Lounge Lizard - Portland, OR, United States. Bought this awesome rocking love seat
“The store is well organized and offers vintage (and vintage-inspired) housewares, including clothes, in good condition at reasonable prices.”
The prices here are much cheaper than most other vintage Portland shops. With the expansion, there is a very large selection of quality furniture (and lights.) The thing that earned this place the five stars, though, is the service. I had three items in mind that I wanted to buy, but I told the salesman I could only afford two. He asked me which three they were, and that he could make it a "package deal" that I could afford. I ended up saving a lot of money, so I went down to the original smaller location to see if there was anything else I wanted to get. While I was there the salesman that made me the deal at the other location came down just to tell the salesman there that I had just spent a bunch of money at the other location, so give me a discount on whatever I’m interested in!
It was a type of service that I’m really unaccustomed to here in Portland.

this place has a good selection of unique pieces.
the staff has always been friendly and helpful with any questions.
support them as one of our more amazing local second hand shops!
tip: there’s vintage clothing in the back corner!
I try to stop by here whenever I am in Portland. They have a great selection and variety of furniture, lamps and other decor items. They also have fiberglass lamp shades that they produce themselves. And now there is even more variety in their larger expanded space a block up from the original location.
And for those few complaining about prices. considering that mid-century furniture from the major designers or from Denmark goes for tens of thousands of dollars, Lounge Lizard offers an excellent and very affordable alternative for those looking for an authentic vintage look for their home.