With a naturally worn look and panel doors, these versatile character pieces can just as easily store linens and dishes as feature photos and other treasures. Extended warranties are usually very inexpensive and can save you thousands in the future.

Furniture can be large, heavy and expensive.

You probably don’t have the special tools or expertise needed to fix them in a crisis. Kirkland’s has everything you need for home decorating. Please choose from the tabs above or an image below to view products and pricing.

We regularly update our website, so what you’re looking for may have moved. Our new rustic furniture store is located right next door to our old location.

We continue to provide a relaxed, pressure-free shopping experience for all of our customers interested in traditional furniture, rustic home decor and more. In addition to our furniture, we also carry home décor items and accessories, all at a fair price. Its not just another store really, its more like a treasure hunt. While the city offers many perks, there’s nothing quite like spending a day or two on the open road surrounded by prairie or mountains—maybe a stream or a small pond.

Circle K Furniture Rustic Furniture Jacksonville, Fl

This is our first commercial since the original owners took over the business again!

Spending time on the countryside allows one to recharge their batteries and relax under the open sky. While many of us would love to take a trip to the countryside on a daily basis, it may not be a very practical aspiration if you live in an urban or suburban area. Going to your local furniture store can be a thrilling ride. But sometimes the many different types of décor that are available can clutter your brain and make things confusing. Everybody wants their home to reflect their personal tastes or exude their individual personality. You’re finally on your own, paying rent, and taking care of yourself. Now all that’s left is finding excellent furniture and home décor to fill your new space. Interior décor should be given top priority. It reflects your personality, livens up your home, and may even impress your guests. But, what should you look for when rummaging through furniture stores and antique shops?

Not only do we have country home décor for your bedroom, but we also have dining room furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture and man cave furniture!

The little imperfections in the wood symbolize the commitment to an imperfect (yet, perfect) life. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on the big picture. Everyone in your immediate and extended family will see your table!

This is the place you’ll want your family to gather for meals, game nights and whatever else you can think. Come by today and find that unique piece that makes home, home!

If you don’t see what you want, ask and the experienced sales staff who will guide you through the catalogs or online to the best fit for you!

If you have not had a chance to drop in and check things out, you need to!

The furniture is top quality and the decorations is just what your home needs to make it feel cozy!!

Southern comfort meets urban downtown streets. Peaceful beaches meet rustic wooded areas.

You like things to be more laid back, like you and your family.

I was prepared to eat our ordering mistake but you were kind enough to work with us. Your professionalism has earned a customer for life!

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He is so easy to work with and responded to all of our questions quickly. They sure did deliver- what a gorgeous table and bench!

It’s gorgeous and his attention to detail shows!

I definitely will be using him again for a few more things around my home. Amy got her custom table and 4 chairs today!!!

I gave him a few basic ideas and the wood for the top of the table. There are lots of unique art, furniture , and collectibles. Bali are always super friendly and very knowledgable about where their products come from; always a good thing!

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