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All our furniture is built to last for generations, and provide comfort and satisfaction to you and your family. No matter your style or taste, you can find the right furniture for your home at our showroom. Our goal as a company is to save you time and money by shopping wisely for you and then providing you with a great selection of what we think is the very best value you can find in handmade, hardwood furniture. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff at 610-330-9096 with any questions you have or to place an order over the phone.

One unique feature of this location is its vast array of outdoor furniture from decorative outhouses to lawn swings. Each have their own characteristics and knowing them makes you appreciate their beauty even more. One of the types of wood you will most likely encounter when furniture hunting is parawood.

You probably have a bunch of parawood in your house and you just didn’t know because of its many names. Parawood, also known as rubberwood, is wood from a rubber tree. The primary harvest of a rubber tree is the milky liquid it produces.

The sap is what natural latex or natural rubber uses. However, after about 30 years, the latex yield will stop or slow down. That when you can harvest the rubber tree for its wood and new ones are planted. The lightness allows for custom color to match preferences. However, it can tend to be dull and might need polishing. Parawood has open grains much like the grains of mahogany, which can be controlled by kiln drying. It also has little shrinkage, gaining the favor of furniture manufacturers because it makes the wood more stable for furniture. One of the disadvantages of parawood is that it is highly perishable and it has low natural resistance to rot and decay. Fortunately, the wood can undergo chemical treatment to prevent such things from happening. With proper maintenance, parawood can last for 20 years or more. Parawood is also not ideal for outdoor use. Rain and other weather conditions can alter the protective chemicals and hasten rotting and decay. Overexposure to wetness can also warp the wood. Like other hardwood, parawood is available in different grades or quality. Some toys and children’s furniture also use parawood for its durability and strength.

You can also find some kitchen tools made of parawood. The wood is a good shock absorber, making it common in gym floors. It helps provide good cushioning to avoid fall injuries for those working out. Parawood flooring is ideal for senior homes because it lowers the stress on joints and makes movements easier.

You can generally use the same cleaning methods for other types of wood. Ideally, you should wash it with a soapy solution once a year. Thoroughly dry it with a clean cloth to avoid moisture that can welcome fungus or hasten decay.

You can brighten up the wood with furniture wax. But you should also occasionally strip off the wax because it collects dirt over time.

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Avoid displaying the wood in very dry or hot places. This can cause the finish and the surface of the wood to discolor. Avoid putting hot items such as cups, pots or pans, directly on the wood. It will create white rings on the surface. Although you can wipe or removed these stains, it’s still best to avoid them by using pot holders and coasters. Wipe off any spills of alcohol or hot water immediately to prevent damage to the finish.

You should only harvest the wood of a rubber tree when latex production stops or slows down. For this reason, parawood furniture and other items that use parawood, are considered to be environmentally friendly. The information that gives me pause is the statement that parawood can last 20 years or more. This seems like a short life for a hardwood floor or a piece of furniture. When parawood is finished with stain or paint, is it a product that will last as long as pine, or even mahogany or cherry?

He was patient and did not push for a sale; we could tell he just wanted to help us find exactly what we wanted. The price we paid was very good for the quality of materials we will receive. Shop with confidence and know that the customer’s satisfaction is our primary goal. Various home furnishing options include dining room, living room, home, offices and bedroom suites. Choose from hundreds of style’s and over fifty exclusive specialty finishes from our own finish shop. Additionally, there is a personalized laser center where you can personalize hundreds of gift items and you’ll see the laser engraving on the spot. Plan some time for shopping, the retail store carries hundreds of products that are sure to leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.

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