I use a draw knife, disc sander, or an electric hand planer to get the bark off and trim off the limb stubs. As a side note, you can look at the pattern of those tracks under the bark and tell exactly what kind of beetle made it.

It _can_ work your way, but you are inviting rot & critters & fungus to cause you some problems. Logs cut to length and fit into round holes bored to size make excellent chair legs, and smaller logs can be used for cross spindles. Clear polyurethane produces a higher gloss finish and can be brushed on in multiple coats to produce very thick, glossy finishes that do not obstruct the wood’s natural grain. I use that will clear coat the whole thing and preserve the aesthetic as much as possible while being water proof/resistant.

I want to do is preserve everything, bark and fungus, so that it doesn’t decay and fall apart.

May 22, 2015i want to permanently preserve some blue spruce limbs that have fallen off the tree. If you have a fireplace that you are going to be using then you should be aware that log furniture can still have sap within it.

Log bark preserve

Leaving The Bark On Log Poles

Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 10, 7 through 9 and 3 through 9, respectively.

And make sure there is ample trenching around the structure to keep any ground water away. I know if you leave the logs out in the weather to dry with the bark on them, the logs will usually rot. I ever was involved in building was constructed of small diameter, unpeeled lodgepole pine.

We would cut them, prop them up off the ground, and take about a one inch strip off them from end to end with a drawknife.

If this is a ‘someday’ deal & they might be laying there 10 years from now, let it be.

For a truly rustic feel, the logs can be lashed together with heavy twine instead of nails or screws.

Bacteria or mold growing under the bark will reduce its bond to the wood, so the next thing to do is to store your harvested pieces in a cool, dry place.

Would the application of shellac be appropriate to keep the bark from further deterioration?

Stand the branches in the bucket; place them out of sunlight while the branches and leaves draw up glycerin. It will also spread dirt and debris throughout the stain or paint to create a sloppy finished project. Pieces of log furniture that have been shaved clean from bark and overly finished are much easier to maintain and treat. Use it as is, or add legs to make a table or chair out of your beautifully preserved tree stump.

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