Buying the right gift for kids gets harder and harder every year. One way to make the gift giving process easier is to buy fun and practical gifts.

An entire bedroom makeover starts with a new bed and bedding. The styles and sizes vary making finding the perfect bed an easy task. The futon bunk bed is a wonderful option for any home; not only is this style space saving but it provides an option for overnight guests. To make a desk fun and practical add a personal and unique lamp or handmade pencil and pen holder.

A high quality entertainment stand another fine piece that would be a wonderful addition to any bedroom makeover. Many of our entertainment centers offer “soft close” doors for greater safety. The high quality fabric can be customized to suit the interior theme of your child’s bedroom. A regular sized arm chair can grow with your child through the years. A bedroom makeover is practical but fun gift for any child. The process of personalizing a bedroom allows for parents and children to spend time together picking out personal items and bonding over which colors to use.

Using high quality ensure the longevity of the pieces throughout the years.

You are not saving money by buying the cheap knockoff furniture at the discount because those things will not hold up under the real wear and tear of a child. Give a bored toddler a time out and he will turn his bed into a launching pad, a trampoline or a wrestling mat. Real furniture will take that abuse entirely in stride. There are many options for kids’ furniture. A convertible crib is one that will be used to safely hold the newborn to toddler through the night, but, as the name implies, will later be converted to either a youth sized or full sized bed. Most of these conversions are fairly simple and are a great way to extend the usefulness of a single piece of furniture. The typical crib can only be used for a year, maybe two, before the child is either too big or has learned to escape from it. Many come in a variety of wood colors and stains as well. Most can be converted to either the youth sized bed or a full sized bed via a simple conversion kit. A real, hardwood toy chest is not only a pretty way to store the toys now but will be durable enough to graduate to other uses as the child gets older. It could hold sports gear and equipment or gaming accessories or even serve to store out of season clothing. Other accessories that are often added to the child’s room include chairs (rocking and side chairs) and even rocking horses. These are all that much more special because they are handmade and selected specifically for the child in question. Our on-line gallery is only a small example of the diversity of our craftsmen. After 20 years of developing personal relationships we have retained only the craftsmen that maintain the highest quality. Of course, we sell regular cribs as well.

We have several bunk bed options and storage drawer beds.

We also have dressers, wardrobes, chest of drawers and nightstands.

We have a unique item called a 3 in 1 that is a best seller. It is a rocker, high chair and writing desk all in one. and don’t forget little rockers, high chairs and little kids activity tables too!

For a sound sleep, you kid needs a nice lullaby and a comfortable crib. Amish cribs are durable, strong, and can withstand the tough play of children.

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Your baby would not only love his own little ‘sleepdom’, but perhaps may not want to come out of it!

Products are available in cherry, maple, and quarter sawn oak wood spices. Valley provides furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. The products are available in varied styles and wood types. They provide a nice selection of bedroom pieces as well. They provide a few types of handcrafted beds, children’s multi purpose bunk bed sets, platform beds with storage, cribs and more. Their beds collection numbers more than 20 varieties, incl. While we strive to keep this directory current, business locations and schedules can and do change. Seat height 11 1/4 inches and it is 11 1/2 inches deep. There is an optional height of 22 inches, also. Optional sizes are available are 24 inches by 32 inches, 24 inches by 28 inches and 28 inches by 28 inches. Crafted from the finest quality kiln dried oak wood available. Shipping is included in the price up to 150 miles. All of the construction of the bed is solid hardwood, except the outside back that is veneer plywood to prevent expansion and contraction problems with the back. Often times quality is a deciding factor in the purchase of a child's rocking chair. Because we’re dedicated to providing the best children’s furnishings. Also, it’s the reason we use the finest regional hardwoods. As a result, you get a huge selection of children’s furnishings that are safe, comfortable — and durable. Plus, we offer a variety of custom options.

Amish Bedroom Furniture as a Holiday Gift for Child

In fact, our custom options include wood specie, finish and hardware. Plus different sizes and special features. So browse our collections of kid’s furniture. We’re confident you’ll find the furniture you and your kids will love. So these pieces are far superior to what you’ll find in traditional children’s furniture stores. Amish-crafted for life, and custom-crafted for your lifestyle. Children’s furniture is quite unlike any other type of home furnishing. That’s why we carefully craft and inspect each piece. Because we want to make sure our furniture for children can withstand the wear-and-tear imposed by active kids. Plus, we want to give parents the peace of mind in knowing that they’re providing their child with safe, top-quality pieces of furniture.

We offer expertly-crafted children’s furnishings for every aspect of life.

They start with a convertible crib that becomes a toddler bed and finally converts to a full or day bed. In addition, our changing dressers convert to a traditional dresser when your child gets older. So this eliminates the need to purchase another costly dresser later in your child’s life. As a result, we produce pieces with unmatched levels of beauty and durability. Check out our huge collection of wooden toys. Providing them with a comfortable, pleasant and safe place to sleep and play is important.

This is your reassurance that you’re providing your children with the best possible quality, durability and safety. Amish construction methods ensure that your kids’ bedroom furniture can take all the wear and tear your young ones can throw at it. From beds to dressers and shelves to desks, we carry everything you need to fill your child’s room. A comfortable, fun bedroom is an important part of childhood. A comfortable and safe place to sleep, a place to store their things, an area to read, draw and do homework — these are all keys to a proper child’s bedroom. Choosing quality wooden furniture for children helps them feel at home in their bedroom, in a space that’s all their own. They’ll use their furniture as the backdrop to countless stories and adventures, so make sure to choose furniture that’s up to the task!

Our infant chairs help your child learn to sit up, while our toddler and child chairs help your child join the rest of the family at the .

We also have adult rockers for helping comfort baby. They help your child get used to sitting up straight for when they start school, and they’ll spend hours drawing, doing puzzles and taking part in other arts and crafts. Provide them with the space and furniture necessary to store their clothes, books and toys. Our desks and hutches come in many sizes and configurations for maximum flexibility.

We carry these and many more great items of wooden furniture for children, including coat racks, toy chests, night stands and changing tables.

You can entirely furnish your children’s bedroom with our furniture, and mix and match as many styles as you like.

We have color photos available for every part, and you can even customize the material and stain right here on our site.

We allow you to customize your furniture to match your preferences. Choose from various woods (like oak, cherry and maple) and over a dozen stains, from light honeywood to dark walnut. The options are virtually limitless when you want to create custom wooden furniture for your children’s bedrooms. Most mass-produced furniture includes composites and laminates that can’t withstand the wear and tear that children put their bedroom furniture through. Mass-produced furniture is often produced in foreign countries with few controls over the health and safety of workers. It’s difficult to know what chemicals and toxins go into cheap composite woods, but the odor that comes off cheap, mass-market furniture is unmistakable. Trust only real, solid wood furniture for your home — and especially in your kids’ bedrooms. Check out our products here in our online catalog and get started on your shopping now. All of our cribs are 3-in-1 convertible cribs that meet the highest federal safety standards. Amish normally reserve for their own broods. In addition to our nursery sets, we're pleased to be able to offer a wide range of handcrafted solid wood activity tables and play tables. In addition to our play furniture and nursery sets, we're very pleased to offer a strong range of solid wood high chairs and potty training chairs that give your family solid, beautiful, and long-lasting use. Nursery chairs and changing tables become staples of your nursery, while dressers, chests, bookcases and toy storage are utilized as your children grow. Furnishing your child’s room can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of pressure. Your child is dear to you, and you want to select just the right furniture for his or her room. A loft bed can help your child make use of all available space. They all look great in classic, durable hardwoods with a variety of attractive stains. When wiping down this furniture, be sure to use a damp, lint-free cloth. As long as the cloth is damp, you’ll need just a small amount of non-abrasive cleanser, or no cleanser at all. Wipe gently with the grain to achieve the desired look. The builders carefully construct each piece to hold up to daily use while they beautify your home. You’ll want to be careful with these pieces to keep them in the same kind of pristine condition you receive them in, but you needn’t fear damaging them with everyday use.

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