place in a crock or firkin bucket. The branches have a great green and brown color with a lot of brown twigs mixed in. The height is just right to display on an old trunk or in a wagon or crock.

I am guessing 19th century, but not exactly what it was used for.

I believe it has been rescued by someone attaching it to a rosewood, oriental base.

I was told that they were pretty rare, and valuable before my father passed away. Has hand painted flowers on the fan and the case.

We do our best to describe any flaws or repairs. The other is a lighter color lock tied with cream colored thread. They move freely between glass and pink background. That’s on the inside only – nothing like that on the outside. It’s so light – maybe an ounce, if even that. Refer to photos for collar’s manufacturer markings.

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