The foam is good condition and is to be reused. If you love it, you'll pay for it, right?

Antique Furniture Lansing Furniture

The store has a lot of products, and a variety of quality. Some great deals some items really pricey!

We offer a unique collection of antiques, collectibles, hand-crafted goods and re-purposed specialty items on three levels covering about 10, 000 square feet representing over 55 vendors. Making over your bathroom is super simple with the cute and affordable selection.

Here you find affordable and durable options, such as living room furniture. If you're tired of the same old furniture, head over here and shop the latest options, such as bedroom furniture. An invoice will be generated for auction winners shortly after the auction ends. If you think you have won an item but do not get an invoice, check your spam folder in case the invoice gets caught there. If bidding on multiple items, it is recommended that you wait to generate your invoice until after the sale has ended. The invoice will provide the purchase amount, the exact address for picking up your purchase, and the day(s) and hours of pick up.

One additional charge will appear on your invoice.

We only ship items that are easily moved and are not highly breakable. Customers must pick up items at the appointed time/location. Property that has been paid for but is not picked-up by the end of the pick-up period will be considered abandoned and subject to no refund.

We respond quickly to inquiries, but cannot guarantee response time of less than 24 hours.

We take great pride in supplying books to the community - everything from recent paperbacks to scarce antiquarian titles. Our staff members are knowledgeable and dedicated to good customer service. If you want an even better bargain than our usual prices, or if you want to get some holiday shopping done early, this is a great chance!

and anything that isn't half-off is 20% off, which is still awfully good. Sale runs until we've cleared enough space!

This was at our old location, but it gives an idea of what the show's all about. A must-see for collectors and enthusiasts!

We're constantly adding hundreds of items to our shelves. It was doing well, and we loved it, but we had been growing our national distribution business which was taking up most of our time and we now needed to move to a new location. Going to an industrial park where a dock was crucial for our growing business, would take us a town away from the retail store, and we were already struggling running both with the shop being across the street!

That got a bit crazy to keep up and so we condensed back to one shop, and then none (insert sad face here).

I checked it out, thought ‘perfect’ and approached her for a bit of space. So many memories are wrapped up in things we’ve gathered along the way, or inherited, and these mean something special. Lots of painted furniture has made it’s way into the shop along with some good, original peely chippiness on vintage items. My heart goes out to you, you know who you are, and you have my endless thanks and devotion!

The landlord had been refinishing the wood floors and it was almost cured and ready for the big move day!

Meet the latest addition to the family, grandchild #5 and grandson #2, born to my favorite son and his beautiful wife. A little spot of fun in the shop, with my favorite quote high up on the shelf. Creating a home is a process and it's something best done over time.

THE BEST Lansing Antique Stores with Photos

Home should be a haven where we can craft the life we want. Browsing through historic goods is remembering days past, and bringing home a trinket from childhood is sharing a little piece of yourself with your family. Antique lovers prepare to shop 'til you drop. Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes though, there is a lot of room to cover!

Cherished pieces deserve specialized services. You’ve decided to just say “no” to living with beat-up, damaged, deteriorating furnishings and “no” to purchasing new imported furniture that’s destined to end up in a landfill. Each restoration process is tailored to meet the needs of the customer. My personal goal is to decorate my home like they do their displays. This honor means the world to us and we feel the love.

We have some big name, long time residents we are up against and in no way do we feel we are the very best. But we still cross our fingers every year. Just a few days ago you could barely walk into this room!

Great quality for the buck and really nice people with which to deal. Celebrating 20 years in business in 2015!

Several good displays with a vintage clothing area upstairs. The staff were super friendly and helpful willing to call venders about offers.