This is well-suited to filling the spaces of a large cathedral-ceilinged great room and filling a master bedroom with a bedstead made of heavy hickory or red cedar logs. Western – a cowboy or ranch feel with horses, leather and lassos,silver artwork and painted or weathered natural wood. By building a cozy, cave-like feel you will create an intimate space where you will want to linger.

Imagine when you wake up with fir trees at your windows, or when you drink your coffee on the porch admiring the landscape. Therefore, think about your favorite activities and choose a pleasant theme that resembles your lifestyle. For instance, you could obtain a natural and rugged appearance with horizontal groove-wood panels, finally covered with pine or red cedar.

Log cabin design

Log Cabin Design Ideas

In addition, you could enrich the authentic and beautiful look with window layers that bring a slice of the wooden exterior inside. Although there are some people who say cabins all look the same and they’re just stone and wood homes, the truth is that there are lots of decorating ideas to choose from. Therefore, iron balustrades can be a stylish contrast for light wood and warm colors, accenting the solidity and durability of your log construction. Once again, take all rooms into consideration: spread the antique vibe in the kitchen, and hang a rich collection of iron cookware and painted pottery. If you’re a hunter, tell your story through a collection of old-timer guns, knives, or horns.

Log cabin decor

An overall aesthetic theme or style will direct your decisions as far back as in the design process as deciding on room sizes and floor plan layout. The is built with the bark still on, but carefully smoothed and sealed; wide birch bark frames on mirrors reflect the warm light of wall sconces made from hammered tin or wrought iron. I have listed several books below that contain superb photographs and drawings that evoke the different approaches to cabin design aesthetics and log cabin decor. Soften the feel – use textures and colors to soften the rugged, masculine feel of logs and heavy timber. Log cabin decor has a lot of features that contribute to their natural looks: style, carefully chosen materials; glittery fireplace, etc. In most of the cases, log cabins’ exterior is made of wood logs with recognizable texture and rounded panels.

The best side of laminate is its durability, as well as easy installation and scratch-resistance.

To start with, you should rethink normal lighting; and think of something more dramatic that influences both the eyes and the soul. If this seems too expensive (or difficult to maintain) you can always buy a more practical electric fireplace.

You’ll see this often in mountain log cabin designs and there’s a really good reason they do it. Stoneware details and kerosene lamps will also underline the rustic charm you’re trying to introduce.

Even a large horn chandelier could be a solution, mainly for spacious kitchens with high ceilings.