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Antique Furniture Keyhole Cover Furniture

Several vendors waive restocking fees if a subsequent order is placed of equal or greater value. Match my other pewter hardware perfectly, will buy again. The real thing was even better than the photo looked.

We will definitely order from your company again!

Finishing touches around keyholes and cylinders make all the difference on a door, particularly if you have a particular style of door in use. The pulls also feature a lip, which is shaped to sit comfortably under your thumb and facilitate pulling the door closed behind you as you leave the property. Escutcheons are individually wrapped and supplied c/w fixing screws. Whether to replace an old cover plate or fitted to a. Carefully hand cast, this traditional looking escutcheon is the perfect addition for any period building. See each listing for international postage options and costs.

Product, packageing, and shipping all done professionally.

We needed a narrow piece on the receptor side because of modern doubled glazed windows, and this fit the bill perfectly. Had questions about the item and got prompt and thorough response; great customer service. Thanks for shipping so fast and for the great and personal service. As it turned out, using them as door pulls was the right idea, and we love them!

Cast brass lantern style keyhole escutcheon. Mortise locks are manufactured for interior and exterior doors. At the very least, you'll probably want to clean it slightly,
which you can do quite easily with the finest grade steel wool and a soft cloth. If the piece is really dirty, you can use metal cleaner,
the finest grade steel wool, and a soft cloth. If the piece is painted and you want to keep the painted finish and just clean it up a bit, use very fine steel wool to smooth the flaking, rough surfaces, then clean the piece with metal cleaner and a soft cloth. If you're using painted hardware, please be aware that most older paint contains lead, which is a safety and environmental concern, particularly if you have young children who might be tempted to put a piece of hardware in their mouths. One of the great charms of antique hardware is the variation in patina. If you're using antique hardware throughout your home, consider using the same pattern in different finishes. If,
however, you're working with a lot of antique hardware and want all the pieces to have the same finish, take them to a professional plating company. You'll have an assortment of finishes to choose from, and you'll be certain that all the pieces will match once the process is complete. Be sure to take all the pieces you need plated at the same time; like fabric dye lots, plating results will vary. If you'd like the piece to age naturally, you can either remove the lacquer yourself with a lacquer remover or take the piece to a professional plater to have the lacquer removed. If you'd like to darken a piece of really shiny brass, remove the lacquer, use a professional darkening solution on the piece, then either reapply protective lacquer or let the piece age naturally. This way you'll have some spares on hand in case anything happens, and you won't run the risk of receiving a slightly different finish when you try to purchase an identical piece in the future. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. If you're involved in a restoration project that falls under state or federal historic preservation statues, check with the applicable agency to see whether there are guidelines dictating the type of hardware you can use. Antique hardware is old and has been used. If this isn't the look you're after, you can strip the protective lacquer and use a professional darkening solution to age the metal. Quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and with hardware you really do get what you pay for.

Brass Keyhole Cover

Keyhole Cover Escutcheons Available MyKnobs Everyday Prices

Cheaply made hardware will not stand the test of time, and an inexpensive doorknob is no bargain if you need to replace it in a few months. Hardware of the time was simple, plain, heavy, and functional. Choices of styles and materials exploded. The hardware was elaborate, stylized, extravagant, and incised. Innovations during the period included inexpensive casting producedures, new finishing and plating techniques, and the perfection of an all-encompassing hardware aesthetic. Always looking roward the past, the style is funcitonal, simple, and handmade. It was also the first decorative style that looked toward the future rather than the past. The style utilized elaborate geometric motifs and materials that previously had not been used for hardware. The style emphasized sweeping, aerodynamic curves, and circular forms. In the age of "anything goes," last year's look is this year's revival.

You may often find just such a raw hole in a piece that has been well worn, but closer examination will reveal that something is missing. What is missing is the keyhole companion, that piece of decorative artwork that imparts that overall “finished” look to the piece of . The most common surround is made of brass, either stamped or cast, but other materials are used as well.

You may not even notice these items when you first survey a piece and they generally aren’t of concern until either a key surround is missing or it must be removed for refinishing or repair. Flush mount surrounds are usually cast brass and inserted into the keyhole with a small amount of force and are held in place by the pressure of the wood. If the surround is tight and flush there is no need to remove it for refinishing. Just take care not to scratch it when sanding and be sure to get any stripper residue out of it before finishing. The lock should have been removed previously. If the surround is slightly raised above the surface it should be tapped back into place.

Backplates Escutcheons available at MyKnobs everyday low prices

Rather than striking the surround directly use a small piece of wood or the flat end of a dowel between the surround and the hammer. If it is loose, remove it and reinsert it using a small amount of 5-minute epoxy. Be sure to put the epoxy in the keyhole, not on the edges of the surround or you will get glue on the surface of your work. If you are refinishing, be sure to keep the surround free of any additional color you may be using so the brass will be clear and bright when you apply a clear finish. The other type of surround is surface mounted. These surrounds also duplicate the shape of the keyhole and may be stamped or cast, but the main part of the surround sits on the surface of the drawer or door and has a neck inserted into the keyhole to hold it in place. These surface mounted surrounds should always be removed for refinishing, which can sometimes be a problem since you can’t always see how they are fastened in, if at all. Some surface mounts are held in by the pressure of the neck which has been bent slightly to grip the wood. Others, especially older cast surrounds, may have an incredibly tiny nail inserted through it on the inside to hold it in the keyhole. If you do not detect this nail and pry the surround off without removing it you may tear the wood. Inspect the surround carefully before removal.

Slightly distort the neck for grip and use epoxy in the keyhole. These are decorative plates which are nailed or screwed over the keyhole on the surface to protect the surrounding wood. Escutcheons are made of a variety of materials including brass, copper, tin wood and plaster. Escutcheons, like surface mount surrounds, should always be removed for major work on the piece. Just be careful not to damage the escutcheon or the surrounding wood with the tools. They are readily available at most hardware .

If an escutcheon is missing they are available from a variety of woodworking, furniture and finishing sources. The main trick in picking a replacement escutcheon is consistency of style. Pay attention to style and period in the selection of escutcheon plates. In this case you have to cut the pins with a pair of dykes to make them fit and fatter pins work better for this application. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Also referred to as escutcheons, these keyhole plates come in many shapes and forms are offered to coordinate with antique furniture. The most used type is the classic insert escutcheon, providing a simple brass outline of the keyhole. They are solid brass, so they can be easily polished. They would make great jewelry components. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to purchasing ~ always happy to answer. Latch is right hand if hinges are on the right. They are all brass and have been salvaged from old pieces of furniture over the years.

I have not attempted to clean them up or clear coat them, but they are all in good 100 year old condition and ready to install on your restoration projects.

This would work well on a piece of furniture or door that accepts a large skeleton key.

I have polished it up a bit for the photos but have not lacquered it. It is a rich rolling countryside and it is one of the larger tourist attractions. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about keyhole covers ?

The most common keyhole covers material is metal. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes our keyhole escutcheons will provide just the accent you need for your furniture restoration project. Cast from durable, solid brass, it's suited for new furniture, or as a replacement for a worn or damaged piece. Choose from an antique-brass finish, or our unlacquered version that ages gracefully over time, just the the antique originals. The polished suface is left unlaquered, allowing it to age gracefully, just like the antique originals. Its polished finish is left unlaquered, allowing it to age gracefully, just like the antique originals. Just like the antique originals, its leafy motif is stamped in solid brass. Its polished finish is left unlaquered, allowing it to age gracefully over time. Manufactured in solid, cast brass, it features a decorative floral motif. Manufactured in solid stamped brass, it features a curvy, beaded motif. Cut from sheets of solid brass, it's ideal for new furniture, or as a replacement for a worn or damaged piece. The polished finish is left unlaquered, allowing it to age gracefully, just like the antique originals. Made of solid brass, its polished surface is left unlaquered, allowing it to age gracefully, just like the antique originals. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. More than mere embellishments, keyhole covers can also help protect the wood at the edge of the keyhole and even help keep your skeleton key properly aligned on insertion. If you don't see a direct match for your existing antique furniture keyhole covers, consider replacing all the covers on your vintage furniture. That way you can keep a classic style while making sure your cabinet or desk has an authentic and cohesive look.

Keyhole Cover Escutcheons Available MyKnobs Everyday Prices