March after filing for bankruptcy protection last fall. Station) center that this one filled quickly.

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Our digital products are available 24/7 and are accessible anywhere, anytime. Riley estimated about 85 people to attend the networking event. Customer service duties include greeting guests, providing product knowledge, and directing customers to requested merchandise. Wages tend to vary by retail location and work experience.

Even hourly employees may earn a surprising amount of job benefits.

I did stock first and then they pretty much just switched us around. Spiegel declined to reveal what parties were interested in the property. He is considering splitting the 47, 300-square-foot building to share with two tenants. Quick service, good welcoming, advisor went over what would be done to the car and delivered it showing everything they did.

I got also a complimentary basic car wash, appreciated.

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The dealership is spotl ess, organized, coffee area is great.

I was out of the service in about 35 mins. They will most likely have a soft opening a week before the grand opening. Construction is wrapping up, and the hiring process is underway. That’s why we work with a variety of financial institutions and lenders so we can provide our customers with plenty of great financing options.

We also offer first-time buyer and second-chance financing. Need quality automotive repair or maintenance?

Few retailers of that same size are still growing their physical footprints today. There are few logical replacements for such big stores in the market. Maxx , are actively looking to reposition their stores and move into better shopping centers. The purchase prices of the locations recently bid on haven’t been disclosed. The 300, 000-square-foot building gives the company plenty of room to grow, although it didn’t have any specific plans to announce. The retailer had long ago outgrown the old 175, 000-square-foot headquarters, which was built more than 50 years ago. The new building is state of the art, he said during a stroll through the airy facility. The new headquarters also includes a three-level parking garage. In the old facility, employees parked in outdoor lots that sprawled all over the campus. When employees and their families stroll around the campus, they will likely take a rest on a large orange bench outside of the cafeteria. The bench was built in the form of a giant exclamation point. There is a fireplace entertainment center marked down due to damage. Employee states customers ramming it with carts, kids misbehaving.

I told them no way a cart would have done that kind of damage that someone would have had to hit it really hard several times. The side tray would not stay up as the piece that held it up was broken. The employees damages that one also in putting it together for display then they mark them down blame customers for damage. Alot of furniture being damaged in that store by employees being negligent not customer carts.

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They were helpful and courteous but deceitful in how the stuff was damaged. Lebanon location, but honestly we think you’re a temperamental cunt and that you should get the fuck out of our store and never return. Is this how you allow your employees to speak to your customers?

Your mother should have crossed her legs and drowned your ass. How old were you when you could tell you we’re different than all the other little girls?

That is classic ignorance blended with arrogance. Simply inexcusable, unprofessional, and sloppy business practices!

I am just wondering why would you have something on display if you haven’t had it in stock ?

He tried to brush me off and told me to call a number and get another coupon. He then snatched my coupon and proceeded to calculate the discount. Its unstable always unprofessional and it makes u not want to work. The first three months we not only sat and waited in the parking lot for someone to show up, when he finally did he would nit pick our work with only an hour left to clean. They complain about dependability but they are not dependable. They complain about informing them of changes but they don’t return the favor. Of course he doesn’t tell others of his own behavior.

I recently talked to several local businesses and they all said the same thing.

We are the second floor crew he has treat like crap. Of course to hear him tell it, the blame is all ours.

I will never shop at a big lots after this experience.

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If we are beneath him to work, my money is to. After, we got home and started to put the dresser together we discovered that we were missing the handles. She was so apologetic that there were missing parts. No one was able to rectify and place my order – why?

Sorry you cannot compete with this type of no-service!

I am a handicapped lady of 78 years old and require a scooter or wheel chair. Fortunately, you have one wheel chair there, which has been broken and repaired by what looks like a shade tree mechanic. The wheel chair is in terrible position with the foot pedals barely off the ground.

I have shopped here for years and years, and still the “junky” wheelchair is all you offer for handicapped customers.

I have been handicapped for about 6 years now. Very hard to always get someone to push you in a broken down wheelchair.

We’ve used it when the foot pedal was broken and dragging on the floor. For cripes sake, if you can’t get a scooter where a customer can have a large basket, how do you expect us to shop there?

Army has wheel chairs that are better than the one you have there now. My e-mail address is: (hidden) and my phone number is (hidden).

I have vowed not to shop at your store anymore. Visit this store and do a shopping spree in that terrible piece of junk.

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He tried 3 times and was in the store for over an hour finally the store called me to use my cc. It will offer support areas for families to dine, gather and relax. They always have way cheaper prices than even walmart. Their sales staff are always friendly and helpful. The quality of their products are high class. The store is organized well and never any clutter around. The floors are always clean and the parking lot is awesome.

I love this store and love the items they sell. This store is a really great store to shop in. The store is very clean and very organized. The customer service is great to shop with. There is always somthing different to look at. Sometimes the stuff isn’t the best quality.

Everything they sell here is at closeout prices and on top of that they have occasional discounts. Anyone paying full price for your basic household staples are suckers of the highest order. Plenty of brand names are here, so if you like your bubbles scrubbing, and need some basic groceries too, this might fast become a favorite. Pleanty of daily bargains on name brand toys, linens,
cosmetics and foods. Their book selection is super and the prices are great, make terrific gifts too.

I stop in often and they are always getting in something new.

You will find that this store is well worth the visit!

For the low income families this store is such a blessing. Everything at discount prices, and you never know exactly what to expect to find each time you visit. Not a fancy store, but just good bargains. Most of the items sold in these stores are purchased as they become available. Most of the merchandise in the stores are closeouts and overstocks. However there are some items in the stores, such as foodstuffs, that are replenished on a continual basis. Actual store count will be available upon purchase. Management here is very considerate and do a lot for their employees when necessary.

I like the people that work there as well. Some, primarily smaller, stores only carry a limited assortment of mattresses and ready to assemble furniture. Canadian closeout retailer with 89 locations. Some of profile information may not be changed.

We have re-started your reservation to ensure your profile preferences are included. Restrictions and additional surcharges may apply for underage driver’s. Please review rental terms and conditions or call us at 800-472-3325 for details. If the credentials are of a different country, the reservation will still be honored but the confirmed rate may change. When you call the location, be ready to provide all applicable information including precise address, exact time of pick up, and a phone number where you can be reached at that time. Rental vehicle must be returned during office hours. We’re fully stocked up with savings on the brands you love. Plus, every day, new items arrive making it easy find something new and exciting. Discover the savings you want on the items you dream of for your home. It’s a great place to shop for gifts too with a wide selection of choices that will ensure you find something for everyone you love. Our five major distribution centers have nearly nine million square feet of space and use highly automated systems to receive, prepare, load, and ship merchandise.

We use common dedicated carriers and various third-party carriers to provide the best possible service to our stores, moving merchandise smoothly through the system in record time.

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