You’ll love the round shape along with the contrast of marble and wood, giving your space that touch of modern elegance you love. Both my nightstands arrived with screws missing from the drawer tracks that were loose in the box. Still maintaining plenty of personality, this pillow fits in among solid and patterned pillows alike, and can also stand on its own. I was looking for in this chair and bought 4 in teal for my just remodeled kitchen dinette more . It’s our intent to evolve this collection to ensure that fresh, new are always available. Custody is the path taken by raw materials through processing, manufacturing, and distribution.

There are warning stickers on top that are nea more rly impossible to get off without damaging the piece.

Chair industrial

Living Room Chairs

I love everything about it, the , the sturdiness and the easy that the drawers slide out with. The cotton covers will keep you cool year-round, but if you need a style change-up, throw them in the wash and try something new. Some of these reviews mention the “sea” color is off but they did more update the photo, the chair color in the pic and in real life is accurate now!

I paired mine with a medium grey circle shade that goes perfect with the in my bedroom. Post industrial polyester is made from waste material that is left over from industrial processes and before use by the consumer.