The huge dark logs draw our attention straight to the focal point of this living space; the stone fireplace in the center.

Arnott (the designer) certainly managed to achieve this by placing large windows along the left hand side of the room. The second is the amazing logs in the ceilings, each one unique in its shape and maintaining the exact shape it had in its original form as a tree. This room also has plenty of candles, a quick and easy way to give any living room a homely feel. The solid roof beams are so unique in shape and you can tell how much detail went into planning this room. With the high ceilings, the spotlights and the large windows in the bottom wall, the room feels very light and spacious. The chandelier lighting is especially beautiful and cleverly matches each of the shades throughout the room. The grains of the logs in this cabin are also divine, the stepped logs that stick into the living room also add a quirky feature. The materials which were chosen for this room also add to the industrial feel, with metal studded chairs and the incredible fireplace. The windows also provide great light for the room as well as beautiful views to the outside mountainous area.

This room is much more modern and sleek, with the tiled floor and wicker it has more of an feel to it.

Even the lights have an outdoorsy feel to them; each of the shades is similar to the old fashioned rustic street lamps. Sticking with the traditional log cabin stone fireplace, it retains the coziness of the typical log cabin, yet with a more modern twist.

This space provides the perfect entertainment area to suit many different ages, from teenagers, to adults and many sized groups, from small intimate family gatherings to larger parties. The third most important aspect of creating your perfect living space is the you use. You need to have a concept and an idea for the decoration of the yard in a way that is beautiful but practical and, of course, easy to maintain. This will help you to visualize the place of the elements and features that you want in the garden area and create a balanced appearance. It will be better if you opt for natural stone, slate, solid wood, which should be treated to withstand elements. Having in mind that log homes are usually situated in the country, neutral colors will be a good option. The interior design of log cabin homes is based on a number of rules and general concepts which feature the look of the main elements. Of course, people are different and those who prefer a more modern appearance can opt for plasterboard or other materials. You can use them to define the different functional areas in an open plan living space and break the monotonous and uniform look of a large floor.

Due to the fact that timber is not fire resistant, many people opt for plasterboard which has much higher resistance to fire than timber.

Log cabin homes

When choosing doors you need to consider the thickness, the quality of the material, how they will work with your exterior and interior, etc. With appropriate choice of materials and decorative elements these styles will work in log cabins. Bedrooms in log cabin homes are cozy and stylish providing the perfect place for relaxation. Went from blank backyard to two raised paver patios with fireplace and pool with water feature.

You’ve all seen those dreamy photos of log cabin living rooms; fire roaring, low lighting, beautiful views from the whole wall windows and huge logs features. You may also want to take a look at floorplan mistakes to avoid before you think about how to furnish and put the finishing touches on your log cabin; all great cabins begin with a well thought out floorplan and design!

Log cabin window

Luxurious Log Cabin Interiors You HAVE To See

In a room of this size, it’s important that lots of light is let into the room to fill the large room with light. It doesn’t have the typical rustic log cabin feel, and this is most certainly due to the whitewashed logs.

The furniture is kept simple, and all of a similar color – this is a great way to plan your furniture if you are worried about mix and matching too much – choose one color palate and pick away!

There is so much to look at in this room with regard to the ornaments, no one piece is more drawing than the last which makes it exciting to look around as your discover more and more things.

The large chandeliers which hand from the ceiling are reoccurring throughout the room, there is even a third one towards the end of the living room. The lighting in the room is plentiful but is placed in very specific ways to create sufficient yet subtle lighting. The room is given yet more light from the huge window wall, split up by beautiful round logs – and what a beautiful view they have to look out on!

Like most of the other log cabins featured in this roundup, this one has the classic stone fireplace and large chandelier lighting, both of which are beautifully done.

The harshness of these features is balanced well with the cream sofas and the soft lighting. This room has a stone fireplace, a reoccurring feature throughout these log cabin living rooms – take note if you want to create your own luxurious log cabin living room!

The large window wall certainly enhances the outdoor feel, allowing light to flood into the room and bringing plenty of greenery into view. The long bench which runs alongside the windows makes full use of the shape of the room and of the views.

There really is no need to over furnish a room like this when the architectural design does all of the speaking!

Most of these homes have multiple lighting, even if the room is small, as well as a decent sized window. If you take any advice away from this round up with regards to furniture, it would be – mix it up!

Landscape design of log cabin homes will depend on the size of the garden, the budget, the characteristics of the plot, the type of soil and the location. The goal is to have a harmonious and balanced exterior which will give you pleasure and joy.

Consider an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit – a place that will gather the family in the evenings.

Scandinavian style is calm and functional and is characterized by light colors and practical solutions.

It is a durable material, environmentally friendly and works with any other material in a very harmonious way.

The most important thing is to create a balance between the different materials used in the interior design and the choice will depend on the personal taste of the homeowner, the budget, practicality, functionality and visual aesthetics appealing to each individual. The ceilings in log cabin homes are usually exposing solid wood beams and often are finished with wood planks.

Windows and doors are another major element of both exterior and interior of the log cabin homes.

Whatever type of furniture you choose it should be in accordance with the style of the whole house.

The living room is the place that gathers all the family and is usually the main room of log homes.

Soft neutral colors are the perfect choice and appropriate fabrics will add to the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom.