Log Futons & Rustic Sleeper Sofa Styles: Rustic Futon & Log Futon Sofas

There’s a little known secret in the log furniture industry and we’d like to share it with you: We get a secret thrill out of offering you high quality, rustic log furniture that pulls double duty. Well, alright, it’s not like that was super confidential, top secret information. But, every log futon or rustic futon we sell is making your life easier and your space more functional. Providing you with multi-purpose wood furniture always puts a smile on our faces!

When night falls, our log futons and rustic sleeper sofa designs unfold into comfortable beds on which family, friends and guests can gently rest their heads. When the sun rises, they transform back into a simply great addition to the cabin, cottage or lodge furniture which surrounds them. Each provides ample seating and comfort while nicely complimenting any rustic country décor setting.