We specialize in antique furniture including wardrobes, dining tables, chairs etc; all made of quality wood and well preserved to give the best finish possible. Made by us based on an antique furniture that is over a century old, what’s unique about this piece is that its base, with all three legs, are made of a single piece of wood.

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It thus brings together beauty, function, and sophistication; with the cane seat making a stark contrast to the deep grain of the dark wood. Sober and muted, every inch of this elegant piece is beautifully polished and brought together to make one outstanding chair. The spacious storage facility underneath this chair makes it unique and luxurious. The arm rests are adjustable and can be turned 270 degrees to maximise comfort.

Used as an easy chair in households, the reinforced woven cane backing provides the perfect back rest for an afternoon siesta. The adjustable arm rests are elongated and extend well beyond the seat so that a reclining occupant may also rest back in peace with his feet raised. The backing and seat is made out of reinforced hand woven cane webbing in a perfectly symmetrical geometric pattern. This chair is rustic and quaint, and gives any room it graces an air of comfort and ease. This wood is extremely durable, and gives a smooth, solid feel to the touch. It would be an immense addition to the beauty of any room.

The wood, polished to a mellow grain, is made out of solid teak wood, carved in the flowing curlicues that reflect the movement of the chair. The rocking base is extremely smooth, so as to allow the utmost comfort with a feather touch; and there are carved footrests for further ease. This piece is likely to fit into the decor of any room, but would be a wonderful addition to a nursery or a child’s bedroom. The base is entirely rounded, with sex legs that surround the seat. This gives the chair utmost stability, while the curved backrest makes allows anyone seated in the chair maximum reclining comfort. The base is slatted, and the sides are smoothened to perfection. The headboard and the footer are connected to the legs, which have carved embellishments on them. The bed bestows an overall feeling of airiness and cool comfort, while paying particular attention to detail and quality. Firstly, it has beautiful engravings with elaborate feather motifs. Second, the backdrop gradually builds, to culminate in a frame-like square. The aesthetics of this flow is extremely pleasing. Thirdly, it combines curves and meandering lines on the front with extremely straight cut lines on the back, enabling this to be a piece that can rest most comfortably against any wall. It has two levels – a bottom level for storage, and the upper deck for display. This table can be used as a serving table for breakfast, or as a writing desk. It is also versatile enough to be used as a stand for a desktop computer. It has three drawers that function extremely smoothly; which may be used to store plates and cutlery or even writing utensils. The seat is made of laminated, woven coir, reinforced through the hand weaving and each chair is strong and can carry up to 150 kilos. The frame of the chairs are wrapped in the coir as well, so as to ensure a firm grip of the material. The legs of the chair have rounded, sanded down ends, so as to not create scratches or sounds on the floor when moved. It glides easily, particularly on the red oxide floors it was traditionally made to rest upon. Finally, the piece d’resistance is the handle on the end of the chair, which gives purchase when sitting down or getting up. It makes for the ideal seat for the elderly, giving them a place to rest their weary backs; and look upon the world in peace. The back rest is comforting and enveloping, holding all your weight and ensuring that it will always provide the support you seek. It has been renovated into a heritage hotel with 8 rooms suiting the architecture of the building.

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The rooms are furnished in colonial antique furniture on original wooden floors. As an eight room property, we try to make the guests’experience more personalized with staff always ready to help. The room size is good but it is a small budget hotel. Their restaurant is managed by someone else as it is outsourced. The ambiance was stylish with old texture of chairs and courtyards and decos.

We had a huge room with antique furniture and the whole building had a ancient feel about it. There were some minor renovations taking place when we visited. The morning (very limited) breakfast service was extremely slow. The airport is outside of the city and is far from everywhere. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. In case of damaged/missing product or empty parcel, the return request should be filed within 2 days of delivery. Purchasing furniture can be a costly affair for many people and to ease up things for them these used furniture dealers provide all kinds of second hand furniture under their roofs. A large number of homeowners and offices these days choose to purchase furniture from second hand furniture stores in order to save their pocket. There are many second hand furniture stores online thus enabling a buyer to browse and select an appropriate one for themselves at top discounts. These second hand furniture are highly preferred by people who need to relocate from one place to another on a regular basis as hauling along new furniture every time can cause major damage. A substantial number of second hand furniture shops also trade into antique furniture which has a huge demand in the market. Given above are names and contact numbers of the leading second hand furniture buyers from this neighbourhood. As you stroll through these streets, there is always something that triggers a mellifluous trip down memory lane. The antique sellers love having a chat and keeping you informed about the origins of the items and their own shops.

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Their lives are colourful reminders of a once strong community whose numbers have dwindled considerably over the years. A house becomes home when it is made of love and affection. For others, owning antique furniture is about tapping into a heritage that is long lost and keeping it close to the heart. And if you’ve been struggling all along, let us help you out. And if you’re lucky, they might have just gotten a few new pieces of antique furniture that is perfect for you. While the presence of furniture isn’t as much as everything else, if you look long and hard enough you’ll definitely come across some old chairs that you can fit into your home. But clocks, lamps, sculpture and more are available by the dozens and you can’t miss out on this at all. They only have furniture made from teak and rosewood, so you can be guaranteed good quality products for the right price. Not only do they have furniture in teak and rosewood, they also provide the restoration of antique furniture. They have chairs, dining tables, beds and even mirrors with intricately carved wooden frames. And here’s the best part, you can shop online and they will ship the products to anywhere in the world.

The rooms were comfortable, sparkling clean and decorated in a simple yet tasteful style. Since i am interested in shopping we walked through the street and saw lots of things. Among them this shop attracted me most with its ambiance and the products in their display. If we were able to carry heavy things i would have bought something more because they have those royal looking furnitures there. So if you are looking for something antique, elegant and royal looking this is the right place. And the staffs were helping and they explained about the pieces and its value.

Specialists in hand crafted high quality teak and rosewood furniture.

We cover all price ranges and all requirements.

We host a huge collection of furniture at all our stores. The furniture are pieces of art and engineering. Our furniture will stand the test of time since it is made with the finest teak wood and rosewood. What we look to do is get you the best furniture to suit your pace. There is a huge birth of world class furniture and high quality furniture in the market. Come visit our furniture shops and showrooms and you will see why we are different. Every single one of your furniture needs will be met and you will keep coming back for more. Shopping at our furniture shops is an experience on its own. Friendly and helpful staff greet you and help you find the right furniture suited for your needs. There is no point buying furniture which does not match your interiors or other décor. When you are buying furniture, it has to be the best kind in every way.

What kind of furniture goes well in your bedroom, what kind of furniture goes well in your living room, what kind of furniture goes well in your study. This is a very important question which needs to be answered very well in order for your home to be beautiful. Would you rather buy furniture which lasts a lifetime or buy new furniture every couple of years. Buying quality furniture is the key to save money for you and your family. Our furniture looks fresh and new even after years of use. Even if you move, there is no need of brand new furniture. Our furniture will look just like you in your new home. Both teakwood and rosewood is procured from high quality sources and is manufactured directly by us in our factory. Quality furniture which lasts a lifetime. Choices are the most important factor when you walk into any furniture showroom. The second you walk into our furniture shop in kochi, you will know what we are talking about. The other factor is location and accessibility.

We introduce the concepts of art, craft, functionality and beauty through our furniture. It’s not about just furniture sales for us, it’s about after sales support too. Our furniture rarely needs maintenance but if it does need it, we will be right here to do it for you. Reach out to us anytime for any queries you have about furniture. Bring the classic round coffee table back into your living room. Please feel free to take a look at some of our unique items, then shop on by and see the thousands of others. Hundreds and thousands of exotic pieces.

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