Macy's Furniture Gallery - Los Angeles, CA, United StatesWhy no love on Yelp?
Possibly my experience is lucky. but i’d say it’s standard for Macy’s to offer trustworthy service along with a quality product. Plus, I do think the showroom is quite extensive. it felt to me, they had all the pieces online actually on display! do note, the furniture do rotate being on sale. so hopefully you will luck out coming in when your favorite piece is on a discounted price
My family & I have had multiple occasions purchasing large furniture pieces. Yes, there are some mishaps.

Their scheduling my merchandise, so far their service has been very poor and I might cancel my complete order which is over $10,000.00!!!! I specially the day of my order insisted that I need my products latest by October 16, 2015 because I’m having an event, guess what??? I rcvd an E-mail today that I might rcv it by Oct. 30, 2015 or later!!!!!
I suggest that NEVER go through Macy’s to purchase furniture.
We lucked into a 2-year-no interest financing weekend as we decided to buy a new sectional couch for our living room a few weeks back.There were sales reps everywhere. Mariana G. helped us. She gave us great advice. We ordered without a hitch and scheduled delivery. One of the pieces didn’t pass inspection at the warehouse, but the rest of the pieces came as expected. Delivery folks were prompt and courteous.
After living with the other pieces, we realized we didn’t actually need that piece that hadn’t passed inspection.
I was promised a couch in 3-4 weeks (tops).
Order placed 5/26
It’s now 6/30 (week 6) and I’m being told the couch will not be ready for
delivery until 7/20. Really?!?! That’s a far cry from 3-4 weeks. Try 8-10 psst!!!
It would have fine if I was told this upfront.
2. I was told I’m wrong and I’m just looking for an earlier ship date. I was told my
only option is too cancel.