Even better, these built-in shelves and storage can be configured differently to work with the space you have. Under the loft bed there is a little beautiful sofa with a desk nearby, so your girl could draw during relaxing.

Storage drawers shelves

Kids’ Beds With Awesome BuiltIns

This construction includes many storage shelves, drawers and stairs with drawers that assure access to the upper area.

Our bunk beds are popular among families who want to get the most storage from their kids’ bedroom furniture. Depending on your needs, the loft bed can include a ladder or staircase to reach the top bunk (staircases include five additional storage drawers). This attic getaway would make the perfect haven for any girl with a plethora of cabinets and shelves for beloved books, nick knacks and framed photos.

The bed 3 large storage drawers, open shelves, concealable desk that rolls out from the side and robust two-step ladder.

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