The rustic appeal of log cabins often leads homeowner s to veer towards the same style of interior, but there are certainly no hard rules. Whitewashing is preferred over simple white paint, as little is needed to allow the grain of the log or wood to still come through.

Living Room Furniture For Log Home Furniture

The end result is beautifully distressed walls. This quaint powder room is memorable thanks to unique hardware, charming lanterns, and a bucket in place of a basin. As you can see in this living room, the walls are flat logs but you still can see the chinking in between. On the ceiling, there are solid wood beams to break up the otherwise flat surface.

The log bed frame and the overhead branch chandelier adds an artisanal touch. An otherwise neutral room can be brought to life with a big piece of statement . The walls and ceiling are whitewashed and the addition of a bold chandelier makes this space anything but rustic or country.

You can definitely achieve a mod cottage look with a log cabin. The red tones from the rug and couch upholstery work well with the artwork and curtains within the space. Creamy white walls look great paired with the natural half-log wall, wood ceiling, and timber-trimmed windows.

A hanging egg chair and classic bench window seat combined with a simple wood chest bring the whole look together. If you enjoy the look of nature brought indoors, this trick would be a great one to consider. Even if you have a smaller cabin, the use of thin trunks or even thick branches would work well. This lighter wood species, only treated with a sealant, makes a great option for wood-lovers that want as natural of a look as possible. The aged barnwood look can be achieved on new wood with special distressing techniques. The use of gray in the interior decor brings out the silvery and gray tones present in the wood. If you like light colors but don’t want white, light grays are a great alternative. They can be installed in existing homes as purely decorative features and instantly add substance to an otherwise open room. This is a great way of bringing more of the warmth of wood into your cabin without messing with the walls or ceiling. Warm lighting compliments wood extremely well (as you can see with this wood ceiling), and is a great addition to living rooms and bedrooms. The white walls and built-ins are complemented perfectly by the minimalist wood ceiling beams. The brick around the fireplace is framed with heavier timber to balance it out. The darker color makes this bunk bed seem a little more grown-up and the curtain door adds a casual touch. This bathroom is brought to life with an antique porcelain bathtub that perfectly matches the white chinking in the walls. The dining room and kitchen of this log cabin have very unique . The wood slab table and matching benches instantly pop out. You’ll also notice that the chairs include raw timber with bark on while the barstools on the far right feature half-log seats. The wood cabinetry and table match the log walls beautifully. Above, you’ll see a white ceiling and glimpse of raw half-log beams. However, even smaller cabins can adopt ideas from this example. The antler chandelier is a great idea for a country home. Leather furniture works well in log cabins, as well. The stone fireplace adds contrast to prevent the room from being overwhelmed by wood. The mixed media style of stone and varying types of woods work together surprisingly well.

18 Awesome Log Cabin Living Rooms

Living Room For Home Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

The bright, pleasant furniture is the perfect finishing touch. In this stunning log cabin lodge, the ceiling has a fairly abstract pattern, with darker stained logs covering a good portion of the surface. If you have a unique roof shape, like the one here, running beams along the lines can look great. This maintains a rustic appeal but is a bit of a cleaner finish. The banister and railings are bark-on small logs that match the rest of the interior of this home. In this modestly-sized wood cabin, essentially the entire interior is wood, whether log or plank. However, tucked under the breakfast bar that separates the dining room from the kitchen, is flat gray stone. If you want to add stone during a remodel, this is one way to do it. A moose is mounted high on the wall and furnishings are kept basic. The log walls, wood ceiling, and wood staircase are kept natural without any stains, paints or other color surface treatments. This interior looks very much as you’d assume a log cabin exterior would look. If you love a very bold look, it’s definitely worth considering. This particular example features white walls coupled with a darker ceiling and very raw looking wood. This contrast adds more texture and interest than uniformly painted walls and ceilings. Selecting a surface treatment like this one allows you to get a romantic, dusky look in your home without covering up the look of the real wood grain. Think of this like the opposite of whitewashing with the same distressed effect. These areas are the focal points of any log home or log cabin, used for living, laughing and entertaining – we ensure that every last detail of these rooms add to those experiences. Those are recliners you see in the photo. And not just reclining chairs but a reclining couch!!

27 Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

In my way of thinking, comfort over style is so unnecessary because it is quite possible to have them both. And it is completely possible to have both comfort and style affordably. My log cabin living room renovation had to be done on a strict budget, as did the renovation of the entire cabin. Plus, once renovated, it would be used almost entirely as a vacation rental which would likely sustain a lot of abuse.

You will also notice that beige, wall-to-wall, shag carpeting had been laid in the room. Someone at one time thought that was more favorable, and probably more comfortable, than exposing the beautiful hardwood floors that lay below it.

I was delighted to find those floors underneath that ugly, dirty carpet!

So up came the linoleum, along with the hundreds of nails holding it in place. The original hardwood floors had been painted brown, except in an area against one wall where there had been some sort of built-in cabinet or piece of furniture, as evidenced by the outline of it that can be seen in the photo below. The next project was to refinish those 84 year old floors. To do so we rented a sander and went to work.

We sanded and we vacumned and we sanded again and vacuumed again, repeating the process over and over until we finally decided we had done all we could do. In the next phase of the project we varnished it using a low sheen clear acrylic that would protect the wood but leave it with a matte finish. It also brought out a lot of the color in the original wood. Once that was done, we covered the floor to protect it from the next project which was to paint the walls. The decision to paint the roughhewn, natural wood walls was not an easy one. The old, dry wooden walls sucked up the paint like a thirsty sponge.

And they were a good sourse of light as well. The next project was to furnish the space.

I sewed the cafe curtains and hung them on copper pipes, eliminating the wooden shades that covered up too much of the lovely vintage windows which are original to the cabin. Want to see more of the cabin renovation?

Just scroll all the way down to the comment box. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. The is a vacation home for one of my clients, and it was a hoot to decorate!

More seating was needed, as well as window treatments, lighting, and accessories. A leather loveseat, couch, and over-sized chair was added, along with an upholstered occasional chair. The large coffee table fit perfectly in front of the couch. The green doors were painted brown, accessories were added to the mantel, and the biggest improvement was the long custom-made drapes. The drapes are 18′ long, and weigh a ton!

But, what a difference the drapes made in softening the room, and creating a cozy environment.

I added a large black distressed mirror, flanked with candle sconces. Two wooden side tables balance out the weight of the large leather couch, and also allow for places to set drinks. The old brass and wood ceiling fan was so out-of-date for the large log cabin living room. Every week they have something different for sale. The chandelier was unfinished, but the price?

I applied one coat of stain and polyurethane, and it turned out perfect.

I had to purchase extra chain, and in order to install it, my electricians had to bring a lift into the living room. It was a little nerve racking, but we got the job done. The right light fixture makes all the difference in the world!

I really like to choose things that are interesting and unique. A monogrammed pillow was the perfect touch for the over-sized chair. This old saddle is tied onto the railing. For the holidays, it is removed to make room for all of the garland. Awesome log cabin living room decoration ideas. Inspiring women shows how to build a log cabin by hand. How do they create such beautiful spaces?

But now, without further ado, let’s take a look at these inspiring living spaces!

The huge dark logs draw our attention straight to the focal point of this living space; the stone fireplace in the center. The lighting around the fireplace also focuses our attention further onto the stonework.

Log Cabin Style Living Room and Loft Designs

In a room of this size, it’s important that lots of light is let into the room to fill the large room with light. It doesn’t have the typical rustic log cabin feel, and this is most certainly due to the whitewashed logs. This, combined with the pastel furniture, creates a very spacious, light and airy feel to the space. The pentagon shaped window makes the most of every single bit of the view possible, and the drapes give it a feel of elegance. The first is the candle chandelier lighting which hangs from the center of the room. The second is the amazing logs in the ceilings, each one unique in its shape and maintaining the exact shape it had in its original form as a tree. The third is the huge window wall at the bottom looking out over that idyllic view. There is plenty of light in the room, mainly from the large windows to the left, but there is also a warm glow of light from the most exquisite antler chandelier. The furniture is kept simple, and all of a similar color – this is a great way to plan your furniture if you are worried about mix and matching too much – choose one color palate and pick away!

This room also has plenty of candles, a quick and easy way to give any living room a homely feel. It is a small, cozy cottage feel to the interior and uses earthy colors to accentuate comfortable space. The fireplace divides the room into areas and acts as the main focal point in the room. The white sofa adds a welcoming light lift to the room. The main focus of this quirky room is the incredible staircase. Made from natural branches and using a log as its support, this truly is a unique creation which could never be exactly replicated. There is so much to look at in this room with regard to the ornaments, no one piece is more drawing than the last which makes it exciting to look around as your discover more and more things. From the three piece suite, to the matching coffee and side tables and the vintage looking rug which it is all set upon. My particular favorite thing about this room is the vast amount of lighting. Although the chandelier is the focal point, once you let your eyes stray you can see spot lights in the walls and beams, exquisite lamps, wall lights and plenty of candles. It maintains a neutral color scheme throughout and instead leaves the structure of the log home to do the talking. The solid roof beams are so unique in shape and you can tell how much detail went into planning this room. The large chandeliers which hand from the ceiling are reoccurring throughout the room, there is even a third one towards the end of the living room. With the high ceilings, the spotlights and the large windows in the bottom wall, the room feels very light and spacious. The lighting in the room is plentiful but is placed in very specific ways to create sufficient yet subtle lighting. The chandelier lighting is especially beautiful and cleverly matches each of the shades throughout the room. The room is given yet more light from the huge window wall, split up by beautiful round logs – and what a beautiful view they have to look out on!

The grains of the logs in this cabin are also divine, the stepped logs that stick into the living room also add a quirky feature. Like most of the other log cabins featured in this roundup, this one has the classic stone fireplace and large chandelier lighting, both of which are beautifully done. The materials which were chosen for this room also add to the industrial feel, with metal studded chairs and the incredible fireplace. The harshness of these features is balanced well with the cream sofas and the soft lighting. The windows also provide great light for the room as well as beautiful views to the outside mountainous area. This room has a very rustic and earthy feel, perhaps due to the colors chosen. Sometimes having too many different woods in a room can leave it feeling mismatched yet this room looks exquisite. This rooms oozes with coziness and comfort, one note to take from this room if you want to create a similar cozy feel, is to scatter your sofa with cushions. This room uses a vibrant red with blacks and greys. This mix of fabrics used for the sofas works well, and creates a comfortable space to sit and relax. This room has a stone fireplace, a reoccurring feature throughout these log cabin living rooms – take note if you want to create your own luxurious log cabin living room!

It adds a unique feature to the log home that you can see the log ends in the interior of the living room.


This room is much more modern and sleek, with the tiled floor and wicker furniture it has more of an feel to it. The large window wall certainly enhances the outdoor feel, allowing light to flood into the room and bringing plenty of greenery into view. Even the lights have an outdoorsy feel to them; each of the shades is similar to the old fashioned rustic street lamps. Perhaps more of a reading nook than a living room, this log cabin interior, makes the most of a jutted out window to create a comfortable bench with lots of cushions. They stuck with greens and browns and have created an idyllic looking space. The long bench which runs alongside the windows makes full use of the shape of the room and of the views. Sticking with the traditional log cabin stone fireplace, it retains the coziness of the typical log cabin, yet with a more modern twist. It uses two large logs and keeps them in the natural shape which adds to the character and charm of the living room. The height and width of the window gives an almost undisturbed view to the lake outside. The living space is kept simple, with three comfortable armchairs and a mix of tiled and carpeted floor. The windows across the whole of the wall allow a lot of light to come in and this is also complemented by the beautiful candle chandelier in the middle which our eyes ultimately keep getting drawn back to!

The large open window gives guests an undisturbed view over the beautiful landscape and is complemented by the low hung, candle chandelier, as well as wall lighting. Although this log home doesn’t have a typical log wall feel to it, the exposed beams subtly remind you of this. This dining space is spacious, yet not big enough to feel intimidating. The area is also furnished in a minimalist way, which only adds to the grand allure of the open plan room. What a fantastic space in which to entertain guests it manages to maintain an air of luxuriousness, while at the same time facilitating a fun, relaxing space to enjoy the company of friends and family. This space provides the perfect entertainment area to suit many different ages, from teenagers, to adults and many sized groups, from small intimate family gatherings to larger parties. The various subtle lighting elements give a lovely cozy and inviting atmosphere. Firstly, the number one feature in most of these rooms is the fireplace – no log cabin is complete without one. The second criterion in creating a great log cabin interior is the lighting.

Most of these homes have multiple lighting, even if the room is small, as well as a decent sized window. The third most important aspect of creating your perfect living space is the furniture you use. If you take any advice away from this round up with regards to furniture, it would be – mix it up!

Which was your favorite log cabin interior?

Browse our collection of 3, 482 small log cabin living room to get inspired and kick your project off. One of the apartment’s quirks was negotiating an uneven balance of natural light throughout the space. By sourcing a combination of contemporary, low-profile furniture pieces and metallic accents, we were able to compensate for apartment’s pockets of darkness.

Also small section of horizontal logs on wall looks refined. It was established as a railroad town, with the depot at its heart. Log cabin living room furniture reflects your home and meshes with the style and materials throughout your cabin. Hickory wood is incredibly strong and lasts a lifetime. Choosing hickory living room furniture for your log cabin furniture is a savvy way to decorate your space with rustic style. An array of hickory seating options are available including a sofa, loveseat, or futon for guests.

Log Cabin Living Room

There are many styles to choose from, letting you find the right expression for your living room. Hickory living room furniture for log homes doesn’t end with seating…select a hickory end table, a charming wagon wheel lamp or a hickory bookshelf. Let your personality show through our chair covers and range of fabric styles. Each furniture piece offers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Choose from pine, cedar, hickory, and reclaimed barnwood furniture options to furnish your entire living room or lodge. Whether you are gathered around the warm fire with close family and friends or you are spending an evening cuddled on the couch with a good book, you will love the warm atmosphere and the comfort that our handcrafted pieces have to offer. Complete your rustic or cabin decor with any of our living room pieces featured below. The right furniture will emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the interior. Vintage and antique pieces are always a good choice. A certain roughness and lack of polish are natural characteristics of log house furniture. In a log cabin you will see simple chairs and benches, wall shelves and cabinets, ordinary beds – unpretentious furniture pieces that create comfort and coziness. Forget about plastic, linoleum and other artificial materials. It is all about functionality, simplicity and naturalness. The beautiful color of natural wood exudes natural warmth, which, combined with the heat coming from the fireplace and comfortable furniture gives the living room a unique atmosphere and rustic charm.

22 Luxurious Log Cabin Interiors You HAVE To See

Coffee tables or side tables are typically made of solid wood and you will seldom see a modern glass coffee table in a log cabin. Kitchens are comfortable and functional, with wood cabinets, without any gloss finishes. Natural stone countertops, copper and cast iron cooking pans, exposed wood on the walls and ceiling create the homey atmosphere in a log cabin kitchen. It has to offer you all the comfort that you need, to wrap you in a blanket of calmness and relieve you from the stress. Soft natural colors, wooden bed frame, original nightstands and bedside lamps, a comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace – these are the pieces of furniture that you need in the bedroom. Take advantage of the natural beauty of the materials, add texture and depth with soft textiles and you will have the most welcoming bedroom. One of the great benefits of log furniture is its versatility.

You can create a natural log furniture décor theme throughout your entire house or focus on just one or two rooms. Our natural log entertainment centers come in a variety of styles, from a simple log dresser to display your television or stereo to a more complex piece with doors and lots of drawers. If you like the idea of modern conveniences but don’t want your living room to look overly modern, one of our entertainment centers may be the answer. But most futons are temporary solutions and many aren’t that comfortable. Pair one with one of our sofa tables for convenience and a more cohesive, rustic look.