We’re the only log kit builder that has logs 28 feet in length without joints, providing the most air resistant and waterproof system available. A double wall profile allows rigid insulation to be placed on the exterior face and then covered with lap siding.

Are available in lengths up to 28 feet long, which is the longest engineered log in the industry. By nature, solid wood has a good thermal mass rating and is a moderate insulation material on its own without extra cladding.

Bunkhouses especially appeal to families who want birthday party sleepovers and large reunions. If you find something close that you’d like to tweak or even if you want to start from scratch, visit our interactive feature and start sketching your dream. We also retail copper/brass landscape lighting, weathervanes, fireplaces, faucets and more.

Log cabin kit

Log Cabin Kits

Breathtaking and affordable, our beautiful log cabins and homes are an investment in your family’s memories! Imagine the thrill guests will experience when relaxing in your cabin campground or resort, ensuring repeat visits for your business!

This adds to the building’s structural stability and presents a weather-tight performance to the walls.

Are resistant to decay because they’re kiln-dried to stay below 19% moisture content where fungi thrive.

Thermal mass is the building science concept that describes how well a wall assembly can provide inertia or resistance against fluctuations in temperature.

Everlast™ logs provide greater thermal protection and insulation value than other kits.

We’re here to help you with a fully customized design service, but we encourage you to first do some planning on your own. We also feature hand-crafted log railings with the classic hewn look that is smooth to the touch and now dimensional railings.

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