May 1, 2007, and celebrated with a champagne toast and by spending the night in the guest bedroom. A basic staircase requires an area roughly 12 to 16 feet long and 3. When adding a solid log addition to a solid log house, it’s best to set posts where the two meet and attach the logs to the post rather than each other.

Log additions also carry the challenge of blending the appearance of the existing logs with the new. Walls that cross at right angles with ceiling joists are usually bearing; walls beneath room-spanning pre-fabricated trusses often are not.

If you plan to widen the opening, however, you must install a new header after carefully installing temporary supports for the section of wall affected. Depending on the length the joists will span, you may also need a girder beam supported by posts beneath it.

Log wall post

With research and careful planning, your only limitations are your imagination and your budget.

She also sewed curtains from a 1927 quilt for the bedroom and a bathroom window treatment came from an old flour sack. The great room and upstairs loft are perfect places for rolling out extra sleeping bags and air mattresses.

But, when it’s just us, we spend quite a bit of time over there sitting on the front porch with a good book. Joints between your new logs may initially match those in the existing walls when the addition is finished but be out of place after several years of shrinkage.

Points of attachment between the new and old buildings always pose some risks for air- and water-tightness, and energy efficiency.

Check the basement or crawlspace beneath the wall in question; if there are walls or posts located directly beneath it, the wall is probably bearing. In bearing walls, such features have headers that take the load from above and route it to either side of the opening. This can create stress where the addition meets the house if the two aren’t joined properly.

Talk to a builder, architect or engineer to determine the proper size of the joists and the size and placement of additional supports.

You may also need to submit blueprints and structural drawings that have been approved by an architect or licensed engineer.