Im guessing with a regular mattress you may not need these, and certainly with a hard bed-base you wouldnt.

But there’s a relative size limit of those cracks that’s acceptable and you only expect just so many of them. The pieces are straight, properly turned and shaped, no deficiencies in the production quality or the assembly. I would not consider this a task for one person to do alone unless they have a fair amount of upper body strength – – pieces can be heavy.

Beds log pieces

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Details like a hand-peeled cedar log construction to create a unique look that also boasts creativity. With more than 100 different log and rustic wood beds to choose from, it’s easy to see why we are the log furniture experts trusted by more homeowners and businesses.

As other reviewers have noted, it does have splits in the logs, and some up to a foot long in mine.

I did not anticipate and it was a relief to see that the footboard and headboard panel are already assembled excluding the legs.

Assembling the legs onto the panels requires putting two pegs into a hole and securing it. Other cracks in longer pieces were a bit too much as well, but was able to keep most of them away from eyesight.